Book Review: The Silent Wife

This book goes to show you that no matter how carefully you plan out your life, things will just happen to mess up your plans. Things always happen. 

Life is not meant to flow like a river without things drifting along getting caught in the seaweed.

This woman never thought anything bad would happen to her. She felt privileged all her life, and expected her adulthood to be the embodiment of happiness and success. 

But she forgot a few things along the way that wind up tripping her up. (Or getting caught in the snare of the seaweed). 

She is so surprised by this turn of events that she basically just shuts down. Stops going out.

Stops looking ahead. Hoping beyond hope that she can stop what is happening to her by not actively participating.

But then, we all know that that doesn’t work. Time moves right on ahead, whether we’re willing to go along with it or not.


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  1. Yay☺ I am so happy that Charlie's eye is doing well now♥ The book sounds interesting. And I love what you said about time moving on, whether or not we are going with it☺ Happy Wednesday, Brenda. I've been under the weather a bit (and being silent a bit), but have been reading your posts. I love the direction of your posts these days, and love reading about your days and the books you read ☺♥

  2. Sorry I went missing…I had to change the internet service from "his" name to mine so we were without it for a few days…Thank goodness Charlie's all better…The older I get,the more I like being at home…I did enough running around and going places when I was younger…just want a quiet life at home now…

  3. Such good news about Charlie's eye! You must be relieved .
    I want to thank you for the information about free Kindle books. I have plenty to read now. I have a Kindle app in my phone and tablet. I have Vision problems (I get treatment regularly and can feel for what Charlie has been through) and the digital format makes reading enjoyable .
    It has made a difference in my life and I am very grateful to you.

  4. I am so happy to hear that little Charlie is home and well. We just feel better when our babies are ok. Wishing you a day of peace and quiet for Thanksgiving. No daughter this year…but son and his sweetie will come in the evening. We are not doing fancy this year…ha! Sheila

  5. I'm so glad Charlie is all better! I'm like you in that I love my quiet time at home with my pupsters. I only leave the house about once a week and do most of my shopping online these days. Wishing you a good Thanksgiving, Brenda.

  6. I am so glad that Charlie's eye has healed and the ulcer is gone. Poor thing- he suffered a long time with that.

    I am noting that book so I can look for it. I love a good read-for me it will be after Christmas when things slow down for winter days that I will read.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving with your pups, Brenda. xo Diana

  7. bless little Charlie. and YOU too … both enduring it all for so long.
    anything with eyes is especially scary I think. human or doggy. I have cataract surgery in my near future. and though it's a simple procedure I am very anxious.
    and I've had three former MAJOR surgeries that I didn't mind at all. one for cancer. it's the thought of losing sight that scares me.
    I LOVE to read and enjoy visual beauty all around me. I'm not so much audio.

    how I love this cozy little blog.
    you make my day! just simple small things that always touch a chord with me.
    thank you for posting so often! my morning coffee and cozy little house! xo

    1. I feel the same way. I'm so visual. Audio doesn't matter to me either.

      And oh, your last paragraph melted my heart. Thank you so much!

  8. So happy to hear Charlie is doing well. Eye surgery is no small thing. The solar light is pretty. I may get one for my little patio. I don't like the porch light on, very bright it is. A softer light would be the ticket.
    Check to see if your library has the on-line service of Hoopla. It allows you to checkout 6 items a month:ebooks, audio books, DVD, magazines. It is very useful if you don't have time to go to the library or cannot go. They do have a wide selection of titles. I have used and do enjoy it.
    Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving!

    1. Well, I get all the ebooks I can ever read free online. Don't like audio books or DVDs for that matter. And Pinterest is my magazine! But thank you just the same for the idea.

      I'm far too cheap to keep the porch light on, although my neighbor keeps his patio light on at night. I only have one bulb in my patio light because I don't feel I need it and think it might save me a few cents!

  9. Great news about Charlie! I'm grateful that after ten days we found my Maxie! He got away from me a Petsmart! Crossed four major streets at morning rush hour! A kind man saw the reward posters and called. He still got away but I remembered someone saying beagles can smell you and I waved around a piece of clothing and a prayer to St. Anthony and there he was at the fence! So very grateful!

    1. Thank goodness you found Maxie! I'm sure you were beside yourself with worry. And thank goodness no one ran over him in the duration you didn't have him. And thank goodness for kind men who are good enough to call you so you could be re-united. You got an early Thanksgiving…

  10. I'm so happy Charlie's eye is better.

    I'm with you on enjoying staying home. Especially once the weather gets cold. Yesterday I was so happy after getting the groceries, knowing that I don't have to go anywhere for a week. Just stay home where it's nice and cozy.

    1. Exactly how I felt when I got groceries last Friday. No way am I going into a store this week. However, I did venture over to the new Home Goods we finally got Sunday early. Didn't buy a thing. Just wandered the aisles looking.

  11. Such good news about Charlie!! I love reading also and retire to bed most evenings to snuggle under my quilt, Annie by my side. I read my Kindle most of the time but a good 'real' book is always a treat also. I took my Mom to WalMat yesterday(YIKES) so we are all ready to stay home the rest of the week!

    1. Oh Walmart! I had a friend who called it "Hellmart." I won't go near the place anymore at all. I'm SO glad you have Annie now.

  12. So happy for Charlie and for you. Good news just makes your Thanksgiving doesn't it?

    Had an emergency vet visit yesterday, my baby was wreathing in pain. They told me I would have to wait because I didn't have an appointment, but when they saw her they took me right in, talk about being grateful! She suffers from pancreatitis and she was having a very severe attack. Thankfully she seems to be feeling better today after several shots and lots of pills.

    While I won't have the luxury of staying in tomorrow, my venture out wlll be well worth it. We have finally sold our big house after a year and settlement is tomorrow. I couldn't ask for anything more this holiday season. After a lot of adjustment, I am finally enjoying my small home, it is very cozy on these chilly days we are having now. I am so happy to be out from under so much "stuff"

    Happy Thanksgiving to you Brenda!

    1. Pancreatitis is very serious! I almost lost Charlie once due to pancreatitis. And both dogs have had it. That's why they only eat prescription dog food.

  13. Poor Charlie, I am sure he was really frightened at the vet's. I have had a rescue dog for a few months now,(Sparky). He is very sweet but afraid of everyone and everything. I took him to the groomers, and he was so frightened he pooped, then huddled between my legs and it made me feel so sad for him. He is a very good dog, never potties in the house, and is very obedient and wants to please. I can only imagine what his life was like before I got him. Our babies depend on us, their mom, to keep them safe from harm. I can only imagine how relieved Charlie was to leave there and head back home to Abi and safety.

    1. You keep rescue dogs! How commendable of you. Wish there were more people in the world just like you.

      Did the holistic bundle gift people get hold of you yet?

  14. I'm just thrilled that Charlie's eye is better. What an ordeal that was. I felt so sorry for both of you.

    I understand your relief at having all your outings for the week completed. I've scheduled my life so I usually leave my home just once, maybe twice a week. Last week, I didn't go out at all!
    I really appreciate your book recommendations. Thanks to you, I've enjoyed books that I may have overlooked.
    As Thanksgiving approaches, I am thankful for many things. One is how much I enjoy your blog. It enriches my life very much.

  15. I am back from Oklahoma and ready to stay home. It's been a whirlwind past 2 months and I just want to read, tend to my indoor plants and make good food.
    Glad Charlie is doing so well!

  16. Good to hear Charlie's eye is healed! I also enjoy knowing that I can stay home for a stretch of days if I so choose. Enjoy your day! 😉

  17. Soooo happy to hear Charlie is doing so well. With this week being Thanksgiving that is certainly a wonderful thing to be thankful for. Yeah Charlie! This book sounds really good. I usually look for some good reads after the holidays in the months of January and February so I will put this one on my list.
    Have a great rests of the week.

  18. I am happy to hear Charlie can see again. My puppies didn't like to go the vet either. Thanks for sharing your book reads with us too. I am always looking for new authors! I don't like the crowds this time of year either so I prefer to stay home and read. LOL I am so thankful for your blog.

    1. Ah, you made my day with that last sentence! So much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! I am so grateful to get online in the morning and read all your comments.

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