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  1. That’s a tip I did not know, thank you for sharing!! Your patio looks great, I’m sure it makes you so happy to be out there puttering around among your flowers again!

  2. I love your color combo. I cannot believe how fast your flowers are growing. I planted my containers last Saturday and they are doing well so far but then again we have no heat as of yet.

    I am very excited because I planted lettuce from seed and the little shoots ae already coming up.

  3. Pretty patio. I am a container gardener on my deck as well. And thanks for the tip.

  4. You said you recently got an iPad. Well here is the undo tip for this device. Pick up the iPad and vigorously shake it back & forth! There comes back what had disappeared or appeared by mistake!
    Love your blog!

  5. I like your color combos. What I have in my perennial garden—purples and pinks, are dedicated to my late sister and her beautiful garden. I love alyssum, too. I couldn’t see what you had it planted with. Please let us know!


  6. That daisy is so pretty. Cannot wait to see the passion vine flowers. And I had forgotten all about the pleasant fragrance of alyssum.

    Thank you for the computer tip. Nice to know.

    1. It’s been overcast and raining. No passion vine flower yet. I just love the complex looking flowers of the passion vine.

      1. Crystal B. says:

        I have 2 passionvines, red and purple. Also love alysumm’s sweet flowers and fragrance.

  7. Awesome tip for the Ctl Z to reinsert what was deleted! I’ve had that happen many many times! So good to know! Thank you! Your flowers are coming along so nicely. Can’t plant in Oregon yet (central) as way too cold at night. I think pansies could survive it though and next week I”m off to the nursery for a few pansies. I do love alyssum but after it blooms once, it seems to be done for the season. I LOVE candy tuft which is white and looks similar, but it blooms all summer. It’s usually only white but now and then you can find it in pink, which I of course love. Enjoy that beautiful patio! Marilyn

    1. I will have to find candy tuft.

  8. it’s already beautiful!
    and thank you for the ctrl z tip! much appreciated.

    1. I love my patio. I spend much of the day just gazing at it!

  9. Wow, that yellow flower with the purple ring is outstanding. You my friend, have an emerald thumb.

    1. Well thanks Kim!

  10. That’s a good tip. Sometimes – and I don’t understand still how it happens because my fingers aren’t anywhere near the delete key, but a finger will miss a key and all of a sudden an entire email or paragraph I’ve written disappears! I didn’t know Control z, thanks! Your garden is so pretty. I’m envious of people whose gardens are already blossoming. I have perennials poking through the snow, but there is a lot to melt here yet after we got socked with a combined 6-7 inches of snow and sleet that resulted in massive frozen ice boulders put up everywhere by the city street plows, sigh. I was house bound for days because all of the curb cuts were piled high with snow and I’m no longer of the reckless mindset to try and scamper over 4 ft. tall piles of icy snow boulders, especially into busy traffic streets like where I live! Oh well. It warmed up beautifully yesterday and was sunny. I lot of it melted away. Today it’s mild, but cloudy, don’t see much evidence of snow melt. Tomorrow and next week promise to be warmer and the forecast is for no further snow events this season, fingers crossed! I am itching to get out into my yard and garden beds!

    1. I’m glad you’re no longer house bound! I know what you mean about typing. I constantly hit something and delete what I’ve typed. So annoying!

  11. Bonnie Schulte says:

    Brenda, I plant alyssum each year, but it always dies on me before the end of the season, getting all limp and bare looking. Do you have that problem, and if not, do you do anything special to keep it looking fresh? I water daily, and they are in full sun in the morning. Bonnie in Central WI, Oh and thanks for the computer tip..I could have used that “many” times..(grin)

    1. In my experience alyssum does not like heat. Mine does well until the heat sets in, then it fades away and comes back in the fall.

  12. Thanks for the computer tip. It worked! Your patio looks so pretty. So much inspiration.

    1. I’ve used that tip SO many times!

  13. Your patio looks so pretty! I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to put plants outside…the northeast has had the coldest spring this year! Enjoy your weekend!

    1. It’s been wet and cool this weekend.

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