Saturday At The Vet With Abi


Friday night Abi peed twice on the bed as she slept next to me. So I got up yesterday morning and off we went to the vet. We didn’t have an appointment so we had to wait and be worked in.

Once we were waiting in one of the rooms, one of the vet cats jumped up in my lap where Abi was sitting and sucked on my T-shirt. They said the cat is about a year old and has been bottle fed. So I guess she was seeking nourishment. It was pretty funny because Abi didn’t know what to think!

The vet said that something is wrong with Abi’s bladder, which I figured. It doesn’t seem to be distinctively a bladder infection, but inflammation, he told me. He gave her an antibiotic and said to check in when she was finished with it.

I’ve noticed her drinking a lot of water lately, particularly at night. Several times the past week she has peed on the couch while laying next to me.

Once home I gave her one of the pills and soon she started throwing up. Normally she doesn’t get sick with medicine. However I skipped giving her the daily heart pill I normally give her. She threw up 4-5 times and didn’t want to eat. She was sleepy and I covered her with a small blanket next to me on the couch.

The pupsters are going to be 12 years old in August and September. They’re not spring chickens anymore and at 61 neither am I.

I told you about having neck and arm/hand problems for the last four months. I saw my doctor, who gave me a steroid and muscle relaxers a few months ago. But that didn’t help all that much. They wanted me to see a orthopedist or neurologist, but I don’t want to go down that road right now.

So I saw a chiropractor Thursday and again on Friday. It is a little bit better. A long way from okay though yet.

Just think how many times a day you use your hands. You eat with them, dig with them, write with them, etc. It is very hard to go long without using your hands. It’s hard to rest them.

So the pupsters and I are resting this weekend. It rained all day yesterday. I’m just glad I can look out on the patio and see my recently planted flowers.

Here’s a couple of patio pics from indoors as it rains.

my patio

That’s Charlie standing there. Abi is resting.

my patio



  1. Wishing you both well! It’s also a sign of kidney disease. Our pup had it and we put her on special super hydrated food. I eventually had to give her subcutaneous IV hydration treatments at home. It’s so difficult when our senior pups begin to decline. Hugs to you both!

  2. I hope your little puppy feels better and I have said a prayer for all three of you. I also love your patio.

  3. I hope Abi is feeling better now. Our Bailey used to have accidents from bladder infections, and she would have them if she was on prednisone. You feel so sorry for them, because they feel bad for having an accident, and can’t control it. Hope it clears up soon!

  4. Prayers for Abi! Have you had your Vitamin D checked? It’s best to keep your level above 50. If it’s low it can cause lots of arthritis type symptoms throughout the body along with a slew of other problems.

  5. Brenda, your patio looks so welcoming and I love all the plants. I wonder if Abi is becoming diabetic with all the water drinking and frequent urinating? I had a 12 year old cat at one time where I had to administer insulin twice a day; not a lot fun but she lived another 2 years. Isn’t it funny that our animals pretty much get the same symptoms as we do in aging. I hope that little girl is feeling better soon and tell Charlie to stay on squirrel patrol! Have a wonderful Monday!

  6. I’m sending prayers for your babies. There is just nothing worse than seeing those beloved babes get older with the illnesses.

    With regards to your problems. Have you ever thought to try acupuncture? I tried everything for several years without success. Two acupuncture treatments and I’ve been fine ever since. Every once in a while when I really overdo I go in. I promise it DOESN’T hurt! You feel nothing….but relief! I completely recommend it to everyone I know now because it is just so effective.. Years ago you had to be near a major medical center to find someone but now it is more mainstream and almost every city has an integrative medical clinic. You should be able to locate someone in Tulsa who does it. It is also not prohibitively expensive either. My Medicare doesn’t cover it but it is only $60 per treatment so it is easy to cover. You don’t need many treatments to feel SO much better.

    I had so much success with it that my veterinarian has learned to treat one of my older dogs with arthritis. Between those treatments and the CBD oil he is doing great and is over 12 yrs old. I tried everything for him before but he still had pain. Dr B is treating quite a few dogs in his practice now and his wife has treatments too which has eliminated the need for surgery. It is not the answer for everything but you might try it just to see.

  7. Maybe Abi could take her antibiotic by injection if the pills make her sick. Hope you both feel better.

  8. Oh, poor little Abi. The tho’t crossed my mind that with her drinking so frequently she might be diabetic as one of your other readers suggested. Maybe you should ask the vet to test her blood sugar level. I do hope she’s feeling some better now and you can find out what is going on.

    We had a lovely day here today. Sunny and pretty warm. Makes me want to get out and start digging and planting.

    Give Abby a little pat for me–and Charlie, too, of course! I hope your week goes well and that your arm and hand are better. Do you think you hurt it somehow? I tell you, getting older is not “for sissies” as they say!

  9. I am so sorry about Abi. My late Munchen started to do that and she had some stones. Once that was cleared up we discovered she had Cushings. It is so hard when are pus age. Frankly it is hard for us to age.

    My thought and prayers are with you for your pain as well as for your pups.

    I love the view to your garden, it looks beautiful

  10. Did you call the vet back and tell him about Abi throwing up that much? She might be having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic. And with her peeing so much and being excessively thirsty, she might have diabetes. Have they done a blood test for that? Hugs to you and the pupsters. It is so hard when our pets start aging. Zippo will be 19 in a couple of weeks and has his own medical issues, too though the vets have been taking very good care of him.

  11. Poor Abi. I hope she will be able to take the antibiotics.
    I’ve been having shoulder pain. Rest is about all you can do.
    Hope you both feel better.

  12. Sorry to hear about Abi, hope she got some rest and is feeling better. I also hope that you are getting your much needed rest Brenda.

  13. Sorry about Abi Brenda. Poor girl. I hope she starts to feel better. I wonder if she is reacting to the antibiotic? I am glad you have your pretty flowers to make you smile. Hopefully soon we will have flowers too.
    Have a great new week.

  14. Prayers and healing wishes for both you and Abi..Hang in there Brenda,Thinking of you, Hugs from WI

  15. I hope Abi is well soon – Lulu has bladder issues and she’s on a special diet.

    I hope you get some answers with your hands and arms.

  16. Hi Brenda. Just like the others that commented above, our dog was doing the same. She drank way more than normal and had to urinate much too often. She was diagnosed with diabetes & had to take insulin shots daily. She never seemed to mind them and never flinched when she was given a shot. We used the butterfly needles which were very small. The shots were given on the back of her neck area. You pinched the fatty skin up and gave the shot there. Then of course afterwards, she got her favorite treat. She seemed to know that the shots made her feel better or else it was just that she loved those extra special treats so much! She lived to a ripe old age and was a very happy and much loved pet. I would recommend getting her tested. It could make her life and yours much easier. Hope you find a resolution soon. Your patio is making me want to get out and work on my deck now! Just waiting on a sunny warm day..

  17. I am sorry to hear Abi is not doing well. Our babies are so precious to us, I hope she is better soon. Love the patio, so colorful.

  18. Oh my….. so hard to bear it when your babies are not feeling well. What a comfort they are in the best and in the worst of times — it is difficult to imagine what my life would be like without my furry crew to keep me company. But how wonderful that Abi and Charlie have a “mother” who loves them and takes such good care of them. Hope Abi feels better soon. And hope you continue to feel a bit better each day.

    What a cute story about the vet cat; the cat obviously felt you were a kindred spirit.

    Your patio is already so pretty and spring is young. It is a beautiful day here in north Florida (we are supposed to get some rain later today and tomorrow but we sure need it); I am about to get out in the garden and “piddle.” Hope you have a wonderful Sunday afternoon.

  19. she’s a robust little fur person! and you are so good to be on top of anything immediately the might be wrong with them. little ones like Abi and Charlie can often live to be much older! so sending prayers and healing thoughts for a quick resolution.
    antibiotics have the same effect on ME! they make me feel very nauseous and just sick overall. maybe it’s too strong for her. we so wish they could tell us things.
    take care of YOU too! xo

  20. Oh, I hope your sweet Abi is doing a bit better. It’s so awful when they’re not themselves. I can on’y imagine what he must’ve been thinking when the cat jumped on you. And you’re right about the hands – we take them for granted until they become problematic. I injured my wrist a couple of years ago and it’s still not quite right.

  21. Sending hugs and healing thoughts. So hard when our babies are sick. It was so hard watching my Charlie Kitty age but it is a circle of life. Hope you all rest up and feel better.

  22. Sending healing prayer to all of you – love that shot of your patio – you certainly have a way with decor. Love the SUN 🙂

  23. Oh gosh, it is so hard when they get sick as they can’t tell us what the problem is. I had a little terrier mix that went blind and deaf, I loved her so, but she struggled. It’s just not fair they have to age. I hope this medicine doesn’t continue to make her sick. Love that picture of her. My Ziggy’s hair is about that length now and he’s ready for a trim.

  24. I was going to say that for humans, one of the signs of diabetes is intense thirst/drinking a lot. I would have her blood tested on Monday!
    Hoping you both feel better really soon.

  25. Just like Lexi, my dog was peeing a lot and was diagnosed with diabetes. A few months later she went blind. I give her insulin twice a day and she seems to be perfectly happy a year and a half later!

  26. Lexi, 10 years old also peed her bed and drank a lot. Learned she is diabetic. She is now on insulin needles twice daily and has a dry bed.

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