Being Neighborly

Today I’m being “neighborly” and taking my elderly neighbor to get her flu shot. Her car has been sitting idle in the parking lot forever and I can’t recall when she drove it last.

That’s okay. I’m happy to help. That’s what being neighborly is all about. And I was raised to be good to people and lend a hand.

Supper With Kendra & Marley:

Kendra and her daughter Marley came over yesterday evening and brought potato soup from the restaurant Charleston. It was good.

We have yet to get Gracie to come out from under the bed so Marley can play with her. No matter what we do, we can’t get that cat to come out of the shadows. She’s just a very timid cat.

Marley is growing up so fast. She will be 13 next month. Her brother Riley will be 18. Next fall he’ll be going to the University of Oklahoma, my old alma mater as well as his dad’s and Kasi and her husband’s as well.

He’ll only be 90 minutes away. And in the same town as his grandfather, the girls’ dad.

I don’t know what he’s going to study there. But last time I heard he wanted to be a doctor.

Status Of Kendra’s House & Duplex:

Kendra is working hard on her duplex and her house. Hopefully, she can move into her house sometime after the first of the year. I know she will be relieved to get it all done.

Moving is so draining. She said that this house will be her “forever home.” Well, we’ll see. But she’s found a neighborhood she really likes.

Her house is in bad shape, but with her being a house flipper, that’s really no problem.

She’s having to gut it. Nothing had been done to it for many years and it was built in the thirties.

The good thing is that million-dollar houses are all around it. And they always say to buy the cheapest house in a more expensive neighborhood.

Just hard to believe she had to pay $250,000 for a house that looked like that. But then, as I know all too well, real estate had gone way up over the past year. And for the foreseeable future.



  1. The kids grow up so fast don’t they? I think it’s neat that you all went/ are going to the same school. I love generational stories like that…and your daughter is a marvel with her skills.

  2. $250,000 sounds like a bargain if the area is filled with far more expensive homes. With your daughter’s skills and ability, she’ll make a good profit if/when she sells down the road. Having good neighbors, living in a well-maintained area and living in a neighborhood where neighbors care for each other and help each other – priceless. The neighbors who used to live in the house to the north of mine sold their place for a premium around Easter this year, and the new young family who moved in are wonderful, just a few weeks ago a new baby was welcomed into their family. On the day they were moving in – a rainy day, I took over a “welcome to the neighborhood” basket of goodies. We all know how hectic and tiring moving can be. I loaded the basket with snacks and chocolates, things that could be eaten without needing plates, etc. I dashed over across the lawn, quickly introduced myself, handed them the basket, and went back to my house. They were surprised, but I’ve done that with every neighbor who has moved in since I’ve lived here. Several new families have moved in over the past year to year and a half, and the atmosphere around here has changed for the better. We all help each other out in various small ways. It’s invigorating to have younger families in the neighborhood now. Many of the kids seem to have “adopted” me as a sort of honorary “grandma.” Not so sure about the “grandma” part, but I do get a big kick out of the kids.

  3. It’s nice that you can take your neighbor. You should let her know it’s not good for the car to sit in the same place for months like that. Maybe you should drive her car so it gets used when taking her places.

  4. I know Kendra will have the duplex looking and feeling like a luxury house soon! Oh how I wish I could buy a place and have a contractor redo it to my liking. All of the houses we have lived in have been what my husband wanted and my wants and needs ignored. I gave in to his pressure just to stop the stress. Wish back then I had the confidence to stand up for myself and stand my ground!
    Now though, he would never get away with it!
    I love potato soup. You solved my “what to have for dinner” dilemma! I’ll start a pot this afternoon.
    It is so very kind of you to make the time to take your neighbor for her vaccine. Those kind of once very normal courtesies extended to others seems to be extinct these days.

  5. Sounds like your daughter is working hard to get her forever home all ready for them to live. I feel like we found a hidden gem when we bought this condo. It is in one of the old mansions that was converted to condos and all the homes around the golf course in here are mansions. So we feel too we got into a great neighborhood for not a lot of money. These kind of deals do not come along very often. Have a great rest of the week.

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