1. Yes! Go for the book blog! I love to read your book reviews, and get new book/author suggestions. And, putting you work into something you already love and enjoy, will bring you much joy!

  2. I say do it if it brings you joy! I would definitely read your book blog and have enjoyed reading about the books you post on this blog, and have bought or borrowed and read many of them. My interests are pretty much the same as yours… decorating and making a house a home, cozy things, plants and gardening, pets and books!

  3. I love to read! And I always enjoy hearing about what you are reading and how you like it. I’ve found quite a few new books through your recommendations … thanks! I think the book blog is something you should at least try.

  4. It seems like a good idea. I’ve enjoyed recent reviews you’ve written. I’m currently reading A Little Hope by Ethan Joella which I’m enjoying and plan to check out today’s author also. My favorite authors are Anne Tyler and Elizabeth Berg so I don’t read the mystery and crime books but it’s still nice to read your various reviews as they are so well written.

    1. How absolutely wonderful to see these pictures and read the article. Sandra, thank you so much for sharing it!

    2. Thanks for posting this link Sandra. It was fun reading about Brenda before I started following her blog when she has been in Tulsa.

  5. You should totally give it a try, Brenda. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. You’ll get the satisfaction of doing something you absolutely love, meeting new, like minded friends, and increasing your revenue. It sounds like a great years project. We are your biggest supporters!

  6. If that is something you do, I will be reading your book blog. I’m an avid reader, and enjoy your book posts. I often jot down titles from your blog to add to my TBR list. I will be adding Jamie Beck’s book to the list. Thanks for this.

  7. I think you should give it a try and see how it feels to you. If it gets your juices flowing, then it is the right think to do! I often jot down your books suggestions (I just finished Where The Crawdads Sing, and loved it).

  8. Hi Brenda,
    I think you should go for it. It’s something of great interest to you which is important. You will likely attract a whole new group of readers/blog friends in addition to the ones you already have on this blog. You’ll never know until you try, and out have nothing to lose and you’re already paying for the domain. New Year, new blog. Go for it 😊

  9. I would love a book blog! I have read several of the books you have recommended and really enjoyed them.

  10. My thumb is UP! I am an avid reader–except for horror and violence! Although I do have some favorite detective-story authors. I think you should try doing a book blog if you feel drawn to. It’s not written in stone; if you decide you don’t like doing it you can always stop. But, if you do like it I think you would have quite a few followers judging from the responses to this blog. Follow your heart, Brenda!

  11. If you wrote a book blog I’d definitely read it, plus I’d tell my daughter. We both love to read. If it makes you happy that’s even better!

  12. I like it Brenda. I’m an avid reader and I like holding a good book in my hands. I love the library book sales where I can get a book for a buck. I’ve got a stack of books I may never get through but I like having them around me. Thank you for your fun to read blog

  13. Do what you love and it will reflect who you really are. I love books but do not read as many books as I would like due to time constraints. If you want to cut back on this blog that might also be a way to have two blogs. Maybe each blog just posts one day a week – that will give you 5 days to put together the two separate blog posts. Many blogs I follow are weekly and sometimes less often than that. Ultimately only you can answer the question, but my vote is I think Cozy Little Book Nook is worth a try.

  14. I would read your book blog. I read fiction every morning and every night in bed. And I read nonfiction in the living room during the day. I don’t like the psychological thrillers you usually write about, though. I like mysteries and contemporary fiction. Sometimes I enjoy a touch of magic. I borrow books from the library (both actual and ebook) or “purchase” the free ones from Amazon that I find out through Book Bub.

    1. I would read your book reviews blog. I am in the same category as Margery with what I like to read. I don’t like horror or psychological thrillers. I will read biographies and cookbooks. I have written down many of the titles you have read here. Tomorrow I am going to Barnes and Nobles as hardcovers are 50% off and I still like holding a book to read every day.

  15. Yes, I think you should give a second blog on books a go. I also think there are interactive possibilities for you and your readers in a book club, as well as your reviews and interviews

  16. I would definitely read a book blog by you! I have pinned several of your posts in which you have reviewed books on my Good Reads board on Pinterest. I say go for it!

    PS-I don’t comment very often but read your blog regularly. I look forward to it!

  17. You should do what makes you happy, Brenda. Somehow that should work out in the long run…at least according to some I have read, like Susan Branch.

  18. I think you should go for it, Brenda. As others have said, my taste runs to non-fiction, British novels, and historical fiction. I’ve read some of the books that you have recommended (altho NOT the scary ones!), and would be interested in your new adventure. I’m addicted to reading, as very often I read a 200+ page book in one night….thus my crazy circadian rhythm….. Books are better than drugs!

  19. If you want to….do it! Doing something new is always good for you! If you enjoy it then there is no reason not to. Maybe your current readers are not that into it but who can only imagine how many new readers you will find! Kind of exciting to know how much you might expand your world from right there at home.
    I’m a huge book reader & have probably 4K (more actually) that I have collected in my library for years. I’m so happy knowing that I have them & can read pretty much anything I want without leaving the house. They were especially comforting to me when I had to stay home because of Covid. I’m old now so I’m still staying home most of the time because I still don’t want to become a victim. And besides I love it here.
    Reading is also such a good way to “stretch” your brain and keep it active. Even when I watch TV I have a book in my lap. They make me happy! And my brain works great! I read all kinds of books and book reviews. I enjoy knowing what is on other people’s minds…well, sometimes…but if I don’t I can just close the book and move on. 🙂

  20. I am a big reader and have gotten many new books from what you have shared on this blog. I read a lot of other blogs (gardening, nature, antique decorating, etc.) and don’t know if I would read a blog just about books. Odd isn’t it?
    The lover of your red polka-dotted plates 🙂

  21. I am, and always have been, an avid reader.
    I’ve found new-to-me authors by reading various general blogs, including yours, and from time to time, I check out the blogs you have listed on the “Lovely Reads” page.
    Our reading interests overlap somewhat, and should you begin writing a book blog, I’ll be there. 😊
    I use the public library a great deal, and when I do buy books, I purchase most of my books from Book Depository, https://www.bookdepository.com/
    Pricing is generally much better (lower) than Amazon, and shipping is free.

  22. Do what u feel is what’s in your heart Brenda! Whatever is going to make u happy! That’s the only advice that I can give you.

    I read cookbooks from cover to cover bc that’s what interests me. I’m always learning something new. If I do read a book it has to be something that piques my interest.
    There’s so much more I want to do, like get into sewing again. Crocheting an afghan or even building something like a bench. Refurnishing some furniture…
    But that’s just me, so do what makes u happy!

  23. Brenda, I think a book blog is a wonderful idea! As for those who wonder about the types of books to be featured, I think this would be a place we could share our book suggestions in the comments. I am never without a book to read. We can exchange ideas and “grow” our interests. I have been following you for many years. You have a wonderful way with words! Happy New Year!

  24. I never have been interested in many books. My boss always used to say since we taught preschool our minds were filled up with so many things we couldn’t have the patience to finish a whole book. She did read books every day and was very picky about grammar, especially written grammar. I always leaned more towards magazine articles which I have always and still read a few hours a day, every day. If that is your passion go for it. Not 1/2 an hour ago, I was talking to my Aunt and telling her how so many of us enjoy our community and feel pretty comfortable sharing our thoughts to others on this blog. Sometimes it helps to express our feelings to a safe space to get things off of our chests than to feel embarrassed telling a family member or friend who can judge us. Like you have observed, it seems most of us like a variety of quick, upbeat slices of life that resonate with us. Not to say that you wouldn’t have success with a book blog and if you enjoy writing it, that would shine through and you would get a lot of followers. Stay warm and enjoy the day!

  25. A good idea to start your book nook blog.
    People might show interest I’m sure.
    My opinion ,,,,,, some books can be wonderful.
    We have so many I’ve never even opened.
    At my age, all finished collecting things.
    Also, there’s not time to read.
    Or a cozy enough (lighting) place in this house.
    Easy to loose concentration.
    My brain doesn’t function as before.
    Also the issues of expense.
    I dislike buying anything.
    Food is fine. Nothing else.
    You would be happy creating a book nook blog Brenda!
    The way you talk about them in various reviews is great!
    You make people want to read!
    A gift you have. ❤️

  26. I read all the time, always have, I think my tastes are just different from yours which is fine. We’re all different. I like biographies,autobiographies,nature books, a lot of British writers, both classic and contemporary, and Asian lit. Think books by Gail Tsukiyama,Min Jin Lee-her Pachinko is wonderful! I rarely see books noted here that reflect my pretty eclectic tastes. I think it’s a given that you should do what your heart suggests and give it a try. You love books and that passion is calling you.
    I do like your present blog very much and the community of readers that we are. So go easy and maybe start slowly.

  27. Do what you love! I am an avid book reader, since I am now retired go thru numerous books a week. lol. Although our tastes don’t necessarily mesh, I’ve enjoyed your reviews and in several instances have pushed me out of my comfort zone of romance, dyi, gardening, decor, humor and mystery. So do what you love. I so enjoy your blog. Yours and Elizabeth at Pine cones and Acorns are my two that are my must read.

  28. I’ve loved to read my entire life, but I’m not one to read many book reviews. If you choose to try a book review blog, I’ll look at it, if only because it’s written by you. But you should follow your heart!

  29. Hi Brenda,
    First and foremost you should do what brings you happiness and joy. I love to read — I always have a book or two going. You’ve asked our opinion so here goes: It’s just that I don’t enjoy the type of books that you post about, and that’s OK! You like what you like, and I like what I like. The thing about books is if you stick with one genre then you will only appeal to those who like that genre. Perhaps you would find a niche group of people who enjoy that type of book and build on it.
    My sister loves true crime books and intense mysteries and scary books. I won’t touch those with a barge pole. I read biographies, romance, gardening, chick lit, historical novels, non-fiction, how to — almost anything but true crime and mysteries and scary books! If I need scary I just turn on the news. I don’t need that for escapism.
    Hope that helps.

  30. I think you should at least give the Cozy Little Book Nook blog the attention it deserves. I know I’d read and certainly enjoy it. I’m working on a corner in my bedroom specifically for reading. I could read anywhere in my home but that corner will take me away from the temptation of other distractions i.e. laptop and/or TV. Just need to add a good reading lamp this week and I’ll be ready to go. I have a tidy pile of books I desperately want to start reading. BTW, some in my pile were purchased due to your reviews. 🙂

  31. Your decorating post are more interesting to me. I have missed them. You have not been able to do much decorating in your new home.
    I taught reading for years. There are three books that i have begun by my chair. I read nonfiction
    It is certainly your decision.

  32. Personally, I’m more interested in your daily life blog than a book blog. And, I think you should make it easy on yourself. Would it help if you didn’t publish every day? Or do the book blog some days and the current blog other days? I also like your movie recommendations… Just my two cents!


  34. Hi Brenda, Happy Holidays to you.
    I too love reading and the ultimate relaxation and escape from stress it provides. Prefer mystery fiction and am always looking for new authors! Favorites are Jonathan Kellerman, James Lee Burke; recently discovered Linda Castillo, interesting as she provides background in the Amish culture, her main character formerly belonged to the Amish community. Cozy mysteries with an antique or needlework them, so educational. Many terrific authors out there.
    Let’s turn off the TVs, cut back on social media, and get into reading books again. Your reading blog sounds good.

  35. My two cents for what is worth is that you should do things that you enjoy and bring you happiness. I love reading also and though our tastes may differ, I understand your love of books. So go ahead and do your book blog. If after time, you feel that you are spread too thin, then you can reanalyze.

  36. I’m an avid reader! I prefer real books but have a lot online for when I run out.. I read several books a week.. keep your reviews coming please!

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