Book Review: Wicked River

Book Summary:

Doug has talked Natalie into roughing it on their honeymoon. He has it all planned and he’s so excited about it. Though six million acres of Adirondack forest scares her a little, she’s so in love that she doesn’t complain.

It isn’t long before it becomes apparent they are not alone in this rough and dangerous terrain.

Being alone in six million acres seemed scary enough, but now there’s a stranger waiting for them. What does he want? Does he want to hurt them? Scare them?

The couple finds out very quickly that there simply aren’t enough plans to prepare anyone for all the things that can happen when you are isolated and can’t reach anyone for help. When you’re lost and you’ve run out of food and water, and with each day that passes, death seems likely.

Unless the stranger gets to them first.

My Review:

This book is one of those thrillers that keep you perched on the edge of your seat, wondering what will happen next. The author was very adept at making it all seem so real.

Somehow even though I really wanted them to get to the end of their journey safely, I still didn’t want the story to end.

About The Author:

jenny milchman

Jenny Milchman is a suspense writer from the Hudson River Valley of New York State.

Her debut novel, COVER OF SNOW, was published by Ballantine/Random House in January 2013 and her follow up, RUIN FALLS, was published in April 2014. Her third novel, AS NIGHT FALLS, was published in June 2015.



  1. Love your book reviews!! You give an honest opinion & you haven’t failed me yet! Going to get mine on Amazon.
    I can’t believe how fast you go through your books!!
    Love your garden pictures & your little dog, too!!

  2. Sounds like a great read; will put this on my Hold List at the library. Thank you for your review.

    Happy Independence Day!

    1. Please place on my hold list Got Book Club is reading it in August. Thank you,
      Bev stevenson

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