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  1. Hi Brenda, it’s strange how most of these dreams dissappear themselves immediately after you wake up. I don’t pay much attention to dreams nowadays because I forget as quickly as I dream them lol

  2. Wow, parts of that dream sound a lot like dreams I keep having over and over. I will often dream about not being able to find my car even after checking several different parking lots. I also dream a lot about being out driving and getting lost. Both dreams are terrifying to me. Your readers have some good suggestions about your dreams.

  3. Feelings of being trapped, lost and needing help but not wanting or feeling badly about it seem to be coming through with this dream.

  4. Hi Brenda. I like your posts on dreams because I often have vivid dreams too. One thing I’ve finally decided about my dreams is, they really aren’t to be taken literally — for instance, the segment about your aunt probably really isn’t about your specific aunt, but she represents something more general like the past, or family ties. The professor might represent wisdom or knowledge, and when she seems to get buried, it could represent some way your own wisdom or knowledge is being stifled in some way. The security guard is interesting since his job title could give a clue — security — but he really isn’t that helpful, so maybe you aren’t feeling secure. He causes you to doubt yourself (which is often my reaction in life and in dreams too). The long journey you are on in the dream, both walking and driving, seems tiring and negative, but could be positive — being on a journey certainly is better than being stuck in one place! So, maybe the dream means you are searching to learn something, maybe about yourself or about your past (which you certainly are based on all that you’ve shared) and you don’t feel like you’ve found all the answers yet.

    Whenever I have a vivid dream, I write it down, and some more details come to mind and. Sometimes the dream just seems weird, but other times, I really feel like I get a good insight into something in my life. Usually it just ends up with me saying Darn, I’m still processing through that old stuff. But, that’s still good to know. I also tell my dreams to my husband, and he points out things in the dream that are similar to what is happening in life. So, I hope that writing down your dream and then sharing it with us has helped you get some insights too.

  5. My husband has awful dreams. The difference between us is that I can’t remember any dreams as soon as I wake up and his lingers. That’s rough. I think Taste of France has it right.

  6. I can’t contribute. I know nothing about dreams and I hardly ever dream. But I’m loving other comments. And I do agree with them.

  7. I think it is a dream expression frustration. The more obvious interpretation would be to say that you are feeling lost and unsure of which direction you need to go toward next in order to find your way to something that makes you feel safe, in the dream it was a family member that you felt concerned needed to know you were all right. But overall I think it’s just about frustration, and in this day and age, I don’t find it surprising that anyone would dream about being frustrated with or about any number of things!

  8. It sounds like you’ve been taking some heavy duty cold meds at night, like I have! The past two nights I’ve taken NyQuil and both nights I had similar dreams to yours, where I can’t get where I’m supposed to go and I keep running and running ….last night I was trying to get to the train to take it back up to my mountain house (but in the wrong town of course) because my ex had gotten drunk and took my car and couldn’t remember where he parked it! It’s amazing how some dreams stay with us…..I know without a doubt the meds are making me have these crazy dreams, perhaps something you are taking does the same?

  9. A dream interpreter would have a field day with this dream. Each part of it has meaning to you and only you. It is the part of your brain that is holding onto hidden feelings and issues unresolved. That is why it was so vivid and you remembered so much. I agree with the comments above it is a way for you to begin to deal with the unresolved issues and come to a better place emotionally with them.

  10. I believe your blog has brought new life and hope to many women, but there is still a part of you that longs to be healed and brought back to life. The wounded part that makes you feel inadequate and unworthy. You’ve been seeking this healing for a long time and often feel like you’re going in circles with no way out. I’d ask you what your great aunt represents to you? What was your relationship with her?

  11. I agree with “Taste of France”. I do want to add that I know how anxious a dream like that can make you. The more I read the more I felt so much empathy for you. You probably woke with sweaty palms and a racing heart and felt a weight on your shoulders for most of the day.

  12. Argh, dreams are always full of those frustrating dilemmas of being lost or something being misunderstood. There are people who put great faith in very specific interpretations of objects and themes in dreams, but I think it’s more random–that you were reading something or saw something on TV that vaguely clicked a memory of your aunt or your college teacher, and that got mixed in with other ideas churning in your head about gardening and parties and driving. Dreams are where our brains clean up the files, put things away for later, and in the process maybe rifle past other stuff that was filed away long ago. I’m not sure they always mean something specific, but the feeling–something nagging at you after waking–can tell us about what is eating away at us.

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