We already looked at vintage trailers. Now let’s go one step further and take a look at the popular Airstream.

This is Living Simply: Part 2:

The first Airstream was built in 1929.

All models are built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis.

Airstream’s partnership with Mercedes-Benz® has been a natural fit from the beginning. Mercedes-Benz’s reputation for the best safety and convenience mirrors Airstream’s own standards for lasting quality and streamlined design.

Airstreams are some of the lightest and best-balanced trailers on the market due to their all aluminum body construction.

Other box trailers are built with heavier wood frame type construction. But Airstreams are built with lightweight aluminum ribs on a solid steel chassis.

When comparing the weight of vintage trailers, a 23-foot Airstream Safari is lighter than a 19-foot Shasta trailer.

Airstream trailers also save gas because the curved aerodynamic shape slices through the air easier than a square-shaped trailer.

The photo above does not look like the typical Airstream you might have seen in ads. It has been “cozied” up. It looks very comfy to me.

The person who owns this Airstream has added gingham upholstery to the decor to give it some warmth.

This one is more modern and what I’d call “ultra sleek.” It reminds me of Airstreams I’ve seen advertised.

While doing my research on the Airstream, I found one style in particular that I became immediately smitten with. The Argosy.

It’s the outside that speaks to me. It has more color variety than the bright silver color of most of the Airstreams I’ve seen.

I hope you enjoyed Simple Living: Part 2, focusing on the Airstream trailer.

{Photos chosen from my Pinterest Board Vintage Trailers}

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  1. I love the trailers you showed in the last post, but my heart belongs to the airstreams. I've never seen one with a clawfoot tub… now that is really something!


  2. There is a very interesting blog interstellarorchard.com, that is written by a younger woman who still must work but has chosen to live in a 17 foot Casita trailer full time and move about the country taking jobs when she can. Her trailer won't be to your decorating standards but she gives a valuable picture of a lone woman on the move with a trailer. Check it out.

  3. After experience with a 31 foot motor home in cold climate weather in February, I'd say it would be an imperative to be in a warm climate. Keeping the thing heated at an even temperature seemed to be the most difficult thing. And do remember, if you are in a trailer park, and there are some truly beautiful ones, your space lease and utilities tend to go up, up, up.
    Have you looked at subsidized housing for the handicapped?

  4. I could probably live in one, but I'd be worried about the upkeep. Are there people who know how to fix them in most areas of the country? I mean like if the roof starts leaking or what have you. I suppose there are folks who specialize in camper maintenance just like anything else, especially around campground areas or retirement communities.

  5. Yes! Absolutely I could live in one. Several of my camping girlfriends have vintage and newer Airstreams. They are nice and comfy and you could make it everything your heart desires – a cozy little home that would meet you needs well. If you haven't seen this one you might want to check out what one gal did with their airstream to make it work for them and their family. She did some incredible decorating and organizing. You can see it at http://just5moreminutes.com/blog/peek-inside/. My sweetheart and I envision the possibility of living in a travel trailer for a few years at some time in the near future. There is a lot of information online about airstream living and living in rvs. I'd be willing to share what I've found with you. Happy dreaming. You can do it!

  6. Brenda this is fantastic research! What great possibilities here! I think you should consider one! I know I am. I think we need next to research how much and what type of vehicle you have to have to pull it. That cost factored in would be our answer. Great pos!

  7. Brenda, I was just looking at purchasing a Nice used Airstream trailer! I want one so I can take it and travel down south with my friends! My husband really does not like to travel because of leaving our dogs but if I bought the camper, I thought maybe we could possibly take the dogs and he may go. I know I could definitely live in a trailer! You are so resourceful, you would have it looking like a dollhouse! I think it would be great for you Brenda and it would be yours!

  8. That was always my father's favorite, but alas they are top of the line. A year ago or so, I saw one that was all stripped out, quite a mess, but if I had the space to work on one, I might have. xoxo Su

  9. These are great air streams and interiors. Thanks for educating me about these little homes on wheels. So cool. I would be afraid to drive one down the road…with other cars out there. Ha! So cute…and with practice floor plans. Sheila

  10. Always loved Airstreams! We've had just about every type of RV but never an Airstream. We toured their factory in Ohio – it's a quality built product but is more expensive. Our current RV is a 21 foot Pleasure Way van even smaller than the smallest Airstream. I love tiny. We have a couch that becomes a bed, a kitchen area with refrigerator/freezer, convection/microwave oven, tiny wet bath (with sink, toilet and shower all in one) and the driver and passenger seats turn around for comfortable seating in the evening. A flat screen TV too. What I love best is that it is so easy to clean inside and out. We learned to travel light as storage is limited. Because it is small we can drive it anywhere a pick up truck can go. Go RVing!

  11. My folks had one and we parked it up on Lake Huron, it was a longer one. I love what they do to lovingly restore them. I could probably get by with just a big overstuffed chair, I wouldn't need a couch! And when you think about it, how many dishes do we really need? I can only imagine how cute you'd have a trailer fixed up!

  12. My parents have an airstream that they use to camp in. It's very nice. I've never camped in it myself though. The ones you shared pics of look so charming! I love how personal they all look. My husband's friend got divorced (for the second time) not long ago. You know what he did? He bought a camper and put it on his sister's property (which is large) and now lives there! So, it certainly is possible to do. He lives by himself since his kids are grown. I could see you doing this!

  13. I am not sure if I could live in one but it was interesting to see some Internet newstory on "She Sheds" this morning and compare it with this sort of thing 🙂 While I don't recall where I saw it, it was on one of the 4 or 5 basic news channels ( CNN, etc ) Comparison : person lives in huge house and then also has a she shed to retreat to….:)

  14. I have returned from our vacation. I have to read your first post on campers. Airstreams are buit close to my hometown in Ohio. My brother and my mother actually worked there. She did the upholstering for inside and my brother was a personal manager. It's a place where everyone knows each other, and in a small town. It's funny while I was gone I thought about you. I am thinking a little camper would be perfect for you. Tornados are a worry. AIrstreams are pricy but you might find a used one. I hope you are feeling better.

  15. I love the Airstreams, especially the argosy you've shown since it has more room and a nice bathroom. I love how the small spaces can be personalized too, just like home only smaller. I could definitely see myself in one a few months out of the year, what a fun time it would be. It looks like it could be the ideal living situation for you and the pups!

  16. I could definitely live in an Airstream! didn't know that they are lighter and easier to pull… so makes total sense to have one. I LOVE all of the big windows in them.. and some of the ones you showed are just like a little mini house! It's great too that they have a bathroom. That's almost a must if you live there full-time! they just look roomier and I like that the bed is towards the back so you keep your little living area and kitchen, without having to make your kitchen table into a bed! they ARE harder to find, but there are some out there for sale if you look around. My fave is the one with the desk area that is all blue and white… and love the yellow one (drawing) with the bed in the back. It speaks "home" to me!

  17. We have a vintage Avion similar to my folks' use to have. They sold lock, stock and barrel and lived in theirs full-time for five years or more until Dad's vision got too bad to drive. They had a truck with a topper where they kept extra clothes and items they didn't use as much. In the summer months, they resided in IL where we live and could see their grandkids. As the weather got colder, they headed to Arizona, Texas, Florida, etc. They weren't collectors of "things" but sure had good memories and good friends.

  18. We have a vintage Avion similar to my folks' use to have. They sold lock, stock and barrel and lived in theirs full-time for five years or more until Dad's vision got too bad to drive. They had a truck with a topper where they kept extra clothes and items they didn't use as much. In the summer months, they resided in IL where we live and could see their grandkids. As the weather got colder, they headed to Arizona, Texas, Florida, etc. They weren't collectors of "things" but sure had good memories and good friends.

  19. Definitely could live in an Airstream..it's kind of funny but every time I see one out on the road I let out this little squeal..I don't know what it is but that big shiny bullet just makes me feel happy..Isn't it amazing what people do with these inside..I could never afford to do the fancy stuff but I sure would have fun making it cozy as I know you would too Brenda..

  20. I love them. Remember, home is wherever you make it! Imagination is also what a home yours. So what if it has wheels under it?? Then you have your home wherever you park it!

  21. Hi Brenda! Oh, I love Airstreams and they are built so well. Our little Kiki RV is a Sprinter with the Mercedes Benz chassis. I hope I didn't make you sad talking about some negatives in your part 1. No matter what that one gal said, some little trailers really don't have a bathroom. Anyway, these wonderful ones do. I read some more of your comments and I didn't think about the tornadoes! Ooooo… I just want to best for you and your puppies.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  22. we always have loved the airstreams – they are cute, charming, and sleek — nice for one person, a little crowded for two – but for short term – like long vacations yes I could live in one.

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