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  1. I so enjoyed this post, Brenda. Your garden is looking wonderful, unlike mine. I get fed up about this time of year and give up. I understand what you mean about feeling tired. I think the heat has just worn us all out. Two of my cousins, one from the west coast and one from the east coast came to visit last week and stayed for a week. Bet they won’t make that mistake again! I hadn’t seen your new bedding and I love it! Just perfect for your room and makes me think fall can’t come soon enough.

  2. I’m so glad you got to spend some time with your grandson! How special! And your hummingbird picture… wow! It’s not often you see them standing still like that. It’s nice to know they are enjoying your beautiful garden as much as you are! Thank you for the book review. This new one sounds intense. I’m really loving the Sunday Snippets!

  3. Your mostly shady garden is wonderful and I’m sure all the locals (human and animal residents like) greatly enjoy it. I knew when you moved that you wouldn’t be able to resist getting a new garden growing out of the various containers and beautiful planters on that barren patio. And look what you’ve done, a beautiful shady, relatively cool and peaceful oasis for all to enjoy. The hummingbirds, aren’t they amazing! We’ve had a very dry summer in SE Wisconsin and when I turn on the sprinkler to deep water the backyard lawn and garden beds every few weeks (and got the water bill to show for it, Holy Cow!), the hummingbirds appear like magic and hover around the Roses of Sharon, sometimes landing for a few brief seconds on one of the stems and sipping some water off the leaves. The cardinals will come and sit on a large lilac bush toward one corner of the yard and wait for the water on the sprinkler to douse the branch they’re sitting on, and then they take a quick shower, fluttering their wings and obviously enjoying the water. It’s so entertaining to watch them all. The bird baths have been very busy this season because it has been so hot and dry. The robins haven’t yet returned from their visit to the northern rural and wooded areas (they leave here to go north near the end of July), so it’s been quiet here. And then one morning I will wake up and get ready to fill the critter feeders and put fresh water in the bird baths and the fence that separates my patio from the driveway and the garage roof will be lined with robins patiently waiting for handfuls of raisins to be tossed out on the patio for them. LOL! That signals fall is coming to me.

  4. That was quite amazing that you caught the hummingbird in a still moment! My late husband loved hummingbirds so I bought him a hand held hummingbird feeder which he so enjoyed. I’m sure you had a very special dinner with your grandson and enjoyed every minute with him!

    1. Read that book a few moons ago,its good,so is the movie.
      Nice visit with your grandson,mine is 11 going on 18, boy do I miss that little fella that would climb up on my lap with a book to be read,seems like yesterday.
      Is Ivy also a Temptations addict,my 2 seem to know when its treat time,sometimes at 6 a.m.!

  5. I do love the kangaroo plant.
    Happy you had a visit from your grandson.

  6. Brenda, I enjoyed your post today more than you can imagine. All of it, and I want to thank you so much for sharing with us. The visit with your grandson. Your flower garden, the wildlife, and Ivy, and today’s book review. I even went back and read it again. So good. Oh, I always buy secondhand books from Amazon. Cost less, books are always in good shape, and always an interesting read. The excerpt from “Mystic River” got me. I’m on my way to Amazon to buy it!!
    Wishing you much luck with the knee scooter once more, stay cool.
    Hugs from WI.

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