The plants I brought over from the little blue house are perking up nicely. I’m so relieved because I didn’t want to lose any of them.

We had thunderstorms last night. As I watched “The Blacklist” on TV, thunder rumbled. This morning I went out to the patio to check on the plants I brought from the other house.

The hostas I put in one pot. Now it’s clear I’m going to have to go get soil and divide them up. They’re coming up at a fast rate and I don’t want them crowded. Plus there are different varieties in there that I want separated.

They were just tiny when I dug them up. Now look at them!

I guess you notice the big heavy piece of driftwood. Yes, I was so lucky to be able to bring it with me. I didn’t think I was going to get to, for it is SO heavy.

But Pam’s son picked it up with one hand and put it in the pickup.

Though the plants looked a little droopy for a few days, now they’re looking pretty good.

I managed to chop out some of the lemon balm from what had become a big mass in the fence garden.

One of my two roses looks like it’s about to bloom.

I gave the one in the ground to my reader Pam to plant at her house. After all she and her son were a great help to me when moving here.

I dug up some of the cannas that were there when I moved in. They’re in a pot now. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to handle them in containers because they get so tall.

I was just sure the harsh winter had killed them, but here they are! Now if I can keep them alive until they settle in.

Above is peppermint and golden pennies. I dug some of them up for a new start here so it is one less thing I have to buy for my new patio.

I decided to bring some of the wild violets that tend to like the shade. They looked so pretty when I dug them up. Not blooming here yet.

And here is the sturdy little tree that helped guide Pam’s son in traffic by sticking up so high in her truck it was seen above all the cars.

Someone said to trim it a couple of inches, so I’m going to get out there this evening after the sun has gone down and do that.

It shares a pot with this ajuga. I got a few others. Lambs Ear, for one, but it’s looking a little stunted.

I can’t wait to get this place under control enough to go out and get some annuals to jazz things up.

And I ordered a light-weight hose and a good hose nozzle from Gardener’s Supply. So I’m waiting for that to be delivered.

The hoses I have out there now I bought locally and they just don’t last more than a season or so. So I’m anxious to try this coiled one from Gardener’s Supply.

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  1. The plants all look amazing, and seem quite happy in their new home. What is your feel for your new "neighborhood"? Have you met any of your neighbors yet? Our grass is finally green, and life is coming back to the gardens here as the plants are finally beginning to pop up. I think they are checking to see if it really HAS stopped snowing! I think some time in your yard will help with the decorating inside, too. Sometimes just changing up the task brings some new inspiration and perspective. Looking forward to tomorrow!

  2. It will soon all come together and be your cozy little home once again. You have come a long way.I love seeing how you dress your homes to make them your own. Your talent for small spaces is remarkable. You're doing great, today you'll feel that excitement as you diligently bring order and beauty to your home.

  3. Your plants look healthy…glad they survived the move! I have no doubt your home and plants will come together…you have that magic touch! 😉

  4. Look at your plants! They are all so happy!!!! The cost of this happiness? ZERO. Look how smart you are!
    Have never been to your Java Talk……but looking forward to it. Do you offer flavored coffee???? LOL.
    I keep hoping you will draw out the layout of your new cozy nest. Any chance?

  5. I loved this post… It says so much about changes and nature going on regardless… you are on your way in this next stage and I'm cheering you on from the other side of the world! I'm glad that things are coming along in the living room as well 🙂

  6. Well, it looks like your plants are making themselves at home on your new patio. That silly tree! Now what are you going to do if it turns out to be a mighty oak? LoL I haven't gotten around to putting the rose bush in the ground, just yet, but it looks good in that little pot. I was worried about her because she looked so pouty, by the time I got home. Thank you. I will treasure that little rose.

    Grace & Peace.

  7. You touch anything and it is perfect! I try with plants. I hope you kept the blue birdbath and the little girl. I wish I could find a pre-made fairy garden. Do you still have yours? Great job!!

  8. Oh Brenda . . . it will be such fun to see how your "settle in," both in your new home and your new garden area! I actually think that it owuld be more fun for me to "downsize" to what I could manage than to remain at a house and yard that I struggled to maintain. Afterall . . . "fairy gardens" are such fun and I love hand-stitching miniature quilts (6" x 9")!

  9. With the problems on feedburner last week, I did not receive your posts and still am not getting them. Must HUNT them up….one by one. I 'unsubscribed' and then re-subscribed and that worked with some of my blogs, but not yours yet. I do hope you will continue your synopsis of Black List episodes since you've moved. My husband and I so enjoy reading that. Best wishes on your new place. Vicki in Louisville KY

  10. I'm so glad that you were able to bring so many plants with you to your new home. I didn't realize that you had so many! I haven't moved that often, so it will probably be interesting to read your Java Talk tomorrow about what tricks other people do for a smooth transition.

  11. Well judging from how beautiful your other gardens were I know this one is going to be spectacular. Do you still have your blue birdbath? I remember in Texas all the bluebird houses on the fence and the metal chickens. I am willing to bet this patio garden will be your favorite one yet. And now that the weather is warming up you get to sit outside and enjoy it. Glad your living room is coming along. Looking forward to tomorrow morning's Java Talk. I am so glad to be part of your world, Brenda.

  12. Brenda,

    I am so glad your plants are doing well. I too have a tree that appeared in a pot. My mom and brother and I argued over that thing so much. They wanted to take it out of my big pot and they wanted to leave it. I finally gave up arguing with them. Now that they are both gone and we have been working up at mom's house I smile every time I see that pot with the tree in it. I can't wait to bring it home with me to the farm. Isn't it amazing how plants play such a large part in our lives….. My grandma's Irises are finally blooming this year that I transplanted after she died and had to contact the realtor when my uncle sold her house.

  13. Your plants look really great. Maybe you can use the Cannas up along the fence some where. That stuff is so hard to kill once planted…it will be there forever. I always watch the Blacklist on Tuesdays. So tonight is my night with Jimmy and a bit of sewing.

  14. Your plants look so good. My daisies don't look as good as yours.. Mine had been in the ground and hadn't bloomed for years.. I decided to put them in a big container.. I think they're going to do better now. The soil is better for them.
    I think you could start your own Gardener"s Supply, Brenda.. It looks like you have a good start, as far as flowers go, for your new patio, garden,sanctuary.
    Rest well tonight.. Only good dreams are allowed..

    1. I am liking the living room today. Even the coffee table. I have some of my stuff arranged and a quilt on the wall behind the couch. Almost there in this room!

  15. Glad so many of your plants survived the move. Your patio area will be a great place to create a seating area and have privacy. Looking forward to seeing how you transform your new space to "your new space".
    I know my day is coming when I will have to make a move and dread it already.
    Enjoy your evening.

    1. I have my two chairs already placed against the back fence where I can see them from the patio doors. There is a tree on the other side of the fence that gives me a nice bit of shade to enjoy.

  16. I was so happy to read the title of this post. Thanks for brightening up my day! Just thrilled your plants are doing so well. I'm looking forward to Java Talk in the morning. I've moved so many times, but have been in my cottage for 17 years! Wishing you a restful evening and rejuvenating sleep…

  17. I am so glad that your plants are thriving and surviving! That makes an easier transition when things like that work out. Yes- I have moved MANY MANY TIMES. I will be around tomorrow to see what you are up to—xo Diana

    1. Well, I have a lot of sodden boxes outside that I was going to give to anyone moving. And then it rained. They're taking up quite a bit of space even though I broke them all down. I want to get rid of them before I start REALLY gardening. Today I took teapots of boiling water out to kill the weeds in the cracks of the cement.

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