1. Hi Brenda~ great books you’ve shared! –

    Could it be clotted cream? or Clotted milk? I’ve always been a Yankee , no southern roots here but that term sounds familiar.

    I love reading Gladys Taber books for that same reason- simpler times. I find it soothing. I have about ten of her books and I’ve re-read a few when I need a reprieve from the news of the world. Her insights are amazing, can be applied to this day and age 100 percent. I don’t know if you’re familiar with her works but I think you would enjoy them.

  2. I’ve never heard of clabbered milk either, but according to google, it means milk that has soured to the stage of a firm curd but not to a separation of the whey. Whatever that means, lol. I’ve never been a big fan of buttermilk, so no way to drinking it, but using it in recipes, like biscuits or pancakes, is ok. Enjoy all your books. With yucky weather, it’ll be nice to cozy up and read them.

  3. Almost daily I think of how we lived in the “olden days”. When I Google an address/map, place a Starbucks order from my phone app, etc; I am always reminded of simpler times – when you had to rush home because you were expecting a phone call or because your favorite TV show was on soon! I miss the simplicity of information/news – now we are overloaded and overwhelmed by instant/constant news 24/7/365. That being said, I have tried to embrace the 21st century and its technological advances – if you can’t beat them join them! The books look good too. Thank you:-)

  4. Funny that you mentioned Marshall Dillon and Miss Kitty this morning. That’s what I’m watching right now while I starch and iron my shirts. Glad you can hunker down and stay warm. Of course, I have to go to the barn twice a day, but I have a down coat, gore-tex gloves, a super warm cap and neck warmer, and shearling lined muck boots and this cold spell will leave us in a few days.

  5. Like Sharon, I recall my grandmother talking about “clabbered” milk. Not sure whether that was the same as commercial buttermilk. My grandparents, my mother and her siblings milked dairy cows, so it may have been leftover milk that wasn’t sold. Unfortunately, I don’t have anyone to ask what clabbered milk is/was. I do wish some of those old milk cans were still on the property!

    ! Nostalgia for a simpler life offers a nice respite from our often “too much” culture. I think I’ll add your books to my list for future reading, thank you for sharing them!

  6. My mom grew up with family next door and down the street and none of drove. I have no family around, wish I did. I too, wish for the good old, simpler times. Mom made a a delicious butternut cake. I hated the smell when it was baking but I loved eating it. Weird.

  7. I think the name was ‘clabbered’ milk. Buttermilk was the liquid left over after churning cream into butter. I could never develop a taste for drinking it although buttermilk used in baking was fine.

  8. Brenda, you talk about having buttermilk and cornbread for a snack. My husband grew up in WV and after we were married he had to have buttermilk in the house at all times. Coming from New England I never heard of buttermilk. I learned to use buttermilk in all kinds of recipes. He would drink it straight or he would break cornbread up and put it into the buttermilk and eat it with a spoon. He called it “soaky”.

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