1. This is all really good information. Even without an actual injury, some things, like a walker, is very helpful in assisting someone who might have balance issues, or simply need a little help while they walk a little slower. I didn’t know about the 2 finger rule for crutches. That’s helpful to know. I imagine if they didn’t fit right, they’d be very uncomfortable to use, and people wouldn’t use them and then risk a worse injury. I’m so sorry to hear you are having a little relapse. I know it’s hard to sit still and relax, but please try. It’s so important. And be grateful for Greg, your cleaning lady, and your wonderful friends, who so sweetly help you out.

  2. While I recovered from a fractured ankle, I was shocked at how limiting it was. Balancing on one leg limited how long I could stand at a sink to wash dishes. I couldn’t vacuum or mop the floor. Even though I could order grocery delivery, I couldn’t stand long enough to cook a meal. The fees for food delivery services kept me from using them, so I was limited to pizza delivery menus and Denny’s. I gained 13 lbs over 3 months. Thankfully, I can walk now, but with a slight limp. And my doctor put me on a diet.

  3. Since you don’t have a bus line nearby then consider using Uber to take you to run errands or shopping. Or paying a neighbor might be a good idea. Just a thought!

  4. Brenda, I experienced a fall and extensive surgery 10 years ago. Three months of non-weight bearing recuperation followed and then several years of physical therapy. ORIF with plates, screws, and rods in my pelvis area meant I had to learn to walk again. Your tips are valid and standard protocol. It is a life-changing experience! Thankful for assistive devices. Karen

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