1. Ivey needed a home and you and Charlie needed the diversion…….and she has certainly provided that! It is fun to see all the places she has used to nap.
    I am so happy for all of you, Brenda.

  2. Good luck with your MRI. Ivy is adorable.!!! I feed one of our cats the brand wellness cat food( canned cat food). I have to say she is healthier since feeding her Wellness. Her coat was dull and she just seemed like she was not doing well. My daughter suggested changing the food. I am so glad we did.

    We get the cat food from chewy.com. Also if you find the room… they have great prices on cat trees.

    Wishing you all the happiness and joy, Janie

  3. what a gift these posts are!
    and like one of your readers. . . I sometimes don’t leave a comment.
    but I’m always here. and I also love reading what everyone else writes.
    and it’s raining! and cool. and it’s all so magically autumnally wonderful! xo

  4. I love seeing these photos of Ivy and Charlie, they are so incredibly cute together! My sweetie has a cat he rescued years ago, her name is Lucy, and I love watching her antics when she flings her food all over the house and plays with it – cats are so funny!!!

  5. The new painting in your bedroom is so pretty and peaceful looking; what a nice gift! Love the photo of Ivy — she does indeed look clear eyed and intent (contemplating what to get into next). And the photo of Charlie is so cute (just catching his breath).

    Hope all goes well with the MRI. Take care.

    1. I see a nurse practitioner at the neurolgist’s office tomorrow morning. They gave me a CD of the MRI to give him.

  6. I love the picture of Ivy on the quilts! Remember the story of The Princess and the Pea? I am a big cat person and I have loved hearing about and seeing photos of Ivy! I’m so happy she and Charlie are doing well together. He probably wonders what kind of dog is this! I’m not surprised she won’t eat in the closet. Cats are just like us and we would not want to eat or sleep where we go to the bathroom. Of course as you have discovered, Ivy will sleep where Ivy wants to sleep. Maybe you could get Charlie a new bed and then if she takes that one he could have his back or else get the new one. You have probably discovered that sometimes a cat’s favorite toy is what we would consider a piece of trash. One of my cats’ most favorite toys that I bought is a tunnel/tube. Those long flexible fabric cat tunnels that will collapse when you are not using it. My cats like one with a net window in it so they can hide but still look out. If she wanted to get away from Charlie she could go in that plus they love to play in them and run through them. My cats love to get up speed, running 90 miles an hour and run through their tunnel.
    Good luck with the MRI. I have not been leaving many comments lately but I’m always here loving your blog!

  7. I love your new floral painting. I was browsing around my Hobby Lobby last week and didn’t see that one.

    Kittens should eat about 3-4 times/day. This site might help you:

    Be careful with the plastic with your kitty…a lot of cats are naturally drawn to plastic (two of mine are) and will actually chew and eat it. They can easily choke on it or have it get caught in their intestines. This is the reason I can’t leave any plastic out at all – nothing in plastic bags, no liners in my garbage cans.

    1. I will remember that about plastic. In fact she found some plastic I missed on the floor from her scratching post. I quickly tossed it in the trash, which has a cover. Thanks for the links!

  8. You gave her too long of title re Queen….quilts”. The way she’s “trained” you and Charlie , her correct title, which says it all is “Queen”. So happy that you 3 are doing well

  9. Whew! For a sec there I didn’t think I was going to get my Ivy-Charlie fix! As a “crazy cat lady” I can assure you that Ivy exhibits all the behavior of one completely in love with you. Enjoy it – (even though there are times when it might get annoying!) When I read your posts since Ivy arrived, I’m reminded of the quote from St. Francis of Assisi – “It is in giving that we receive.” You GAVE Ivy a wonderful home, and both you and Charlie have RECEIVED love and laughter in exchange! And I, too, LOVE reading of her antics and comparing them to the behavior of my own six!

  10. Brenda,

    I love the picture. I hope when you look at it, it will remind you of the support we give each other and not the sadness. I absolutely love the picture of Ivy on top of your quilts. She could not possibly look more relaxed and at home. Has Charlie calmed down enough to return to normal eating?


    1. Yes, Charlie is eating normally now. When I look at the painting, I just think of you. I am not sad about that.

  11. I am not a cat person but I don’t think I will ever tire of seeing pictures of Ivy, her antics and her interaction with Charlie. Isn’t it amazing how one tiny animal can totally rearrange your life and your living arrangements? Our little Maltese has completely upended our house, we have actually moved furniture because of him! He refuses to get into a dog bed, he has to be sitting with us and touching us. We don’t even go out like we used to because we hate to leave him and he is never alone for more than 2 hours. We have made quite a few changes to our life just to accommodate one tiny dog and it looks like little Ivy is having the same effect on you and Charlie. They are so entertaining and life is never boring and they do some of the strangest things that we can’t figure out at all, like Ivy only wanting to get into Charlie’s bed. It seems like she is just what you and Charlie both need right now, a light at the end of the tunnel!

    1. Ivy has definitely cheered us. I never left Charlie long, but he still stressed and I had to give him a Composure chewable before I went out. Now maybe I can go to my daughter’s house for awhile and not worry so much. I haven’t been there in a long time. I’m never gone anywhere more than 2-3 hours.

  12. I love how laid back she is. She has just moved in and taken over. My cats sleep on the thick dog bed too. Poor dogs hardly get to use it. Very pretty picture, too. Best of luck with the MRI.

  13. I feed my cat Ian’s dry and a little Fancy Feast every day. They both seem to do well on this and are just right weight wise. I leave a bit of grain down through the day and they much as needed. I love the new floral picture you’ve hung and admire your continued creativity in always keeping your apartment fresh and so interesting.. Love seeing these photos of Charlie, who I adore, and now this little beauty, Ivy . Hope the MRI goes well. I’m having one Wednesday for continental pain after back surgery. Growing old is a continuous lesson in patience.

  14. I’m looking forward to seeing the picture of the two of them napping together on Charlie’s bed; mark my words, that will happen. Ivy is such a pretty little girl and I love that when Charlie is tired of following Ivy, he just goes, plops on the bed and has some alone time. My Molly will do that as well and go and get in her bed and I think it gives both of us a little break from one another. I don’t remember how much food I gave my cats, but follow the directions on the bag and don’t let that little girl talk you into giving her more like my Molly does; she is so food motivated. I hope your MRI goes well today.
    Carol and Molly

    1. Well, Carol and Molly, I didn’t even think to look on the bag. I am still adjusting to seeing things up close with readers, so I forgot to put them on to look on the bag. Will do that.

  15. I fed my cats the recommended amount of dry food each morning. They grazed throughout the day as they saw fit and maintained nicely that way. My mother had one of those multilevel cat trees where she put the food up high.

    1. That multi-level cat tree sounds like a good idea. Don’t know where I’d put one in here.

  16. We also found a small round table with dropped leaves and two chairs at a dining center store and it was $200 for everything. Real wood too but I needed something small to fit in a space and the grandkids can sit around it when they are here. I too feed my cat up on an end of a counter with a chair our cat jumps to first, then to the counter. That way the dogs don’t eat the food as they have their own they eat at certain times. It’s a science someday keeping up with their needs but I wouldn’t have it any other way with their antics and delight to be in my life.

    1. Charlie gets pancreatitis easily and has almost died of one bout years ago. So I cannot have him eating her food.

  17. Ivy seems to have fit right in your family! It appears she is just the right kitty for you and Charlie. I am sure he will warm up to her more and more.
    I agree that a drop leaf table would be ideal for you. Maybe even folding chairs so you can bring them out just when you need them.
    Love your new painting, too.
    Hope your MRI goes well.

    1. I didn’t end up getting a drop leaf. There weren’t many in the selection at the store. The ones I looked at at Ashley Furniture were giant and then had drop leafs. But even not using the drop leaf, they were still too big.

      1. I guess it’s just online..very tiny drop leaf only 199 from Ashley.

  18. I found a table for my mother in law as she has a small apartment. It is from Ashley furniture, although we got it even cheaper through a discount furniture dealer. It is a small wooden table with drop leaves. It takes very little space. When the leaves are open, it seats 4 well. We ordered two matching chairs for her, but you could get three or 4. It is nice quality and I think the only one they have that is that small. I think you can choose from a couple of finishes.

    1. It seem like stores have so many counter height tables, but I’ve had them before and didn’t want counter height. I chose this one because it was a light finish. This apartment always seems dark, and my living room couch and chair are dark brown, so I wanted something a little different. I could have ordered online, but then I have to pay someone to put it together. I just can’t put much together with the pain in my hands anymore.

  19. It certainly looks like she’s content! It also looks like Charlie enjoys her. And fwiw, all cats steal the dog beds! 😉

    1. This morning I heard Charlie kind of growl at Ivy when she was in his face. I want him to be able to hold his ground so he doesn’t get run over. He’s always been submissive, so I welcome this.

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