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  1. Brenda, I always enjoy reading about your daily life on your blog. Congratulations on Ivy! The photo of Charlie and Ivy at the window is so sweet. I wish you much happiness with them. I think the adoption place is wise and caring to give a couple of weeks let everyone settle in.
    I think I saw a previous post where you were wondering about Ivy eating Charlie’s food? I’ve always heard that dogs can eat cat food but cats should not eat dog food, for what it’s worth.
    Enjoy your days with your precious furry family!

  2. And this is exactly where I think Abi chose Ivy for you. She knew who was perfect for her Charlie and her mama. That’s how you knew when to make your move. She’s still looking after you both and making sure you feel happy and loved.

  3. I even love their names together, Charlie and Ivy! Sounds like a very upscale antique dish store! I love cats, and Ivy is a beauty. My grown son who lives only a mile away with his family, is extremely allergic to cats, otherwise I’d have several I’m sure. I love the photos and updates on their antics, please be careful and not let her get out!

  4. I love seeing the pictures of Charlie and Ivy. It’s wonderful to see this sweet boy interested and energized by Miss Ivy. Love the picture of him behind her pondering what she is up to. It seems something is always going on in your little apartment ! Love how you keep decorating and redecorating. You keep me/us inspired and give us so many good ideas. More pictures of the babies please and can’t wait to see the whole coffee table.

  5. Ivy is so pretty and looks so soft. I bet Charlie is completely confounded by Ivy because Abi acted so differently. Keep sharing the pix, please.

  6. I love your enthusiasm now Brenda, when you talk about Charlie and Ivy! My siblings and I had a cat like that named Susie, when we were young.

  7. Good thing we have digital cameras nowdays or you’d be going broke buying film! The photos of the siblings are precious. It’s so fortunate that they are getting along so well. I’m glad you are Ivy’s mama now.

    I enjoyed your commentary on the new coffee table. Will you show us the rug soon? I have a small space for a living room and tho’t I maybe should look for a glass coffee table. I don’t have a coffee table right now, but I think I’d best wait until my grandsons are a little older and not so rambunctious. It might not survive them!

    My petunias are still blooming but are very leggy. I have collected some seeds from them hoping to grow some next year that are the beautiful magenta and deep purple colors that were so beautiful together this summer. The seeds are so, so tiny, though. Have you ever seen them? Not bigger than a pin prick.

    Thanks for a fun and informative as well as happy post, Brenda!

  8. So happy that things are going so well, love seeing the photos of them and as others have said the photo of them looking out the door is great.

  9. I am SO happy for the three of you! And I really like reading about their shenanigans!

  10. I am SO happy for the three of you! And I really like reading about their antics!

  11. Such beautiful babies! So nice to see them side by side getting along. Always going to be antics. Thank you for such cute pics!

  12. I’m so happy to see them getting along so well!!!
    I just love it and them!

  13. Love the pictures. They sure know how to help heal your heart! Colleen and Baron

  14. Just love the picture of Ivy and Charlie looking outside! And so glad they
    have become such great friends!!!!

  15. these posts and wonderful pictures just make me happy. and the rain!
    how I love the rain and the cool cloudy day. xo

    1. I’m glad. I so enjoyed taking the photos of the babies. The photos kind of tell a story all by themselves.

  16. Charlie may be wishing he was young and frisky again so he could give Ivy a run for her money 🙂 I love the look of a round glass coffee table and from what I can see of yours in the Ivy photo, your new one looks gorgeous – the finish on the metal looks like copper but maybe it’s just my bad eyes. I had a large square glass and brass double decker table (upper and lower glass frames in brass) many years ago, purchased when I bought my first home in 1986 and given away to a newly-wed couple about 10 years later, I had gotten tired of it by then. I loved it for a long time, but it was a bear to keep clean. I always seemed to discover fingerprints on it even though I was very careful about using it and there was only me in the house. So where did all the fingerprints always come from – ghosts? No idea!!! These days I don’t dust nearly daily like I used to. I’m lucky now if I dust 2x a month; I’ve gotten lackadaisical about housekeeping in my “middle” years (middish 60s that is). I had purchased a sort of “mod” looking glass and chrome-ish finish coffee table in 2016 and I love the table, but somehow, it just didn’t “fit” in my living room. The proportions were off, I think, in relation to the sofa. So it’s now languishing in the wreck of a rec room in my basement, where sad furniture goes to commiserate with each other. I feel badly about abandoning furniture down there but maybe someday one of the youngsters (nieces, nephews, great-newphews and great-nieces) will want something and Aunt Jan will have it. I’ve provided some furnishings for a couple of newly-wed houses by now, so you never know 🙂

    1. I don’t dust very often anymore. It makes my eyes water and I cough and Charlie coughs, so I do it about as often as you do. With age I’ve found that things don’t need to be perfect. The coffee table is kind of a burnished gold color around the rim of the glass.

  17. Love the pictures! Looks like two happy little fur babies! Ivy looks just like my cat who passed many years ago. I guess I am partial to tuxedo cats, but Ivy sure is pretty. And Charlie is handsome!

  18. Ivy is enjoying exploring her new home and sweet Charlie is enjoying watching her. Keep those photos coming. Wait until you see Ivy walking and then she will jump straight up in the air, land with her eyes as big as saucers and will look at you as if to say ” yes, I meant to do that”. She is going to bring you both so much love and laughs. She is such a pretty girl and Charlie is smitten with his baby sister. I’m so happy for the three of you.
    Carol and Molly

  19. Love all of your pictures. Charlie and Ivy are so adorable. It just looks like you have found the perfect life with your little fur babies.
    Looking forward to some more pictures tomorrow.
    Have a Blessed day.
    Marilynn and Hayley

  20. I can’t wait to see & hear more about the rug and the coffee table ~
    Ivy & Charlie look like they are really getting to be friends ~ I’m so happy for the 3 of you!
    Hugs ~

    1. I meant to add: There you go… healing yourself {and Charlie} again!! Ivy is just what the 2 of you needed!

  21. Ivy and Charlie are so cute together. How wonderful for Ivy to join both of you in a loving home.
    I assume Ivy will stay indoors and not go out. However, if she does get curious , she could be out your door in a second. Kitties are very fast.
    God Bless You and your sweet babies.

    1. I watch very closely when Charlie goes out, because I don’t want her to go outside. If I see her coming, I grab her before I open the door for him.

  22. Precious pixs thanks for sharing !
    I think Charlie and her will be fine left alone .
    Good luck with your MRI ,I have neck problems myself and I can understand you wanting it checked out .Keep us posted on your MRI report .

    1. I’ve done acupuncture and chiropractics. It’s been this way and getting worse since January. I’ll let you all know what I find out.

  23. Brenda
    I am so happy for you…….and for Ivy and Charlie ???.

  24. I LOVE the picture of Charlie and Ivy looking out the window!!!!

  25. She is adorable,I have a sweet spot for black and white cats…my sweet Bella is a tuxedo:)
    Looks like she’s just what the doctor ordered for Charlie,enjoy the mischief and mayhem!

  26. Hi Brenda, Charlie and Ivy,
    Ivy is so pretty. I love her spots. You are such a good care giver to Charlie and Ivy. And they reward you with lots of love and antics. It was a lucky day for Ivy when you found her. Hugs, Elaine

    1. I just went out for maybe an hour at the most. I came home and of course Charlie was right at the door. Not sure where she was but she soon came out of hiding.

  27. Looks like Charlie is having a good time with Ivy. She will certainly keep him busy. The cat we have now, is going on 16 yrs. Even in her older age, it is still like having a circus going on in our gotta love them.

  28. Love seeing Ivy and Charlie enjoying each others company !

    1. I haven’t left them alone yet. But I think I might go out for about an hour. Tomorrow I have an MRI and that will mean I’m gone a bit longer.

  29. The photos show that you made a good decision. Charlie seems to be accepting Ivy, and Ivy has accepted Charlie and you! As for the things sticking up in the floor, you could gently tap at them with a hammer. They could be nail heads, and a bit of tapping could help push back down into the subflooring. Hope you have a lovely day.

      1. Put a washcloth over it before you tap, so hopefully the nail underneath won’t push THROUGH the flooring. I’ve done this myself! Also? Maybe Charlie won’t be as stressed when you leave home now, seeing as his new sister is there with him! It’s the two of them in charge of the house when you’re away! <3

  30. Looks like everything is going great with everyone. I wish I was brave enough to add a kitten to my small family. Don’t know how my chipom would reacte to something that moves so fast.
    You are so patient with your little ones.

  31. Sounds like a lot of fun going on at your place. Charlie seems to be getting a second lease on life. I love hearing about their relationship developing. It seems that their interaction is getting stronger. How marvelous.

  32. Ivy is adorable! You know how much I love cats and I’m so happy you and Charlie brought one into your lives. She will keep him busy for sure. Your joy is easy to see and hear on your posts now. Love the new coffee table. Happy rainy day!

  33. Ivy is just so adorable! It is so good to see Charlie interested in her while being a little gentleman. And best of all, I love hearing the happiness in your “voice”. Can’t wait to see your new rug and coffee table!

  34. The pictures of Ivy and Charlie together are adorable! I will bet that before long they will snuggle up together. I had a cat who was “besties” with one of my Poms and even groomed her like a baby. I am happy for you and Charlie to have this kitty to love.

    1. Charlie is not a snuggler. But I have seen Ivy snuggle up close to him when he’s asleep and go to sleep herself.

  35. It sounds like she’s settling in just fine. And I think it will be no time at all that she and Charlie are playing together. My little Norah is five mths old now and rules the roost. They are such fun to watch their antics. I know how much you love her already.

  36. Look at your beautiful babies! They make me smile! How wonderful to have these two sweethearts to keep you company Brenda!

    Have a wonderful day!

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