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  1. Lots of beautiful colour in your home. I especially like how you've incorporated colour into your garden through the transition of the seasons. I also am missing something in your living room. That wonderful coffee table that many of us liked so much. It seems like you may have a new sofa and foot rest.

  2. You are the queen of cozy. I love your apartment and garden. I will always remember the story of how you were looking for a welcoming home that was just your own and how it turned out. It always makes me feel happy.

  3. This post makes me feel calm and serene. You are so wise. I love reading your blog and I enjoy the pictures of your home and your surroundings. I am with you, I love the quiet. I love being home, doing my own things, just enjoying the life I have. Each day is a new beginning, it may be the same things I did the day before, but it is new to me. I would rather be home. .. it is true there is no place like home. Hugs to you my friend, Karie

  4. Your home is so cozy, it's no wonder it brings you so much pleasure to just sit back and enjoy it! The dove photo is spectacular – looks almost 3D. Love your red, white and blue shelves and dishware!

  5. If anything I've learned over last year is simple living is the best way to live. Doing what makes us happy, I used to wantt o go out, not I'd rather stay at home where I feel warm, safe and happy. I find so much happiness in doing the things I love. I finally planted my flower container on the porch…and I enjoyed doing it so, then coming in to work on a quilt. Now that's comfort and joy! Have a great day!

  6. I hear you loud and clear…I enjoy my quiet, I get that at the lake. Somehow it translates to boredom in the city and I feel the need to run out…shop, whatever to escape it. We have mourning doves everywhere. I have them making nests on window ledges, on top of our electric meter, on porch lamps. They require little space for being rather large birds. They have two babies after about 6-8 weeks of sitting on the eggs (the male and female alternate and they mate for life). After two weeks they kick those youngsters out! It's said that if a bird makes a nest on your home, there is love inside!

    We had a carpenter from the country stay and do work for us at the lake. He could do a sort of whistle/voice thing with his hands cupped around his mouth imitating the mourning doves "coo". And I swear, several mourning doves would flock from who knows where to the tree he was standing under. Wow!

    Have a lovely quiet weekend. I'll think of you outside with the sun on your face and those two precious critters on your lap. I would love to visit you and sit in that peaceful but eye~candy~filled living room just to say. "Hey, company can be good!" I know we would talk for hours. Very freeing for both of us. Or, I'd have you at the lake, on a hammock with a book or floating on the boat with a gentle breeze around you. Sounds heavenly right, girlfriend? 🙂

    Jane x

  7. I have morning doves now. Think a neighbor was feeding them and he's since moved, so now they live here! Love watching them. I get such joy reading your blog and looking at all of your colorful dishes and quilts and pictures. I'm always afraid to hang an old quilt I have a great one I'd love to hang, but it is so heavy. And I'd love to know how you hung that heavy mirror. Did you suspend it from the ceiling? It's cool here this morning finally! Fall is in the air at last!

  8. You are SO talented! I love your beautiful photographs … your new black couch and ottomans, and esp love your blue and white mugs and plates. You have certainly bloomed where you were planted!

  9. The Flickers have been visiting my yard. They eat the berries off the wood vine. Such a noisy bird. I have been enjoying watching the chickadees and love to hear them chatter. They hang upside down and every which way trying to get to the sunflower seeds in the garden. We have ringneck doves that frequent our yard as well.

  10. Such a peaceful post, and lovely photos, Brenda! Your home and garden space are looking so lovely, you have achieved so much home making in just six months.
    Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  11. We have Mourning Doves, Blue Jays, Cardinals (or Red Jays as my little one used to say!) and a spectacular pair of finches who visit ever day. They sit on the flowers outside my kitchen window and visit…so dainty. Watching them while I write is one of my simple pleasures!

  12. I always enjoy seeing photos of your cozy space…so amazing what you have done there! And the quilts…eye candy galore 🙂 I could reach out and touch that dove…what a beautiful capture of her : )

  13. I always love seeing photos of your pretty home and the patio looks wonderful. I'm so glad you are happy there! Living the simple life is what I enjoy, too.
    Love your blog look and the new header! Oh, and the shot of the mourning dove is terrific!

  14. 68b5222c-982f-11e3-bf4e-000bcdca4d7a says:

    We have a bird feeder in front of our house and we have a constant stream of mourning doves. They walk around the bottom of the feeder. The wrens come to eat too. The doves were chasing the wrens away but now they leave each other alone. Brenda I would love to know what you do to your container plants. Mine always die but yours look beautiful and seem to be flourishing. Any secret you would like to share?

  15. I live pretty simply now…
    I'm looking forward to see where this next adventure will take us.
    I hope like you I can settle in and enjoy living big– in a small space.
    Your patio garden is pretty and you I also like your new set up in the living room. Your couch is so versatile!

  16. Oh my isn't your patio fun? You really seem to be in your element at this little place of your's. I keep missing your blog cause it doesn't move in my blog roll and that is where I read from all the time. So I'm going to sign up to get emails from you so I stop missing posts. I start a new job tomorrow…..ugh….I do love to just be at home but it is not possible. Hope all is good with you and the pups!

  17. I saw a poster a while ago. It pictured a woman involved with a household chore and beneath her it read 'I'd go out and socialize but then that would stop me from being at home and doing what I really want to do'. I think I'm misquoting it a bit, but you get the idea.

    It's clear you don't take anything for granted, and that you have found what had alluded you for so long. Peace and contentment.

  18. Hi Brenda…we are moving out of our home we have lived in for 36 years …we are having a new home built for us that will have laundry room on main level and a 3 stall garage…first thing I will do is hang one of my quilts on my wall and hang a mirror over it like you did..I love it!! thanks for the great idea! I love the way you do everything!!! so happy I know you…lots of love to you Brenda…you are one of my very favorite people on this earth!!! xoxo Carol

  19. Hi Brenda, we had a huge rain day here Tuesday…..really brought in the Fall temps (finally) Your home is so cute and serene!! It makes all your blog family swoon!! oxox

  20. your garden amazes me. I do good inside// decor wise I mean and I am adamant about keeping my live plants around me through every season but my outdoor has no design to it since the move.. I miss all my lush greenery and trees I planted,, Now here, I have to start over in a tiny amount of yard space available to me.
    I want to have a patio garden like yours but its 100% sun out there. maybe this winter we can talk and you can help me plan a pretty space out there…

  21. My morning glories are just about spent and so are the rest of my zinnias. It is beginning to look sloppy now and I like order. I may have to spend some money this weekend and plant the pansies and cabbages. I love your mourning dove. I have seen a few that feed on the ground where the sparrows leave all kinds of bird seed…they seem to be a little picky those sparrows.

  22. It's so relaxing to me to hear the peace and contentment in your voice..I love the mourning doves too..

  23. I love that you have surrounded yourself with things that bring you peace and joy. I always sense a feeling of calm and serenity when I visit your blog. I am glad you enjoy your solitude….many people rail against it. Blessings to you- xo Diana

  24. We have MANY of the doves here, year around. They are a staple to see walking across the drive in the front yard and perched on wires in the back yard. Gentle little soles.

  25. I think your apartment and patio are just perfect. The inside is so colorful and charming and the outside is so pretty and peaceful.

    1. Thank you. That is the nicest of compliments to me!

  26. I really enjoy the days when I'm home alone and nothing on the schedule. With my Mom here and helping with my Grandson life is busy some days….but then I love that also. It really makes me appreciate the quiet time at home with Charlie. Your patio is still lovely!

    1. I will want to plant more come spring. Where will I put it???

  27. I love days spent at home at a slower pace. And the half caf coffee is what I like best, too. Enjoy this cool morning! Hugs, Diane

    1. It's already become warm! I switch from AC to heater all day.

  28. Your blog brings me such a sense of serenity! Love visiting here. You are such an inspiration to me!

    1. The environment I have created here brings me a great sense of serenity. Everyone can have that. It's really so simple.

  29. Hi Brenda! You're such an inspiration and I'm glad to hear some happiness in your voice (words). Your patio looks so lovely and I miss my mourning doves from Galveston. They woke me up each morning with their cooing! 🙂 Glad you're enjoying life!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    1. Oh no, does NY not have mourning doves? I'm interested to know if the birds have come to your yard after you removed the fake owl.

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