It’s always hectic right after the move to another place. Even if it is just about 4-5 miles down the road, still there is so much to do.

Arrange things. Decorate what I’ve arranged. Store things. Find more room to store things.

Work on my patio garden. Which I’m chomping at the bit to do.

The potting bench:

Above you see a different setting for the potting bench than you saw before.

I purchased this rooster fountain from Decor Steals and it is missing the fitting that connects the tubing to the rooster, so I can’t try it out.

I’ve emailed them, so hopefully they’ll send it to me. I’m excited to see what it looks like when it’s working.

Today I feel like I was blown from one end of Oklahoma to the other. I’m not getting as much done as yesterday because frankly, I’m just pooped out. 

But I will be on this decorating thing so fast your head will spin. I have all kinds of ideas for this place, for the four rooms I will reside in. I’ve got high hopes for this small 1960s place that could use some updating. On a renter’s budget of course!

What I’ll be writing about soon:

I plan to write more posts about small changes that pack a big punch. Because lots of us are at the point in our lives where we’re scaling down and trying to live with less. 

It is possible to take a standard patio home dwelling and put your own mark on it. Or a studio apartment or any place else.

I am excited to tell you that I am writing from my new desk, which is one of my old sewing machine tables. And I’m looking out on my very cluttered but filled-with-possibilities patio.

Yes, I can sit here and write to you and gaze out at my beautiful space. That is…when it actually IS a beautiful space. Right now it’s a jumble of things.

And do you know what this crazy Oklahoma weather is up to? The wind is blowing like crazy.

I had to cover my plants that are clustered together out there, waiting to be repotted with pretty colorful annuals and perennials and given new life.

When I’ve moved in the past:

In my younger days I’d have already had everything in its place and the pictures on the wall. But I’m not young anymore and have to pace myself.

I will be taking photos as I go. But I have tons of boxes to unpack inside and out.

I know it’s just been a couple of days since I posted, but I’ve missed you all very much.

I’ve managed to move each and every plant you sent to me that didn’t die during the winter. The plants you sent me from all over the country when I moved here from Texas so I’d have a garden that first year.

I did lose a few. But the rest are out there in pots just waiting for me to give them some love.

The plants you sent to me in 2011:

Those plants for me symbolize what a wonderful bunch of readers I’m lucky enough to have. I am extremely fortunate.

As I’ve said before when I was embarking on my trip here a few years ago: you guys are the wind beneath my wings. Truly.

I don’t think I even had wings before I started blogging. I’ve learned a lot in just a few years. And much of it is due to your kindness when days were dark. 

You proved to me that there really are fantastic people in this world. And to not lose faith. Because my voyage thus far has been filled with people who care.

Making sure my little boat didn’t tip over in a storm. You helped guide me safely to shore when I felt lost at sea.

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  1. Hi Brenda. So glad that you are settling in. I have been interested in reading about your relocation lately. Our family of five will be relocating to Wichita Kansas in the next several weeks. Kentucky is all that any of us have ever known. Gonna be big changes going on around for here 🙂 Have a great evening!

  2. I know you will make your new home beautiful! I'm jumping back and forth between your blog and Judy's….trying to keep up with everything going on! What a week you've both had! Sending you bunches of hugs my friend!

  3. Hi Brenda ! Just take it slow and it will be all settled before ya know it — I remember the days when moves would be "quick" and unpacked asap. Not so much in later years! LOL It's ok… I think we don't "sweat the small stuff" like when we were young either 🙂 PS- love the rooster – such rustic and fun personality ox

  4. What an uplifting post, Brenda! You truly have a way with words. So very happy for you that the move is over! I was praying every day that it would go without a hitch. God bless Judy and John and the other helpers. God bless you and may all your expectations become reality.

  5. Brenda–I have not read back far enough to learn WHY you had to move (I must catch up on blogs) but I am cheering you on as you begin this next chapter and make this new house a cute comfy nest for you and the furry wee ones. Best wishes always.

  6. Even though you're exhausted, you sound positive and in a good place. There is no hurry to unpack everything and get the place decorated. Heck, I was at my hairdresser's house yesterday…she moved in 6 months ago and still hasn't gotten everything unpacked! Her office is still full of boxes. That's life! Judy is the most amazing woman…I think she's an angel.

  7. Brenda, so excited to see a post from you this morning and to "hear" the excitement in your post. How are those sweet puppies doing in their new home? I have been praying for you and so happy that Judy and John have been there to help. They are such a blessing. We are all so excited to see your new decorating and what lovelies will be your patio garden. Take time to rest and love on those pups. Carolyn in Florida

  8. As we say in Scotland, "Lang may your lum reek" (which means may you always have warmth from a fire). Well done to you, Judy and John. The fun begins …..

  9. Brenda I missed you and I am so glad you are moved and happy. We have gone through several dumpsters getting rid of things that I shouldn't have held on to. It feels so good to have that out of house. If everything goes well, our house will be on the market within the next 6 months and we will be moving to another state. I hope it will go like your move. Relax and enjoy your new home but please don't leave us again.

  10. I am happy everyone is in one piece after the move. Moving is hard work! I certainly missed you while you were in the throws of it all and no internet access. One day at a time…one cup of coffee at a time. It will all look so great soon. Enjoy it and remember….if your sewer system backs up, you don't have to pay for any of it. 🙂 Hugs.

  11. Your happiness and enthusiasm is bursting off my screen, Brenda! I'm so glad the hardest part is over and Thank God for Judy and all the Judy's in the world. You have so much ahead of you to do, take it slow and savor it. Enjoy the peace and worry free time. You have come a long way and you deserve it!

    Sending a big hug!


  12. You're smart to take it one step at a time Brenda. It will all get done eventually and there's no need to wear yourself out. You are truly blessed to have such a good friend like Judy. I hope the sale is a huge success and I'm looking forward to seeing all your creative ideas and projects in your new home.

  13. I can so relate Brenda! Every muscle in my body aches, and while moving we got caught in a blizzard. Not just snow, but blizzard like conditions. Unbelievable!

    I can hear the excitement thru your words. This is an interesting, hopeful time for you, and everything is going to turn out awesome. I hope the pupsters are doing well. Give them extra hugs and kisses.

    You're a far better blogger than me for having gotten a post up. It's all I can do to read my email. I'm knee deep in boxes, and for someone who likes everything in its place it's a little disconcerting. I keep telling myself to just take one step at a time.

    Judy is worth her weight in gold. It's funny how sometimes the Universe gives us who or what we need at just the right time in our lives. Hugs to you both!

  14. So glad to have you back and to know that your big move is behind you now. Your new writing desk sounds just perfectly located–looking outside is always a lift! Can't wait to hear more about your new space and see how you have decorated it. I was very glad that your dear Judy posted yesterday to catch your readers up on your move–she's one in a million!

  15. So thankful the move went well! Congrats! I too am anxious to see all that you do and don't do with your new place. I am sure I'll get some new ideas for paring down myself. You have quite the friend in Judy…as you said…bestest of the best! 😉

  16. So happy for you and how wonderful that you can look out to your patio from your desk! Take your time arranging and decorating, savor the process!

  17. Hi Brenda, So glad your move has good smoothly and you are excited to settle in your new home. Sounds like those decorating wheels are turning and lots of fun in store. Wishing you all good wishes in your new place filled with new memories.
    Enjoy and have fun!!

  18. Congratulations on the move. I am wishing many blessings upon your new home, of love, laughter, good fortune, and many blooming plants. I hope your pupsters are doing well. Can't wait to see how you decorate the new place. Relax and enjoy!
    Welcome Home!

  19. I had a big smile on my face when I saw your post. I knew you would be back on asap. So glad things are moved. But take your time getting settled. I can tell in your words how happy you are. Moving forward and leaving things behind are the best medicine for you right now. God Bess Judy as she gets the sale ready. Why not try to get some money before you donate. Esp. with someone else doing it. I'm sure everyone would have to be exhausted. Just getting ready to move is exhausting, let alone the actuallmove. I can't wait to see more. Yes, you have genuine friends that care about you. So glad that your friends have helped you. We care. Stay well and don't forget to rest. How are the puppies doing? so

  20. Brenda, I discovered you today…as I end another busy day with movers due tomorrow to finish packing what we didn't get done…and then they cart it all onto the van while we load up our kitty, two cars packed to the gills, and head out for 3 1/2 days of driving from Albuquerque to Seattle. I will be thinking of you as I drive, and hope I can follow your gracious example and excitement for big changes. Sending Light… Elisabeth

  21. I'm happy for you that you are all moved in and now the fun will begin in making this new home a cozy place for you and the pups. God bless Judy and her husband for being such good friends to you and helping out! She is a real jewel! I know you all must be worn out and I hope you get some much needed rest. Take care!

  22. I spent my evening catching up on your blog posts, and I'm happy it was just in time to "see" you move into your new home. In spite of exhaustion, you sound optimistic. I hope you'll enjoy each moment of decorating your new space and making it home. Don't hurry for us; we'll enjoy every moment, too!

  23. I've been reading your blog for several months now and have enjoyed it so very much! I look forward to seeing the magic you do so well in your new home and patio garden. You've inspired me to add lovely color to my own home and I thank you for that.
    What a wonderful Spring and Summer of inspiration while following your progress!
    Elizabeth from Saint Marys, PA

  24. I am so glad that the move has been a relatively smooth one. Thank God for Judy and her hubby. What a Godsend there! I can't wait to see everything all set up. It is going to be wonderful…and -no hurry- you have a lifetime to get it just right- xo Diana

  25. So glad you survived the move and as always looking forward of pics of the new home. I'm really happy for you. Love and hugs!!!

  26. So happy to read this post and "hear" your excitement about your plans. God bless you in your new home, and I hope you make many happy memories there!

  27. I've been following you for a long time without commenting, Brenda. So, I'm thinking it's about time I did. Congrats on the move and I'm looking forward to seeing what you're going to do in your new space!

  28. I sure did miss your posts, and kept imagining how it was going. I bet ya'll are soo tired, but excited too. 🙂

  29. Hun I am glad to see your post and that all is well, I just can not wait to see all your new things going on. Also excited that I will be able to share it with you. 🙂 ~Hugs~ Happy House Warming to you friend.

  30. Hi Brenda…so happy for you to be all moved in your new home now…it sounds so nice and I can hardly wait to see your decorating…give the pupsters a hug from me…Carol

  31. Don't rush take your time – it will get done at your leisure. You have a very special friend and stay home, she has everything under control. I missed you but happy for you.

  32. My dear Brenda! I was sooo excited to be able to read your blog this evening ! I have been thinking about you non stop wondering how you and the pups are!! HOW are they doing? I am so happy that Judy is right beside you with this move. God bless her!
    I cant wait to see what you do in your new home! Please give us an update on the pupsters! I hope they are resting some! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! You made it!!!!!

  33. Brenda, I'm so glad to hear your all moved in and ready to start the next chapter. I can't wait to see what you do with your new space, I know it will be beautiful! Rest and enjoy your new beginning!

  34. Oh, i'm so glad that you are all in your new little house. i am excited to read and see (through your pictures) how you are decorating your new space. i, too, moved recently into a smaller place and have been enjoying repositioning/repurposing my beloved possessions. God bless you, Brenda, in this new adventure!

  35. You sound happy and excited Brenda! We've missed you too and I'm so glad you're all moved. Don't worry about that part from Decor Steals, they are a fantastic company, I've had a problem in the past and they went over and above to make it right. I can't wait to see what you do with the new place, it's looking great so far. Have fun and be careful!

  36. I opened this up and saw the first picture and thought to myself: Oh no, she's not been to bed! It's decorated already! You scamp! Bless Judy and John's hearts, and hey, I'm so glad John made it out too. Judy has been such a life saver for you. You sound so HAPPY! I am thrilled for you! We know you'll make that patio so cute, we'll all be jealous.

  37. Brenda, it sounds like your move is stirring up lots of creative energy. You have been talking about ideas for living in smaller spaces for awhile now, and with this move you will be able to put those ideas to use, and share them. It sounds like your ideas and your reality are meshing together well! I'm happy for you.

  38. So, a new exciting chapter in your life begins! I hope the pupsters aren't too traumatized by all the commotion that's been going on. You can take your time now to get unpacked and settle in. Judy and John have certainly been amazing, but it makes you wonder why everyone can't be that generous and kind, doesn't it? I hope the future holds happiness aplenty for you!


  39. I've been checking in here and there to see if your Net was up and how 'pooped' you were. You might be physically tired ( and no wonder! ) but you sound happy and excited. Judy posted yesterday about the move, which was nice…we knew that you all had survived thus far and there was not any mention of dogs escaping again…always a good thing 🙂

  40. First of all, thank goodness for Judy and John. They really are angels on earth. I am so happy that you are moved in. PACE yourself. We aren't as young as we used to be and it does take us longer to get things arranged. I know it will all come together beautifully for you. xo Laura

  41. Yay for the internet! Judy told us about the move yesterday but it is so good to hear from you. Your upbeat attitude will turn that place into a home soon! I'm excited to join you on this journey of downsizing and making a small place home and reflect me! Now I'm downsizing Mom and she will move in June. It is all working out like it should. So excited and happy you are in your new place. Love you and sweet Judy! She is a friend for all times isn't she! Hugs, Linda

  42. WELCOME HOME Brenda.. I've missed hearing about what's been going on in your life. I can just imagine how much fun you're going to have planting, arranging, decorating and enjoying your new patio.
    How are Charlie and Abi.. I hope they are like two kids with a new toy..
    Bless Judy and John. They sure are wonderful folks..
    Try to squeeze a rest time in your daily activities.. I know you're just bustling with ideas..
    I hope you will get the part needed for you fountain.. I love the sound of water trickling in a water feature..
    Know that I've been thinking about you.
    Again, Welcome Home !

  43. Thank you for the anxiously-awaited update. Brenda, I'm so relieved the big move is over! I'm so happy for you that you're finally in your new home, ready for a new beginning. I look forward to watching your wonderful new life unfold. You deserve the best!

  44. It's nice to catch up and see that you are moved in and beginning to settle in! Sounds like you had quite the time getting to your new place and keeping track of your little pooches 🙂 I look forward to visiting and seeing how you put this together as well as your back patio and plantings!

  45. Brenda,
    its great to hear from you and things are looking splendid already.~!

    dont faint-:) I might even have a post by your next party lol.. Paul the Carpenter is here and working hard to get a few things done.. wooohoooo

  46. So glad to hear that you are all moved in. We are all anxious to see your new home, but pace yourself…we will be here waiting whenever you are ready!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  47. Good to hear you plan to take a day of semi-resting and catch your breath. Also good the cable folks showed up and got you back in business. Hugs to you, Judy and the pupsters.

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