Two kitties make for a lot of cat fur floating through the air onto furniture. Last week I ordered The ChomChom Pet Hair Remover.

How do they come up with these names, I wonder? (Remember the No-No Brackets I ordered?)

I watched a video by the guy who created The ChomChom Pet Hair Remover on Amazon and knew I wanted to try it out.

I watched the video you can see on Amazon. And it does work just the way they said it would. I can’t figure out quite how, but it does.

I also ordered this stainless steel pet comb. Somewhere underneath my chair is this one, that one of you was kind enough to send to me and that Ivy loves.

I know it has to be under there because this chair is where Ivy jumps up for me to comb her. But I don’t dare try to move this heavy chair and turn it over right now.

Gracie isn’t too keen on being brushed yet.

Back To The ChomChom Pet Hair Remover:

If you need to quickly remove pet hair from the couch before company comes, you might want to try the ChomChom Pet Hair Remover.

I’ve already got a load of fur off the couch and my dining chairs with it.

Gracie Update:

I saw Gracie eating last night. And I know she’s urinating because her clumps in the litter box are about half the size of Ivy’s. After all, Ivy is twice her size.

I didn’t pressure Gracie to come out until she wanted to, which was sometime yesterday.

She laid next to me while I read last night.

Gracie no longer has any of the symptoms she did a few days ago. So I think the fluids flushed whatever it was out of her system, thank goodness.

Meanwhile, Ivy still hisses at Gracie. But she’s amped the hissing up since we came home from the pet ER.

I think Ivy is reacting to the odor Gracie must have brought home from there.

She is also walking way around Gracie like she is Typhoid Mary or something. I guess cats are sensitive to odors they’re not familiar with

Doctor’s Appointment:

I have my twice-a-year doctor’s appointment this morning. I’ve fasted all night and will get my labs done while I’m there.

Thanks for all the well wishes and concern for my little Gracie Mae.

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  1. When I adopted a second cat my first cat was bring difficult about accepting him. My vet gave me some lavender oil and told me to rub a bit on each of their necks. It was magical ! They both had the same scent and accepted each other. Just thought I’d share this simple organic tip from my vet.

  2. I use a Bissell power fresh steam mop I bought on Amazon. It’s currently on sale, and it says #1 best seller. I don’t use the scent discs it came with. Just water that turns to steam. Zero chemicals! Not even vinegar. The pads are washable. I love it!

  3. So happy to hear that Gracie is doing better, Brenda. I’m sure it is due to your prompt intervention by getting her to the vet right away. You are a good kitty mama. That Ivy certainly can get out of sorts with Gracie, can’t she? Wonder what goes on in her little cat brain. Probably, like you said, has to do with odd or unfamiliar smells. Cats do have super sensitive noses.

    Hope your doctor appointment went well. Take care and enjoy your evening.

  4. I commented about loosing our 13 year old dog on your comments yesterday evening. Kaia had an I.V. which I guess was a little different then Gracie. Glad you were vigilant and she was treated and doing better.

    1. I’m so sorry I missed your comment. I try to read them all and comment when I can, but in the evenings I’m strictly off-line. I’m so very sorry for your loss.

    2. I went back to your comment and commented there. So sorry I missed it. It makes me feel terrible when I miss one where someone has lost a pet and most need empathy and concern. I’m glad you brought it up so I could go read it. Only time will lessen your pain. I’m still grieving Charlie and Abi, and cry when I think of Charlie sitting in the passenger seat of my car just like a person and happy to go somewhere with me. That last time, I can’t think of that without breaking down. Because he had no idea he would not be coming home with me. To this day, and I’m sure far into the future, I will question my decision that day.

  5. I’ve been thinking about you guys, Brenda. Glad Gracie is doing much better. I remember when my kitty was sick once and very dehydrated, they injected a huge amount of saline under her skin on her back and yes, it took a few days for it to slowly dissipate and revive her. It was this large squishy bubble that just got progressively smaller as the week went on. Crazy, isn’t it? I hope she continues to improve.

  6. So happy that Gracie is doing well! Hope big sister soon gets over the hissing – haha!
    And thanks for the link to the chom chom pet hair remover – just ordered one!
    Hope this week is a good one for you and the kitties!

    1. I’ve tried those roller things with disposable and they just don’t work well. This one you just open the compartment and take the fur out and dump it. I should probably put it outside for the birds making nests.

  7. So glad to hear Gracie is doing better . It’s so scary when something happens to our fur babies , since they can’t tell us what’s wrong . Years ago when I had two cats the bigger one , Cola, would always be kinda mean to the little one , Polly Gray. Especially after Polly had be to the vet . The vet knew we had this problem so she would try to touch Polly as little as possible. This would last a few days and then things would be back to normal .

  8. I’ve gone through about 4 of those pet hair cleaners, with several different names. They’re the best I’ve ever tried. So glad Gracie is feeling better and back to her sweet little self.

    1. Poor little Gracie. Didn’t seem to affect 14 pounds Ivy. I just got back from the doctor and then went to Ace to get supplies for the new cleaning lady. Bucket, mop, broom, stuff I didn’t have. I’d been using Swiffer to mop, but I’ve only gone over the kitchen and bathrooms once or twice. I figured it was best to get all the cleaning agents out of here and tell her to use the vinegar and water I have mixed up.

  9. I’m so glad that Gracie is OK.

    I have one of those chom chom lint rollers. My son told me about it a few years ago when he was sharing an apartment with a friend, and the friend had a cat. I like that there’s no waste, as there is with the tape lint rollers.

  10. So happy Gracie is feeling better today, it is such a worry when they are ill. I am glad you got your money back from the cleaning company.
    I do hope your doctors appointment goes well today.
    I had a look at the pet hair ‘cleaner’ and think its brilliant. I showed it to Simon, he said but we don’t have a cat, so I said no not yet we don’t! I know he wants one as much as I do, we intend to get an older cat because we don’t want to out live him or her.

    1. It’s wonderful saving those senior cats! I would have done that if I’d planned to just have one cat. But I rescued what came up and Ivy was 5 months and Gracie about the same when they came to live with me. After them, if I’m not ancient by then it will be an older cat.

  11. I was told by our vet that cats newly home have a temporary clinic odor that is not recognized by the others in the colony until it wears away by itself. I’m so glad Gracie is well again!

  12. So happy to hear Miss Gracie is doing better! Thank you for sharing the links for pet safe cleaning products, ordered some all purpose cleaners yesterday. I already use the O’Cedar mop that cleans with water and a microfiber cloth. Safe for my kitty and my allergies are actually improving some as well.

    1. When I get around to it I’m going to create a page with the products I buy for my kitties for reference. Only the best for our babies!

  13. My granddaughter has a pet hair remover like the one you have. It is amazing how it works, it works better than the vacuum! Glad Gracie is back to her old (young) self again! Whenever one of our pets come back from the vet the others avoid them too! I like the comment you used Typhoid Mary!

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