1. There’s a lot to be said for technology and how it’s made life easier, as in having pretty much everything delivered when you can’t get out. But, as you say, it has a lot of downsides, too. Even my 23-year old says he hates it sometimes – their time is constantly spent sharing and comparing everything in their lives. There’s no such thing as privacy for them anymore. But, when you need it, it’s a wonderful thing!

  2. I don’t have my heater on either bc it’s not very cold here yet. It’s getting colder at night but warmer during the day. So I just throw on a extra blanket. I don’t like it too hot in my house. Lol

  3. Our heated mattress pad is something we look forward to when weather gets chilly too. We have ours on low and sometimes I turn it off before I turn out the light after reading. By then I am so snug and comfy. Cold sheets bother me and my husband. We had a waterbed for 30 years and loved the warmth of that so the heated mattress pad is perfect for us to get a good nights sleep.

  4. Now that I’m alone, I’m thinking about getting a Doordash (or similar) account. Road rage is so common, new & old diseases are growing more commonplace, and it seems to take too much effort to go out for a meal to bring home. I’m growing more dependent on home deliveries, too.

  5. I have not had a landline since 2006 – no one called me on it anymore, not even my mom, so it just didn’t seem necessary to have it. Everything moves so fast now and families and kids seem overbooked and always going somewhere. I do feel sorry for the younger generations who won’t experience a more simple childhood like we older folks did. We played outside for hours on end, making up games, telling stories, riding our bikes… I grew up in So Florida so the weather was always nice and we were always outside. I have read articles saying that recent/future gens do not/will not have the same creativity as we did because they don’t have to use their imaginations as much as we did; but that being said they will also excel in other areas, so it is always a trade off I guess. I try to moderate my use of tech and most of the time I have a love-hate relationship with it:)

  6. This conversation is so interesting to me!! I have a cell phone and have for years. And yes, I look at it way too often. Not good! But I also have experienced amazing things because of it. Pictures, videos, wonderful texts, info that gets me where I need to be, safety, convenience. Do I think it’s a detriment to children today? I do! But I believe cars and land lines were thought to be as well. Are people addicted! Absolutely! I’m also not on any social media besides Pinterest. I don’t think Facebook and Twitter are good for anybody. But I do understand businesses having to use social media. I believe phones are huge on bringing people together, connecting to family, saving lives. But with anything snd everything, abuse happens. We can’t avoid it. When my youngest son was born, we had a landline with a cord. And that was only 25 years ago. Can you imagine 25 years from now what we will be doing? I’m 62. My children text, use social media and are on their phones way too much. But that’s their form of communicating. And whenever they go on vacation or doing something fun or interesting, I ask them to send a picture. They do! And I love it!! Getting a picture or video right after something happened is really so great!

    Great post today!

  7. Thanks for keeping us informed as to your food deliveries…we have not done that yet, other than like Amazon, but we may in future. For one thing, this running all over to find a simple head of cabbage for instance…how crazy is that?? We cannot keep on doing this plus the price of gas is bad…seems it could even be cheaper to order the way you have. We do not have Whole Foods in this small town but it is maybe within ordering distance…
    As to communicating by texting…it galls me quite simply. And yes, our kids are super busy too…too busy quite frankly. I certainly do not consider a single moment I spent talking on the phone with my mom to be time OR MONEY ill spent…I have missed her terribly. I suppose for our kids, the upside is that when we are gone, they will never miss us as I have missed my mom and her parents. There is no way. It takes time to make relationships.

  8. Like the pic of Miss Ivy. We don’t have a Whole Foods in my town. Of course, you can still get food delivered from other places. Just don’t do it yet. May in the future, but for now I get out as I like to shop and it gives me some exercise. But I’m sure glad you’ve found everything you need on line. Nice you had lunch with your daughter. Have a good day.

  9. It’s not just kids these days, who are always on their phones. It’s everyone, everywhere! Look around in a restaurant and see how many couples are on their phones, instead of enjoying each other’s company. Kids don’t go outside and just play anymore. They only want to be on their phones! And mostly what they watch is just goofy stuff. Or younger kids are always on their iPads watching things and playing games. It’s quite frustrating! I worry about our youth too. They are going to be running the country someday! Are they going to know how?!! Are they watching how to do that on YouTube? I’ll bet not! At least some modern technology is convenient, as in the online grocery ordering, etc. I still haven’t tried that yet, but if I ever find I need that service, I’ll be very grateful to have that option.

    1. I don’t go in restaurants anymore. When I have in the past and see that, I think it’s just sad.

  10. I have a flip phone that I bought not to communicate with anybody other than 911 in case of an emergency if I’m out and I slip and fall on an icy sidewalk or feel like I’ve got a heart attack or stroke coming on. Most of the time I leave the thing home anyway – just forget to put it into my bag, so when I go out I may die of that heart attack or stroke while riding the bus and nobody would know I’d croaked until they say “Hey lady, the bus is at the depot, you have to get off.” Well – you just never know when it may happen, do you. I’ve gotten along just fine for 71 years without a cell phone and the only way I communicate with people if it’s not face to face is through email and email-arranged telephone calls. I don’t answer my land line (gasp!) phone because these days it’s all junk calls, even though I’ve put all sorts of blocking codes in place. I even get junk calls on the cell phone that I’ve never used to make a single call. It has texting capability, so the instructions say, which I can’t figure out anyway and wouldn’t use even if I could figure out how it works. No thanks. I enjoy my peace, tranquility and whatever privacy we can still claim for ourselves these days of endless cameras. I don’t want to hear your end of what’s going on in your most intimate personal life or your latest argument with your “partner” on the street, on the bus, in the waiting room anywhere or in the supermarket aisle. UGH!

    1. My daughters will text or call me and I will have forgotten to turn the phone on and it is sitting on the table right next to my chair. I don’t want it bothering me all night with frivolous stuff. So the next morning if I can remember to do it, when I sit down with my cup of coffee I will turn it on then. On my home phone, I only answer if I know who is calling. I like the home phone better because it’s only about half as wide as the cell phone and easier for me to hold with arthritis in my hands.

  11. I feel sorry for children that are growing up in this day and age! There is so much information out there on social media! When my children grew up in the seventies and the eighties it was just starting to come into computer and cell phones! Now children are under so much pressure to conform to what everyone else is doing. They have lost there innocence! It really is sad!

    1. I worry about them too. And for sure their thumbs will be worn out after the constant texting. I sure can’t use my thumbs to text and just use one finger to poke at the buttons. They just don’t realize that there will come a day when joints wear out.

  12. I’m doing an experiment now to see how long I can go without turning on the heat. My HVAC is turned completely off for the time being, but by putting on a sweatshirt, jeans, and socks every morning I’m perfectly comfortable and with a light jacket I’m good outside early and late in the day. I have a Lasko space heater that’s just the right size to carry around where I need it, and the feeling of standing in front of an oldtime stove is terrific. I don’t need to heat this whole house right now because there are rooms I seldom go into. You know, a cell phone is my only phone and I’ve begun to leave it home when I leave. Now that my dad’s gone and no one is counting on me, I just let it all wait until I get home. It’s freeing.

    1. I do have my heater on. It’s just easier to have it on rather than get up and down and change the settings on the thermostat while on my scooter.

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