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  1. I love Paul Cardall’s music. I lite this to it almost everyday.

  2. Your words are like a warm blanket and a hug all rolled into one. Thank you.

  3. Peace and tranquillity- it’s a blessing when we feel those qualities during our days. So many people don’t have that ability so like you, I don’t take it for granted one bit. We are so lucky to feel safe and content in our spaces. Thanks for the reminder though as it was an ugly week to watch.

  4. Marilynn was spot on! Those of us homebodies (or not) are blessed to feel peace and contentment in our homes. Goes to show you don’t need a ton of things to make you happy. Surround yourself with what makes you happy. Our pets are great companions and they are so happy we are home more with them! Stay safe and have a wonderful week.

  5. Our homes become our sanctuaries when we close our doors.
    There’s very little that brings my contentment level up higher than the soft purring of my 2 little fur babies whether we’re snuggled under a cozy throw or they’re waiting for their treats.
    Give me this,a lighted candle and a cup of something.
    Great post,happy Sunday

  6. Brenda,
    You are among the richest among us. True peace and contentment together equal joy. So few are able to find it.
    Brenda, Charley, and Ivy; I love you all.

  7. Thank you for sharing Paul Cardell a few days ago… I spent the afternoon reading my book and listening to his lovely music xoxo

  8. Spot on (as usual). I seldom comment – however I am here every day. You bring a comforting perspective to these sometimes trying times. As an amateur photographer, I enjoy your photos. You really are creative in your home and in the presentation in your pictures!

  9. Beautiful post Brenda. It was soothing to read. Makes me happy you
    are so happy in your space. Of course these furry babies of yours have such a hard life! LOL
    I also am feeling thankful today.

  10. You paint a cozy pleasant life with your words and your pictures. Enjoy the warmth of the fire and the love of your babies.

  11. I always, from childhood, was a “home body” I just wanted to stay in the confines of my family. I had a wonderful childhood, my parents were so loving and I think my children feel the same way about me! We are having tuna melts and mac and cheese for dinner tonight and I will make extra tuna for sandwiches for myself and my daughter tomorrow!

    1. I just had to tell you I bought myself a
      t shirt yesterday that has “homebody” across the front, which is exactly what I am!

        1. Another home body here! Probably why so many of us love Brenda’s blog.

  12. Our homes are our sanctuaries, our personal space, where we, I hope, feel comfortable, safe and secure. As each of us are unique unto ourselves, so are our homes. I’m trying to picture just how far you can throw a Q-tip, LOL. I can’t imagine that they would go very far, not like a ball or a weighted sock or toy.

  13. What a wonderful post, Brenda!
    Often times I sit here in my little home with my fur baby, Cooper, and feel as you’ve described in your post. I start my day with a two cups of coffee and hopping my way through my favorite internet spots, such as yours. A couple of times a week I take care of chores throughout my home.
    And, then I spend the rest of my day with my beloved handwork i.e. counted x-stitch, hand embroidery, etc

    I am very thankful that all is well within my home and my soul.

    All is well with in my home and my soul.

  14. Your writing is descriptive, and along with the photos you post, I feel as if we are visiting each morning in your home, perhaps sharing a pot of tea or coffee. You’ve had quite a week…several people not understanding what a blog is, and taking you to task for expressing your opinions. It was difficult to read those comments because you have been open and caring in your words for years. I always look forward to reading about Ivy and your dear Charlie and seeing their pics. These last 10 months have curtailed our (husband and I) usual activities and your blog gives me a different perspective.

    Here in Eastern Massachusetts/Cape Cod, our weather is in the 30’s again today…birds did not venture out until it warmed a bit, although the wild turkeys walk the long driveway early mornings. We usually have mild winters, but have gotten surprise snows the last few years.

  15. Your words, and pictures make me realize I am not alone in how I feel. Like you I am happy and content in my little apartment with my beloved pets and appreciative of the simple joys.

  16. Music … try Yanni, Jim Brickman, George Winston, and Enya. All are beautiful.

  17. What a priceless post! Thank you. This blog is meaningful and so needed. Have a wonderful day.

  18. Lovely. The snow has fallen last night in Colorado and I haven’t been out except to collect the mail in several days. I have candles going and it’s lovely. I have my own world here and it’s lovely, too.

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