Late yesterday afternoon I was rolling around on my cart planting seeds and a few flowers. It was fairly hot with the sun beaming down on my concrete patio.

Then all of a sudden, it was like the sky blinked and grew dark. And before I could barely acknowledge it, rain began to softly fall.

To me it was like a miracle of sorts.

Not that there was rain.

But that I’d toiled in my patio garden doing this and that and then Mother Nature seemed to have smiled upon me. It was if, right on cue, she watered my flowers and seeds to give them that little extra incentive to germinate and grow.

“Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby” – Langston Hughes

I sat there in the rain, loving the feel of it on my head, face upturned to the wonder of it all.

There are so many beautiful things that happen if only you bother to look. If only you pause to notice the miraculous things about nature.

I’m hoping that people who have been sheltering at home now have the time to witness these things. Perhaps they’re normally stuck in a windowless cubicle working every weekday.

I hope they sit out in the rain and realize how perfect it all is, the wondrous outdoors.

The world is indeed scary right now. But look for the moments of beauty that come your way.

Like the bumblebee I saw buzzing about my plants. Or the orange and black butterfly that flitted from flower to flower as though it had all day to choose which one to kiss.

There is nothing quite like it. Sitting there with the gray clouds hovering overhead. The rain pattering down and pinging on the tree leaves.

It’s all just so tremendously beautiful.

“Life’s not about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain” – Vivian Greene

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  1. What a sweet post! No perfume in the world has that beautiful scent of rain-my favorite scent!
    Thank you for writing about just looking around and noticing the beauty all around us in nature…
    and I always feel that there are many miracles happening around us if we just notice.

  2. Brenda, you have such a positive attitude! Many people would have been upset by the rain, bothered by an interruption to their outdoor time. Truly, life is best viewed through rose colored glasses. Love that luminous yellow rose!

  3. Many in New Jersey are being robbed of nature with our parks, beaches and trails all closed. Even our gorgeous Cherry Blossom display was denied to those that wanted to drive through. My daughter’s home is on a reservation of land and she cannot walk or hike through it since it is being surveilled. I am fortunate enough to have a yard to enjoy but please keep in mind and pray for those millions that no longer have the pleasure of nature and the peace and enjoyment it brings. This unnatural existence will not sustain us nor can it be sustained. Your little bit of heaven is a reminder of what awaits. Thank you for not letting us forget.

  4. If more people do now take their time to be out in nature, I hope they fall in love with the Earth and all the wonderful blessings she gifts us with. I positively savored cutting my front yard for the first time this season yesterday. I felt like I was drinking in the scent of the freshly mowed grass – so perfect against the clear blue sky. Very few jets zooming overhead these days, our skies are clearer. Scientists are amazed how quickly the air the world over has cleared, and water, too. Yes, we will start up the economy again at some time, but my hope is that we will do it more responsibly. We CAN cut down on emissions, we CAN diversify our manufacturing base in the U.S. the way it used to be before we started exporting jobs to save on labor, we have the technology, we have the money to spend – when we (as taxpayers to the government we elect to represent us) have the will to do it, so let’s do things the right way this time. Let’s reinstitute family farms and junk the mega-polluter food factories with millions of chickens, thousands of cows and pigs all crammed together, massive fertilization and poisoning the earth to kill off insects, tampering with genes to create genetically modified food that we honestly do not know what it may be doing to our bodies over the long term, let’s junk oil as our main power source, etc. We know what we need to do, we know how to do it too. We have the technology available. So let’s do it, already! That’s my wish, anyway. Imagine, scientists were in awe that the Himalayas can once again be seen clearly in the sky. What a sad commentary that is on what our stewardship of our beautiful planet was like – before COVID-19.

  5. The quote “ Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass it’s about learning to dance in the rain “ is my daughter’s favorite. My sister-in-law made a placard with that quote on it for her and she has it hanging on the wall behind her bed ! There is so much beauty in the world if we will only stop and notice !

  6. “Dancing in the rain,” I did that at a Commodores concert at the Orange Bowl, back in day.
    I need to do that again.
    Love the yellow roses, my favorite.
    Beautiful quotes.

  7. I saw a tiny orange and black butterfly yesterday, it was so lovely to see it flitting about the gardens. I felt bad for it, I think it’s here too early! Nights are still in the low 20’s here, hopefully that will be changing next week. I can’t wait to get some stuff planted, this extended winter is just torture this year!

  8. Yep it is the little things in life right now to hold onto and make us feel good. You are so lucky to already have your flowers and seeing bees and butterflies. Hopefully we will see all of this soon too. Have a good day.

  9. I have been on a four mile walk today and enjoyed the wonders of our greenbelt trails that I am blessed to have available. I have planted more flowers in my yard that I ever have. It gives me peace in this scary world we are living in now. Your patio is beautiful and serene and I wish I had the talent you have in choosing plants and flowers.

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