This morning, as soon as I opened my eyes, these were the words that came to me for some odd reason: Run like the wind. Run like the devil is chasing you.

Strange, I know. And the words, spoken in a foggy dream, keep coming to me. Over and over again. As though someone whispered them to me and insisted on their importance.

Yes, I once did. Run with abandonment. In relay races. Run for the sake of merely running.

Because that’s just what children do. When they could just walk, they’d rather skip or jump or run.

I guess we all run from things. People we are angry with. People who have hurt us.

Ourselves. We run from ourselves because we don’t want to accept things and have no way to change them. Some things are simply beyond our control.  

The winds are certainly fierce in intensity in the state of Oklahoma. Growing up, I didn’t know it was different any place else. The winds would shift and pick up quickly and bend you over as you walked.

And then there were the tornadoes that ripped through towns and took buildings and people with it.

We had a cellar. One of those that looks like a hump on top of the ground covered with dirt. It seemed it was always in the dead of night that we rushed into the dank-smelling darkness, kerosene lamps held high, and found a place to sit out the storm.

You’d hear the mighty winds whipping things around the yard. You wondered if you’d ever see them again. Because that’s just how strong the winds are here. 

I’d sit and stare at the glint of light the kerosene lamp cast on the many rows of canned food stored for winter. 

I tried not to look in the corners, for there were always cobwebs and Daddy Long Leg spiders (an arachnid with a globular body and long thin legs). They’d walk across the ceilings and walls with their thin-as-a-pin legs like they were on stilts.

I feared them. With each move they made, I worried they would walk up my leg without me knowing it.

Eventually the storm would pass. You’d know because the winds died down, until you no longer heard it trying to lift the cellar door, as though trying to pry life from underground.

You waited a bit because there was always the chance you’d walk up the steps and the mercurial gales weren’t quite finished. That they would lift you up and throw you across the yard.

You can run like the wind, but you can’t out run a storm, that is for certain. 

I look outside and the sun is no longer shining. It is gray and overcast. Spring brings thunderstorms. April showers bring May flowers. But spring also heralds the onset of tornado season.

I do a lot of running and flying in my dreams. And I’m quite sure I could not out run the wind. But when you are a child, you try anyway. 

Because anything is still possible when you are young.

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  1. I love hearing of people's dreams and how they impact them. We do run from many things don't we. I hate conflict and pick my battles. Sometimes I have to run. Love this piece of your life. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I am in a mood for a cup of coffee and thinking about you. Can't wait to see some photos of your new place. Planting all those plants I send you strength.

  3. What a beautiful essay. I could really picture you waiting out the storm and worrying about the daddy-long-legs. (I hate spiders but DDLs are pretty silly-looking.)
    Hope Mother Nature behaves herself and doesn't get too 'windy' for you this year!

  4. I have two takes on this : Waking up thinking / remembering "Run Like the Wind" Is a positive ….

    And then as to 'anything is possible when you are still young'…..LOL my son's moving this weekend and just watching him and his fiancee go go go today ? …well I was there and helped and all but they are dynamos… battery ran out awhile ago and I am happy to be back home but those Energizer Bunnies will be non-stop for hours yet 🙂 And I look at them and think " I was like that once too! "

  5. The tornadoes of life. I remember a very vivid dream that I had awhile back. I was in the basement (represented my inner consciousness) and I peered out the small basement window watching the swirling storm outside. In the dream I had a thought that although everything was spinning outside, I felt calm and safe. I'd love to get back to that moment because I have been experiencing some anxiety too. Change stirs thing up. Know that this too shall pass. I'm looking forward to hearing about your new journey in your new place.

  6. Maybe the wind is pushing you in a new direction? That's a good thing.

    When I lived on the prairie growing up, we had to go into the crawl space under the house when the weather got bad. Damp, creepy, smelly. It was enough to give any child nightmares. I don't know how half of us Baby Boomers cope with all the crazy things we didn't know back then.


  7. I think you can come up and out of "this" cellar and know you are safe in your new cozy little home. Even though I can no longer literally run due to really bad knees…… I do believe that we all continue to run from (and to) so many things until we take our last breath. I hope you have a wonderful day and that *slowly* you are making some headway in your new home. Also best wishes for a successful sale!!

  8. Maybe this dream will end now. I think it shows how strong you are that you can get away from all the evil things that have come your way. You have the strength to remove yourself from unpleasant situations. You are a survivor. Let's hope for only good things now. Glad you are sleeping well. (((((HUGS))))

  9. You can settle down now. You don't need to run anymore.. You're in a place where you can catch your breath and just look forward to a happy future. I hope that nothing or no one will ever threaten you again.
    Wishing you the very best in life and times.. Thinking about you, as always.

  10. Life is full of paradoxes. When the tornadoes came, you went down into a scary place in order to stay safe. You could run like the wind, but, you couldn't escape hurt that came from the behavior of some adults. Now, you can't run, but you have the wisdom to make a move that will help you be more free to be your genuine self. You may have a boot on your ankle, but you are still like the child running in the wind, because you want to get somewhere! And you are still going after it.

  11. the winds of change have certainly carried you over the years Brenda and this post stayed with me all day as I kept thinking back to it. I wish you lots of good luck in your new home, and a lull in those winds! I hope youre very happy there and get back to doing things in the garden and all the other things you love to do!

  12. I've suffered through tornadoes also, both metaphorically and physically. Let's hope we only deal with the physical from this day forward!

    Thank you for beautifully sharing your thoughts. They always change me in some small way.

    Good luck with your estate sale this weekend. Wishing you sunny days and still winds…

  13. Dreams are always interesting. I often wake up and wonder
    'Now why on earth did I dream that?' Sometimes they jog memories that had been completely forgotten. It must have been quite daunting as a child down in the basement not knowing what damage the wind would cause.
    Have a peaceful weekend.

  14. I know you must be exhausted both physically and emotionally from the move. Hopefully the winds will become calmer and your sleep will become restful, not full of dreams that wake you. Knowing you you want it all in place tomorrow, but just take your time and hopefully one day you can look back on this move as being one of the greatest things to happen to you.

  15. Hi Brenda~kind of a sad post from you today..I hope you are not have so much on your plate getting all moved with so much to do I bet it is overwhelming at times…just take one day at a time and remember this"You are where God wants you to be" anything you need ask him for it…he will give it to you…Love you Brenda! Carol

  16. A world in which I never experienced because living in NY you really only had the occasional Hurricane come through but with your words I can almost see it. Thank you for always opening up and letting it out. ~Hugs~

  17. Our winds have died down today. I've been trying to spray paint a stool outside….what a mess that was.
    I was hoping to hear how you are doing with your unpacking and setting up…..and then I thought that maybe you were taking some time off to rest. Take care and be careful so you don't get over tired.
    Have a nice Easter,

  18. The winds are known for Chicago. Most people believe that the Chicago was called "the windy city" because of our fierce winds. But it was name the windy city because our politicians were very "windy"! Hope you settle in soon, and it becomes you home.

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