1. I think restoring the Fairness Doctrine would help Americans get the truth and less of the fake news that seems to get most of the interest. There is nothing wrong with truth. It’s the truth. I hope Biden will bring it back and we can get rid of these entertainment outlets and give the FCC some money to put teeth into the new Doctrine.

  2. I’ve told you once before when you get political Brenda , you will start losing your viewership. It’s going to happen. being so biased left will be your down fall. Why would anyone vote for a man for president that clearly has dementia? It’s a setup and they will use the 25th amendment soon and he won’t be the president. You will have that wicked woman. Just see how you will like the socialist or communist lifestyle. God save us all.

  3. PS Yes, I would like to Restore the Fairness Act … we should all learn to listen and respond fairly with compassion for opinions we dont agree with.

  4. Wow. Brenda, you are a brave woman. I just read several of the very hostile political responces and am amazed. We are all entitled to our opinion but it would be respectful of your readers to read opinions and not feel obligated to reply with hostility.
    Wishing you a very Happy and Healthy New Year. Susan

    1. Disenfranchisement actually pertains to voting. But I think the men Trump appealed to felt like they had not gotten what they wanted to get out of life. That something passed them by.

  5. I’m from Missouri. I am not proud of Josh Hawley. Just want the rest of the country to know that not all Missourians are Josh Hawley supporters.
    Him posed with his fist in the air for future campaign ad photos nauseated me.

    1. Good for you Susie to know this is not acceptable of an elected official for our democratic republic. There is something mentally upsetting when people accept a fist in the air. My father who was a policeman and a judge always told me he didn’t care about what degree I pursued as much he wanted me to never believe in a man who threatens, uses power tactics with fists and words as he saw how dangerous that man is.

    2. The former senator, John Danforth, who endorsed him and helped get him elected has come out and said that it was the worst mistake of his life. Hawley is getting a lot of push back. His book that was coming out in June has been cancelled.

      1. Totally wrong. Hawley was in his conditional right to challenge the January 6th Biden electoral vote. Just as Pelosi challenged Trumps on January 6th 2017 calling the election highjacked. Hypocrisy is a horrible thing!!!!

  6. As a Pro Life Retired RN. I voted for President Trump for many reasons. And the biggest one being he is Pro Life. I will never vote for any candidate that supports abortion. Like Biden and Harris.

    The Great Former President Reagan said it well. “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”

    If we continue to have mass censorship like Twitter and FB is doing. I wonder if blogs will be next?

    I don’t remember reading on your blog where you condemned the Antifa and BLM violent protests that went on for many months. Or did you and I missed it?

    Be well and Be safe

    1. I agree, Pamela. Retired nurse here, husband, brother, daughter & s-i-l are all cops. What is happening in our country today is very, very scary. Don’t be lulled in by what you see on ANY tv. They are all biased. Did you all know that the Democrats have, also, stood to stop the electoral vote 3 times in the last 20 years??? True, but it was never made public because truth be told, the public wasn’t interested and the Republicans knew it was just a Dem ploy. As far as people being refused by the airline to fly….no trial? Guilty before even being questioned? Don”t be too quick to jump on the bandwagon! They will be coming for you, too! Like Trump or not…this is ALL about the fact that he was exposing the lies of many of the career politicians in Washington and beyond. They have been threatened with the people knowing about their lies and corruption and expelling them. For goodness sake, some of these people are 80 YEARS OLD and have careers of 50 years in Congress!!!! Do you really believe you go from a $100,000O/year job to multi millionaire on that salary without some kind of corruption???? Our government was NEVER supposed to work this way. Pleeaase open your eyes and educate yourselves.

    2. I’m not worried about censorship unless a dictator takes over this country. I am pro-life. If you’re pro-life, you have to take care of the children that are already here. To me pro-life means every life, not just the ones that are unborn. I think a woman has the right to do what she wants with her own body.

      1. Brenda, I agree. I am pro-life myself but when I asked I will always say pro-choice. I refuse to take the responsibility for another unless I am ready to take responsibility for the woman before birth and the unborn after birth. There are many circumstances and since I can only speak for what I would do, I refuse to make a decision for another.

      2. This reply is actually for Connie Anzelone, and for the retired RNs who also commented. Several of the senators and congresspersons ARE hovering at the 80-year-old mark…as is your esteemed 45. As is Mitch McConnell. Please open YOUR eyes to the graft and corruption your president has embraced and which has brought this country to the brink of ruin. Betsy DeVoss? Please. And all the self-serving Cabinet members, who are nothing more than coyotes put in charge of the Trump henhouse. I’m continually shocked by the people who see corruption in the Biden family and none whatsoever in the Trump family. Pull your heads out of the sand, people! Do some research before you make yourself look even more ridiculous than usual!

  7. Brenda, I’m constantly amazed at the number of people who confuse the first amendment with business rights. The first amendment protects you from criminal prosecution if you say something ridiculous. Every business has the right to not want something that doesn’t represent them to be said or suggested. I don’t know why they think the first amendment would apply to someone’s business entity. But it’s okay to bomb and destroy Planned Parenthood clinics, and refuse to give people over different color the same voting rights as the whites.

    And definitely don’t allow abortions, and ignore the baby that’s born without a parent to support it.

    Have you heard the stories from the Congress people that were ushered into those rooms? For up to 3 hours they were hiding under tables with insurgents beating on the doors. They had no idea if they were going to come out of their alive. That had to be terrifying.

    Imagine what it would have happened if they hadn’t made it out of that room? We possibly would have seen lynching and hanging of some of our elected officials. It just disturbs me so much it’s hard to talk about.

    And none of them take any responsibility for any of their actions. Just mind-blowing to me.

    1. Sorry, autocorrect made a typo that I hate. It should read “come out of there”

    2. I totally agree with you. Why do so many people wring their hands over the unborn and not first seek to feed the hungry children who are already here? If you’re pro-life and against abortion, I suggest you also turn your attention to the children who are homeless, hungry and without proper parental care. My mother had 6 children she had no idea how to take care of. And they were separated and have no relationship.

    3. And now at least three have Covid. The Republicans refused to wear the masks that were handed to them while they were in there.

  8. Everyone is appalled by what happened last week. Where were you all this summer when out history was erased? People lost their businesses, buildings burned, statues destroyed , lives lost That was ok? What happened was and is wrong.

    1. I am against violence of any variety. Last summer I was still too timid to speak my mind. Only recently have I had the gumption to speak up and be true to myself. In terms of statues being destroyed, many have now been taken down anyway because our country is made up of all races and city officials in various states thought they should be taken down or renamed.

      1. What?????? You just found your voice??? Now??? Because these were conservatives??? That is bullshit Brenda!!!

        1. I don’t really look at these violent people as true conservatives. I think there are wonderful people who are conservatives. The people who defecated and urinated in the capitol were way beyond conservative thinking. What really compelled me to speak out was what happened last week.

  9. I shake my head at ignorant and double standard people who claim they have morals and decency. Sorry don’t buy it! Private businesses have rules and glad they have pulled monetary support from unethical behavior. That’s why they are private businesses and most of us aren’t on their boards for a reason. Those who violated the law were not only violent thugs wanting hostages with those zip ties in hand, but broke the law and should be rounded to be held accountable for their behavior and stupidity for taking selfies to post on social media. They could not be intelligent enough to think beyond their violence being riled up at that rally and instructed to walk to the capital. People claim election stolen but every judge and even Trump Supreme Court appointees didn’t find basis which just sent the sore loser into a hissy fit and more “ listen to my latest lies” on Fox. If there was even a bit of evidence they would not have thrown them out. I for one loved having used my first absentee ballot and realize it was very much needed with a pandemic raging but then there are those who feel this virus doesn’t exist either so who for four years has incited this division is none other than the dictator who was voted out. Very good post Brenda for seeing how your readers view violence in their minds.

    1. I think they were right to ban Trump on Twitter and other social media while he’s inciting violence and people are getting killed.

      1. Brenda,
        You’re in for a rude awakening this week. Open up your eyes. The main stream media has been lying to you for decades. You will be shocked by who gets arrested. It will be both Republicans and Democrats. They have played us all. Some are able to see through it now. Others will be forced to soon.

  10. I was in tears and then sobbing as I watched, horrified, the desecration of our National Capitol unfolding before my eyes on television, people being beaten, the screams, the chants to hang the Vice-President. I hope every single one of the people who terrorized and traumatized our nation are hunted down and brought to justice. This was not a “protest.” It was an insurrection against the legally elected government of the United States.

    1. Jan, I, too, was very upset! I come from a law enforcement family and let me tell you truth! The Chief of the Capital police asked several times for the National Guard to be there for back up, along with Metro Police. If you have ever been to the Capital, the acreage is huge. They do this policing for events all the time…they know what to plan and how to do it. They were REFUSED the NG and MPD back up. You won’t hear that on the news and by the time this all comes to light, it will be forgotten. This was no insurrection. Had it been, you would have had that 1/2 million people on the mall involved and they weren’t. They were leaving the area. There were about 50-100 people who went it to cause trouble. There were some Antifa, BLM & Trump supporters. It was a disgrace and is now being used against good, law abiding citizens who you probably have more common belief with than you even know. Again….open your minds and get OFF the biased news channels. Common sense & educating yourselves should be your guide.

    2. They thought their president would march with them, and he diverted to the safety of the WH. It was a horrifying spectacle and I hope it never happens again. As long as he can keep his supporters riled up, they are a menace.

      1. Brenda, “a menace?” So I and 74 million people in this country are a menace??? I”m glad to know that is what you think of me and others who voted for this President! Maybe take your head out of the sand and start educating yourself on things happening in this country and you’ll rethink this viewpoint. Thanks for being open minded as you claim, because you have fallen into the trap that you will ONLY think the way of the Dem party. Oh, by the way…..1) please quote EXACTLY what President Trump said that was inciting violence at the peaceful protest, 2) do you really believe that the Secret Service would allow any President to walk with a crowd of people anywhere, esp in this climate, 3) I am sad that so many of you don’t even bother to open your minds and really see what is going on. This is a personal vendetta of Nancy Pelosi against DJT and these people (both R & D) are so insulated by their wealth & power that they have no clue what the real American citizen thinks or how we live. Now it will all get hidden away with the D’s in power. There is going to be a dictator in power…Joe Biden is def in some stage of dementia which is scary as hell because Nancy will probably be running the show. It will trickle down, the corruption, the taxing, the socialist health care and the violence as the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. You all have bought into the party line but this is NOT the party that we grew up with and I ask that you spend time educating yourself because this world is going to be really bad these next 4 years!

  11. Wow, the division is even on your blog. There are bad extremists on both sides. Why do we say sides? Either/or? Why does it have to be this or the other? What about us who fall more into the middle? We get lumped into the “bad” crowd no matter whether you are a D or an R. I truly believe that the majority of both sides are more in the middle than the far left or far right. Senator Josh Hawley is my Senator. He comes from the “Show Me” State of Missouri. Missourians don’t see grey, they only see black and white. So when you say some fraud took place, fraud is fraud, no matter how much or how little. I watched the election board hearings in both GA and MI. I was amazed at the number of years that election workers have been complaining about the problems and no one was listening. One lady had been with the Secretary of States office for 29 years and had just retired. She testified to years of mistakes with absolutely no corrective action. The system in her opinion was flawed because the leaders at the top refused to change or prosecute. Then they were overwhelmed with mail in ballots to an already flawed system. She said mistakes were made everywhere, dominion kept locking up, etc. I did not rely on a newscaster to tell me this I watched the hearings myself. Senator Hawley did not incite anything, he stood up and used his constitutional right to ask the subject to be debated. We are proud of him, it took courage, and for it he is being prosecuted publicly. By Tamko business owner pulling his big money donation to Hawley he only shows that big money means more than my vote when it comes to federal politics. Politics is so dirty and President Trump has brought this to our attention. I am not supporting him but he certainly has opened our eyes to the elitism of Washington DC. I don’t want to fight with anyone, just want to express my opinion and support Josh Hawley as he is being destroyed by the cancel culture that is fed by politics. Some day no one will want to be a cop or a representative because the danger is too great.

    1. This “cancel culture” word is popular right now. I’m not sure I even know what it means. Josh Hawley will lose many of his endorsements because of what happened. He lost his book contract. The big corporations that help fund these politicians don’t seem to agree with you. I have no idea. I’m not a judge. I just have my own opinion. But they counted and recounted those votes. Even the Republican secretaries of states said it was a fair election. Just because someone says it was corrupt doesn’t make it so.

    2. Anyone that says Trump is a good man or a good President seems to have forgotten what history actually shows of this man. He has been a horrible human being for decades. None of that has changed, only gotten worse since he become President. I am elated that his time is short.

  12. So you believe in censorship? What will happen when they want to censor you? Take away your ability to travel, write your blog, be on Facebook? And who is doing all the censoring? Big Tech and for that they should be divided because they are entirely too big now and trying to tell us what to believe, what to think and what to say. I don’t want to live in a country where only one idea is the right one. And I will tell you now, I am an Independent who believes the election was stolen and we all should be very worried that this is how the Democrats are going to play now. Joe Biden is not my president and I look forward to 2024 when we can vote him out. And something tells me there are people commenting who thought the riots in Portland, Seattle and other cities, where property was damaged and people died, was quite all right.

    1. If Brenda begins to brainwash her followers and encourage them to overturn the government via force, then I hope she gets censured.

    2. Agreed. This is how other countries took away the rights of their citizens. One group at time. People are looking the other way at this censorship because it doesn’t affect them directly, or because the opinions expressed are ones they disagree with. Just waiting to speak out until until the censorship hits them, and it may be too late. As Americans, we should stand against censorship in any form.

    3. First, no I don’t believe in censorship. But I think the social media companies are right to keep Trump off while he has the power to incite violence through them. They could be saving lives. Second, I am not versed enough on the big tech issue to have a solid opinion yet. Third, exactly why do you think the election was stolen? Do you think the Republicans down ballot who won were falsely elected? Can’t have one without the other.

  13. Freedom of speech in jeopardy, yet for now, pretty sure any one of us can spend our dollars as we see fit and where we see fit. Some real pre-mature chest-puffing going on right now from many, many businesses who might want to rethink this.
    I vaguely remember years ago when Americans united, was it against big oil or gas taxes?-anyway, specific dates were targeted to boycott filling stations. Gee, wonder what would happen if 75 plus or minus Americans canceled everything Amazon.

    Just say’n

    1. Pardon me, left out “million”.
      Should have read………………………………..what would happen if 75 million Americans, plus or minus canceled everything Amazon.

  14. I will State right off that I am a Democrat. When we lost the last election people were not happy but you did not see us inciting riots and attacking the Capitol and our congress. Instead we knitted pink hats and donated to Planned Parenthood. We have sat by the past four years and watched tRump and his minions almost destroy this country. When Obama left office much like when Clinton left office, our country was doing extremely well financially. In each case after a Republican won we had to go back in and clean up the mess they made of our country. Our country has never been held in such low regard as now. Putin has achieved what he wanted by instigating doubt in our election process and by dividing us as a people. Whether you are Democrat or Republican we need to remember that first and above all we are Americans. This needs to unify us and make us want to work together. I didn’t believe in the tenets of the Republican Party of the past and I think people would be hard pressed to say what those tenets are today. I do know that I am willing to place my trust in Biden to lead us out of this pandemic, to get us back on track financially and to restore our standing in the world. No, he won’t be able to do this over night but I know he’ll do his level best to get us to a better place as quickly as he can. This insane wanna be autocrat, tRump, was a mistake. Many Republicans know this. Many are leaving the party who have been life long Republicans because they feel their party has been hijacked witness the Lincoln Project. tRump was a mistake. He’s cost us mightily. Even the evangelicals are admitting now that they were used. Now we need to stop the nonsense and get seriously back to work. I’m 71 and I’ll be signing up to get the vaccine this week. I want to be able to volunteer back in the schools. I want to be able to work at the animal shelter. I want my freedom back and under tRump and his stupid herd immunity that was never going to happen. Now we have a chance to heal literally, financially and emotionally. Many Republicans told us to get over it when we lost four years ago. Well the same can be said now. The majority has spoken. Let’s get to work and save America from our enemies and from ourselves.

    1. This is not about the loss of an election, this is about the unwillingness to investigate the many, many reports of voter fraud, the censoring of American citizens, the double standard of investigating President Trump every time he sneezed, but suppressing the information about Biden including his son’s laptop content, it’s about the hypocrisy of the left condemning only the law breaking that happened in the capitol, but ignoring the rioting and looting that has been happening since May, (both are horrible in my opinion.) The complaining about Trump by the left has not let up since his election, yet you want to tell the the right to suck it ? That is not how it works in America. We all have 1st Amendment rights. Big Tech is trying to take away the conservative voice and we will not be silenced.

      1. I’m not saying the right should “suck it.” I’m saying they should accept an election where Americans voted for Biden over Trump. You can say it was fraudulent. That doesn’t make it so. Have you ever heard of any other presidential election with these flawed accusations before now?

        1. Every Democrat for the last 30 years had contested the presidential election. Look it up!! So yes. Dems go it ALL the time.

        2. Bush’s Election over Gore. Dems challenged it. Personally, I don’t find any place in the Constitution for the Supremes to step in. They should have ordered a whole state recount. But, even though the targeted recount was marred by dirty tricks from Stone st. am, Bush’s brother was the Governor, the Democrats accepted the very narrow margin that gave Bush his presidency. Why? Because they thought more of the country and its stability than one person or one election. Not so with this group. Mafia like tactics ( death threats, cronies in power positions- competence be darned, quid pro quo).

  15. Your post today is amazing and to the point. I saw the same YouTube video and had to laugh at the man (child) carrying on about them calling him a terrorist when not allowing him to board the plane. Adults not taking responsibility for their actions makes me very angry. Many times they are the very same adults wanting to shout their accomplishments to the world. None of us can have it both ways.
    In today’s world it is more important than ever to have the Fairness Doctrine reinstated. So many will listen, watch or read only what supports their beliefs. We all need to know both sides of the story as Paul Harvey used to say. We need all of the facts to make intelligent decisions on everything.
    Again, thank you for taking a stand on issues so important to our country today.

    1. Well if he’s going to put himself out there and dish it out, he’s got to be able to take it.

  16. A thoughtful post!
    “Those who felt disenfranchised may have just been waiting for a way to strike back.” – I have always felt that the reason DJT won the previous election was due to the support of people who felt they did not have a voice.

    1. Where were you during the last four years when we needed unity?

    2. I agree with you. He also appealed to uneducated white men who indeed seemed to feel disenfranchised. His rhetoric was something they yearned to hear apparently.

  17. Yes they are getting arrested and charged but the BLM movement that smashed up our business got a free pass. All those cases are being thrown out. A real double standard.

    1. For those of you who need a refresher, I suggest you go to Newsmax facebook and scroll to The Benny Report. Not the gentlest of reminders but perhaps a “must read” for those with short memories.

    2. I don’t know all about that. But it’s been months and I’m sure the cases were looked at and not taken up for a reason other than just to piss some people off.

  18. Businesses are private companies with rules and regulations. If you break those rules or abuse those regulations they have every right to remove you from their business. Treason, planning for it and inciting it, is a crime and I hope they punish these folks to the fullest extent.
    The last 4 years of horror need to be ended by any means possible.
    HI Brenda. Brilliant editorial you wrote 👍🏻👍🏻

  19. Thank you for addressing this topic…. and for interspersing your words with photos of peaceful nature! I’m OK with the insurrectionists getting arrested for their behavior. Actions have consequences even if those actions are due to blind belief in a serial liar.

    1. We need to hear truth from both the president and the Republicans. They need to stop saying the election was fraudulent. Because if it was fraudulent, then the Republicans down ballot would not have won. Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham would not have won.

  20. Elizabeth, two posts up, said very eloquently about the state of today’s affairs. Censorship is a very slippery slope and the fact that private companies are starting to call the shots is disturbing to me. The pendulum always swings and I am concerned which way it will swing next.

  21. Well, some of this stuff alternately confuses or amuses me. Like the poor blubbering soul denied his flight. A short few hours ago, it was okay for him to inflict fear and inconvenience on others. Can dish it out, but can’t take it, huh?
    And those social media platforms. They are private businesses. With the option of regulating content and compliance. As are the bakeries who set up a flap over the right to deny cakes to gay couples. Can’t have it both ways, trumpers!
    What amuses me the most, though, are the “low IQ individuals”* who believed the election was stolen, participated in deadly trespass, photographed themselves in the process, and are now paying the price, all for a deity whose sole lament was that they looked “low class” on his behalf. Get a clue, trumpers!
    *this trump insult was directed at Rep. Maxine Waters – a woman far outranking him in intelligence and compassion

    1. Please do not put all people, who think differently than you, into a “low IQ individuals” basket! That is unfair, and offensive to those of us who are Trump supporters, and KNOW the facts, that the election was stolen. You are attacking people you really know nothing about. Get a Clue? you write. I am 81 years old, I think I know right from wrong! We all have different opinions, you don’t have to call anyone names to amuse yourself.

      1. Where’s your proof???
        Election was NOT NOT NOT taken away, etc, etc, etc; from whom you think.
        Americans united.
        Honestly & freely voted for Joe Biden & Kamala Harris.
        Look at the numbers.
        That is proof we have a new & much much better President-elect very soon.

        1. A much better president..Ummm, if you think socialism and everything “free” that you voted for, is better, then that’s what you will have to live with. If you think the media does not lie about the facts, then you will have to live with that too. If you think 74 million people don’t know what is going on, Jeesh!!!!!!!!!!

          1. You are very correct. Biden and Harris really worry me. Socialism kills. As a senior I have Medicare and Medicare is NOT free. And who is gonna pay your $300 or more a month supplemental?

        2. I have my own opinions but I’m also open minded. I don’t argue with anyone, and I have no problem with anyone’s opinion. I simply don’t get into debates with people who don’t agree with me but the question I keep asking myself is where President Trump’s supporters get information that isn’t available to those who don’t support him? How can we all get this information that proves the election was stolen? If that’s a fact, I want to know the truth.

          1. Watch Newsmax or Hannity on FOX. You will get an entirely different take on the world, but it probably won’t fit your worldview.

      2. Perhaps since you are so knowledgeable you would be kind enough to provide where you got your knowledge from, ie: your evidence & facts, so the rest of us can see it. I have tried to understand where all the claims of the “stolen” election stem from, but I have not yet heard once piece of concrete evidence. Similarly, in all the many, many legal cases that were brought, it appears that the judges did not find any such evidence or evidence suitable to change any election results. Therefore, you are alleging that not only were the results of the election wrong/fraudulent, but that the various state judicial departments must have been involved in the fraud too. In many traditionally red, conservative states.
        Go ahead, I’m listening.

        1. Very well said. They gave no proof. They are just parroting what tRump said to instigate doubt in our election process. Notice he did not question any state he won in, just the states he lost. Georgia checked the count THREE times. The people checking were a Republicans but men with ethics who would not lie. Democrats won and these people can’t stand it. They’ll be no convincing them. Well just have to wait for these folks to die.

        2. Check on “Gateway Pundit” news. This was published today. I would post it here, but I am “not” allowed to copy and paste it, (of course) You will find it very very interesting.

          I’m sorry Brenda, did not mean to let this go on. I appreciate that you have allowed me to post, on your blog, I will not comment further about it.

        3. Ahhhhh Robin, I don’t always agree with Brenda myself but she has EVERY right as an American citizen to speak her mind and give her opinion. I appreciate that she allows both sides to expound on here. Too many blogs close down differing opinions. Thanks Brenda for hearing us out. I still believe that we all have more in common than not, even if our political views don’t agree. <3

        4. Arli, whether I agree with a President or not, I always watch when the President himself is on television giving a news conf. I also watched the states who were questioned and was very surprised by the info that came out. I have worked the polls myself for many years and there is usually some little bloop. Things never seem to get corrected so when I saw these poll workers and volunteers telling their stories, I could see the truth in them. Both sides of the parties told basically the same story. When you check out the news, much of it was never even spoken off. Suppression of the news is the same as censoring it. That is the scariest thing happening right now. Did you all know that Portland still has riots going on? I believe 4 since the start of the year? I have friends there who are trying to get out. Businesses are ruined, lives destroyed. You have to hunt out the info on your own. As I said before, use your common sense, your “smell test” and educate yourself.

      3. Get use to it. That is what Democrats and liberals do. That is how they shut people up by name calling. They’ve done it the last four years and should we try to elect a president again, they will do it again. They hate Trump. We get it. They have drank the liberal Kool-aid that is served full glasses over at CNN, MSNBC and the other Trump hating networks and believe all they are told. Never look for an alternative opinion. If they can call us low I Q it make them feel better about themselves, but doesn’t prove a thing. And they still haven’t proven that Biden won 80 million votes when President Trump got more votes than he did his first run and more than Obama got when he ran. Biden couldn’t get 25 people to come out to hear him when he left his basement, but he got out the vote. Sure he did. Brenda, you have opened up a can of worms here and stirred up something you may not have wanted to stir up.

        1. Let’s see……State Judicial Systems or Sean Hannity….hmmmm

    2. “Maxine Waters-a woman far outranking him in intelligence and compassion” you say. The California Rep. to whom you refer addressed a crowd in LA instructing them to harass Trump Cabinet members whenever you see them, whether in a restaurant, supermarket, dept store, gas station. Create a crowd and push back at them, she told them. And many obeyed her. Incendiary? I think so. Intelligent? Compassionate? You be the judge.

    3. The scary part was that this nonsense has infiltrated elected officials, law enforcement and some in the military.

  22. Good morning Brenda,
    I absolutely think these people need to be prosecuted and I do not advocate violence of any kind. I think that there were some very dangerous people in that group that had more than protesting on their minds. They need to go to jail!

    But I am very nervous about the Big Tech companies arbitrarily enforcing their rules. How is it ok to have people that talk about killing Americans, or inciting violence against America, and leaders of countries that are opposed to the Western way of life on the same social networking sites they are taking the liberals off of. China, Russia, North Korea, Saudia Arabia and so many more countries who are against democracy are using this as ammunition against us.
    Is it ok to have videos of people being canned or thrown off of buildings because of their sexuality? Is it ok to have videos and posts of animals like dogs and cats being sold at markets and boiled alive for food? Horrifying. Is it ok for people to post stories that the Holocaust is a made up part of history and believe me there are thousands of videos and posts about this subject, this is fake news but it has not been taken down. THis is fake news but no one is censoring this! What about the porn! And trafficking of children, it is all on these sites!

    We are walking a fine line at this moment and frankly I am afraid for this country. This is censorship, people have the right to free speech, and that means all people. If these companies want to take down tweets or posts that is one thing but to target certain groups is wrong. This is exactly the sort of things happening right now in Hong Kong, in China and in Russia to name just a few countries and we are all outraged. But in this country the only people outraged about Parler are the people that were on it and have no account now. My point is that this can happen to anyone, liberal or conservative and we need to be worried. Countries around the world are watching the US for guidance and to be a beacon of democracy, this is not democracy, this is wrong. I do not have a Parler account for the record, I only learned about it a few days ago but I do have friends around the world who emailing me and asking what the heck is going on over here, they are afraid for us and for them!
    Have a good day, I am praying for better days ahead because I fear that there are more dark days.

    1. You actually believe the holocaust didn’t happen? And the earth is flat, right?

  23. I certainly hope they reinstate the Fairness Doctrine Act! The tv networks are so biased they do not state both sides of an issue if they are not in agreement!

    1. At least then they couldn’t just spout lies and not have an alternate opinion to those watching or listening. That’s what gets people stirred to violence.

  24. Excellent post Brenda!
    One of your best to date!
    Bravo! Everyone should read this!
    May I copy and share?
    thank you!

        1. I continue to read the comments left even though I find so many of them a little sad and quite disheartening.
          I am neither a Republican nor am I a Democrat. I claim neither party as they have significantly changed their ideals over time and with different people leading the party.
          Those who claim fraud claim they have proof of a stolen election. If true and there is proof why couldn’t our courts see it and rule on it in the favor of those who claim the fraud? You just can’t “say” it into existence if there is no real evidence.
          But beyond that, Joe Biden has been certified as our next president. And just like we were told back in 2016 when Trump was elected (if we didn’t care for him) we were told we need to accept it and move on with the next administration – Why can’t we now do that?
          I have lived long enough now to have survived under some decent Presidents and some not so decent Presidents.
          We have an election every four years to vote in our next president. This time Trump was not chosen.
          You will survive if you can just remember this is a land of rule and law, nowhere near perfect, it’s still the best place to be on this planet in my humble opinion.

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