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  1. Beautiful. You are a pearl yourself with your beautiful writings and sharing your thoughts and wisdom.


  2. The imagery of memories being like an invisible necklace of pearls is so appropriate. I know you don’t wear actual necklaces, but for anyone that does, you become aware of how difficult it is to see the necklace while you’re wearing it. Unless it has a long chain, you have to put your head and neck into contortions to see it, or, go stand in front of a mirror to see a reflection of the necklace. So, it’s easiest to just trust the necklace is there by the feel of it against your skin, as you’ve described the invisible necklace to feel like. So I definitely grasp the imagery you’ve used, and will be thinking of memories in the form of a necklace now!

  3. Hi Brenda, I just love your thoughts and inscriptions of things, esp from the ones you love!

    1. When I feel so deeply, my thoughts are always so varied. As if the amount of love I feel equals the amount of varied thoughts I have of them.

  4. That saying, pearls of wisdom , came to mind. You offer so many wise words I think it fitting. Take care.

  5. Lovely tho’ts, Brenda. They took me right to my feelings of sadness at losing my sweet Tavi dog. I miss him sleeping with me so much and I know when it’s cold again I will think of how he kept me warm at night. One more way to miss him. He had such wonderful, curly soft hair–very soft. I have some little clips of it that I put in a locket I have. I don’t really wear the locket but it comforts me to know that I have those little curls.

    Thanks for sharing your grief journey with us. Your words are a precious gift to help us along the path.

    1. Perhaps get another pet if you can? I don’t know that I would ever be happy not having a pet in my home. They are my family.

  6. For sure little Abi was a treasure ! Her devotion and ownership of you was completely based on loyalty and love. She was a little bit of a girl with the heart of a lioness. She’ll always be loved and missed.

    1. Having Abi nearly attached to my body for almost 12 years is such a huge hole in my heart.

  7. Your post was beautiful and sad. The loss of a fur baby leaves a hole in your heart. It also made me think of my husband.
    God bless you and Charlie.

    1. All losses are so difficult, we think we’ll never stop crying. But the tears are cleansing and from what I’ve read, does more than release liquid. It helps in other ways as well.

  8. As a defense mechanism an oyster coats an irritant with layer upon layer of mother of pearl until a lustrous Pearl is formed. Abi was special and your pearls are too.

    1. I didn’t know this interesting little tidbit of info! Thanks for telling me.

  9. “I cannot know where you are going, but I hold the lamp of my love aloft to accompany you on your way.”
    thank you for this post. xo

    1. I really liked that saying. And of course you are quite welcome.

  10. Brenda, this is such a beautiful post. How wonderful to think of memories as pearls. I obviously did not know Abbie but when you describe your memories it is almost as I can conjure her up in my minds eye. We are all blessed to have had such lovable pets and the sweet, funny, memories as well. My memories of Munchen keep me smiling whenever I think of her.

    Have a great day!

    1. They are so very dear to us. Our family of fur babies.

  11. “Pearls symbolize wisdom acquired through experience…. Known for their calming effect, pearls can balance one’s karma, strengthen relationships, and keep children safe. The pearl is also said to symbolize the purity, generosity, integrity, and loyalty of its wearer.”

    Copied the above from a search on the symbolism of pearls after reading you beautiful post.

    1. Thanks for looking this up. I like the idea of karma being balanced.


    1. Thanks for telling me that. I like the thought of that. I miss her so!

  13. Lovely, Brenda. Yesterday it was one month since my Dad passed….it’s hard to believe it’s been a month already….I try to tell myself it’s a month that he has been at peace, not struggling and suffering. He had a really hard time this past year, we really did want him to go quickly when the time came. Doesn’t make me miss him any less, though…xoxo

    1. We measure our grief, don’t we, by time that passes. But it never seems to lessen.

  14. What a nice way to “wear” memories and what a beautiful post.

  15. Lovely words…..I like your description of memories being like pearls on a necklace…..

    1. The thought just came to me this morning, pearls gathered round my neck.

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