1. This is some good material. It took me a while to find this site but it was worth the time. I noticed this page was buried in bing and not the number one spot. This website has a lot of first-rate material and it doesnt deserve to be burried in the search engines like that. By the way I am going to save this web publication to my list of favorites.

  2. This might sound nuts, but I also suffered from terrible hand pain. I woke up every morning with an ache that wouId last all day. could only do a short amount of weeding, painting or scrubbing without pain that would last for a few days. I did have x-rays and some arthritis was found at the base of my thumb. What made a huge difference for me was changing how I was sleeping, I realized that I was either tucking my hand all scrunched up under my chin or in between my legs, both with my thumb folded under and had been sleeping this way for as long as I could remember. Now I am very aware of how I am placing my hand during the night. I try to keep it very relaxed, sometime keeping it propped on a small pillow, It has made a huge difference. I no longer feel pain during the day at all, even when doing tasks with repetitive motions.

  3. I have both Carpal Tunnel in my right/dominant hand as well as osteoarthritis in my right thumb. I started taking Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements as well as a B-Complex supplement, and the pain from both are totally gone. If you haven’t tried taking those supplements, I highly suggest giving them a try. All an orthopedist is going to tell you is that they can give you a cortisone shot for the pain (try to avoid if you can; cortisone is terrible for your body, especially your heart) and that you need either PT or surgery. Best to try non-invasive remedies first and progress from there. Acupuncture would most likely help you, too. I have two friends that did acupuncture treatments for Carpal Tunnel and were able to avoid surgery.

    Best of luck to you!

  4. Brenda!!!
    Hello there! I a, just catching u on your blog. It’s so good to read with you again. I am currently looking for a new book and this one sounds wonderful.
    Hope all is well with you and I am so happy to find you are still blogging.
    Holly (Down to Earth Style)

  5. Oh, geeze. Those red polka dot chickens would go so well with the plates I got from you! Ha,ha.

  6. Brenda,
    I sympathize with you on your hands. My right hand is so numb upon awakening. Around 5:45 a.m. I struggle with trying to get my 11 month old Brittany Spaniel’s halter on; then hooking up the adjustable leash! With typical puppy exuberance she’s pulling me outside for her morning bathroom break and walk, with me poop scooping in the dark. At least today, it wasn’t raining!
    I talked to my doctor about my hands earlier this year. After the New Year, I will get a referral to see a hand specialist also. At almost 70, my hands have seen a lifetime of hard physical work.
    Regarding taking pictures, I love to use my phone, it’s light and maneuverable.
    You have a rare talent for picking good reads and sharing your introspection of the human condition.

  7. Good morning Brenda, I too hope you get some answers about your hand. I have been having a lot of inflamation in my hands and feet in the morning, and it is incredibly painful. My doctor said is in inflamation, not arthritis, so I am eliminating things from my diet to see what the culprit is. In any case it is a challenge to find out what is wrong so I wish you luck.

    Have a great day and enjoy the weather.

  8. I love my doctor’s physician assistant. I think she may even be smarter than my doctor. I had argued with my doctor for months on how I wanted Synthroid instead of a generic drug and he kept saying no but she agreed and in one session with her I got the prescription I think I needed. The generic drugs are not always quite the same. In a book title “ Bottle of Lies” the author did her research and so many of our meds now come from China and India and have proven not to be trustworthy. I wish sensitive things like are our medicines were made here in America where regulations are more apt to be enforced. I hope you can get answers for your hands quickly. I’m having trouble with swelling in my feet and legs. Off to the doctor to see why. Not sure I’ll get answers right away either. The weather has been up and down here in South Carolina. I’ve been cleaning out my garage. I’m trying to get rid of things and in a year or so move closer to my son and his family. I have a bad back and have to use a walker so it’s slow going but going “ stuff” is. It’s a challenge. But lately all of life seems to be a challenge. Stay well & take care.

  9. I, too, hope you get some answers regarding your hand. You read some very interesting and intriguing books. I used to read on a very regular basis. Now my interest comes in spurts. Sometimes I can’t seem to concentrate and other times I can’t put a book down. I quit trying to figure it and just do what interests me at the moment. Sure makes life less complicated.

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