The Sudden Transformation Of Gracie

Well, there has been a rather sudden transformation of Gracie Mae. Initially she kind of regressed after I picked her up yesterday.

I put the cat crate, though one she’d never been inside, under a table in the bedroom yesterday afternoon. Added a small blanket inside it for comfort. And I think she stayed in there much of yesterday in that dark corner.

And I went about my business. Just left things alone. I noticed later she’d used her litter box, which I had moved close to the table with the crate. Her food, water and toys weren’t far away.

Then last night she suddenly came out and instead of clinging to walls, she was walking down the middle of the rooms. And Ivy started hissing.

The tables had turned. Instead of Ivy following her around at a distance, Gracie started following Ivy around.

I sat on my bed last night and watched Gracie suddenly stop in the living room and begin to chase her tail. Then she would reverse and go the other way. That was the first really lighthearted moment I’d witnessed.

Ivy suddenly became a fire-breathing dragon and made all kinds of weird cat noises. Gracie followed her around but seemed to know when to back off.

During the night Gracie jumped up on the bed. I’d lifted her up there once and she didn’t like that much. But suddenly she was jumping up there every little bit throughout the night.

I’d sleepily pet her and she’d rub herself against me. And she purred. Music to my ears.

I didn’t get much sleep because I’d wake up to Gracie walking over me like I was some kind of road she was traveling. Up and down she went walking over my body, her little body light as a feather.

Occasionally Ivy would enter the room in hissing mode. I don’t know what to expect out of Ivy in the days to come, but she’s not a happy camper. Hopefully she will adjust.

This morning I fed them in separate rooms. Everything of theirs is separate. Ivy ate in the dining room; Gracie ate in the bedroom.

I give Ivy lots of love and attention. Try to keep our routine normal.

Now Gracie seems to have disappeared somewhere in here. I don’t see her in the crate. She’s probably taking a nap in some little hidey-hole she’d found after being such a busy girl all night.

Ivy is back up on the cupboard, back in her high place looking out the window. But she’s keeping her eye out for Gracie, I can tell. At times Ivy comes to me to pet her. Ivy has always had lots of love.

The kitten hasn’t been out for about an hour and I’m sure Ivy’s enjoying that.

Strange how Gracie isn’t doing the hissing and growling anymore. But Ivy is. They’ve kind of traded places.

I wanted to completely separate them into different rooms, but that’s kind of hard in this apartment.

Ivy’s litter box has been in one of my walk-in closets in my bedroom since I adopted her. It’s on top of a trunk so I can get to it easier. It’s never been moved and I’m reluctant to move it and make those kinds of changes.

Otherwise I could separate them for a bit. But I don’t think Ivy would react well to having her things moved, so things are staying the same. At least for now.

One step, one hour, at a time.

Photo in her previous home

If you’d told me that Gracie would be all over me snuggling yesterday morning, I’d have scoffed. I don’t know what changed. But she went from acting terrified of me to wanting to rub herself against me and lick me.

Hopefully soon I’ll get to take photos of her. But right now I’m too busy trying to keep the peace and she doesn’t stay in one place long. You know how kittens are; busy, busy, busy.

Cats are the strangest creatures.

Does anyone have any experience with Feliway, which I’ve read about? Someone commented about it.


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  1. Yay for Gracie! She is adjusting and her kitten curiosity is strong. Ivy’s nose is bent out of place a bit, but that is to be expected since there is someone new on her turf. Trust me, she will come around too. Enjoy the girls. It’s so much fun and entertainment with a little kitten.

  2. It will take the kitties quite awhile to get acclimated! Cats are very territorial, so Ivy feels like her space has been invaded. You’re doing all the right things.

    I’ve tried Feliway with my cats and it didn’t have any effect on either of them. But I’ve heard it works with some cats. Give it a try, can’t hurt!

  3. Great news! Gracie now knows she is safe, and there is love in her home! Ivy will come around, too. Years ago, we had a cat, and brought home a kitten. It did take some time, but eventually, they became friends. They would even lick each other.

  4. My older cat still is temperamental when it comes to Lily. He actually bit the tip of her ear off in their early acquaintance, and they still rumble now and then. They mostly avoid each other, but occasionally they will groom each other a little bit. Both cats tolerate the dog, but the dog doesn’t trust them, and she easily gives up any spot the cats venture into.

  5. Feliway did not work for us and it is very expensive…so glad things are turning around…all of your fans cannot wait to tune in each day…💜

  6. We use Feliway in our den … where my cats spend the most of their time. It helps to make my Buddy a little less of a bully toward my sweet Bailey. I think the Feliway calms Buddy some.

    1. Yes ,,,,, for sure, do not move Ivy’s things. They become very upset. I think Gracie has simply put her trust in you Brenda!! A good thing ❤

  7. I would say yes.. keep Ivy’s things right where they’ve been and don’t move them, including the litter box or food. She is like my “rescue” female that really gets her nose out of joint if something of hers is moved.. or something new is brought into HER house. I don’t know if Ivy will, but since we let another cat (that was a wild female that we had fixed) live in our garage, our girl now pees on anything new we bring into the house and she’s very jealous and still hisses and wants to fight with the wild female in our garage.. which she’s been there for at least 2 years. Gracie reminds me of the “wild female” we let live in our garage. She was wild for at least a year and we couldn’t get near her, but she would come in our garage at night and sleep there and we fed her there. I could never even touch her! Then one day I had set her plate down of soft food, and I squatted there as she came up to eat (very warily).. and I just sat there.. and she actually reached over with her nose and touched my finger. I was so shocked! And get this.. from that day on, she was my friend! Yup… she would then come right up to me, and let me touch her and pet her and I even began picking her up to set her on a higher bench. It just took that one touch of her nose to my finger and now she is very friendly and just loves me to pieces. Of course, our female rescue girl (Maddie) still does not like her invading the garage space. Cats are so different, each and every one. I think Gracie is in love with you now! And yes… continue to pour love onto Ivy and try to keep her things and routine as the same as possible.

  8. Eventually Gracie will mimic everything Ivy does by the sounds of it and will be napping with her in the tower. The two of them will be having some shenanigans we look forward to hearing about. My 12 year old stray still walks all over our bodies in bed till he finds where he wants to sleep for maybe 2 hours, then back and forth till his automatic feeder goes off. Wouldn’t have it any other way cause someday it will be lonely without a pet if I ever had to go to a nursing home which I hope doesn’t happen so I take in all these joyous moments with my pets.

  9. I agree with the comment comparing reactions to Feliway and catnip. My cats never responded to Feliway, and about half of them to catnip. Still, it may be worth a try as some cats respond to it very well. Maybe both Ivy and Gracie or just one of them? Might help them.
    So pleased to read the blog this morning and see that Gracie has made the turn. Ivy may need a bit of time – she’s become used to being the only child. They are both such beautiful cats.

  10. Hi Brenda,
    Wonderful! Gracie Mae is coming out of her shell and after only a few days. Ivy will come around. She’s just letting Gracie know who’s boss. I would leave Ivy’s litter box where it is. As for a Feliway diffuser, I had never heard of them in all the years I’ve had cats until I got Simon and the vet suggested I get one. I purchased on Amazon. They’re supposed to cover 700 sf so I put one in my back bathroom and one in the living room. I did purchase refills just once. Eventually I got rid of them as they are expensive and I saw no difference in Simon. I know some people will swear by them, but personally I compare in a sense to catnip. Some cats are affected others are not. None of the 9 cats I’ve had over my lifetime ever bothered with catnip. Feliway has one for multi cats. You’d just have to try it and see if you see any difference. Patience and time. Thanks for the daily updates. Yours is the first blog I read every morning. Take care. Margie in CA

  11. This is great news. You are making great progress. Slow and steady is the best.
    Soon they will be the best of friends. Ivy is just letting Gracie know now that she is getting braver that she was there first and will be the first and alpha.

  12. Hi Brenda,
    I have used the Feliway diffuser with success. Our vet recommended it for exactly this situation. We brought a new cat into the house and tensions were high! Years later we moved and used the product proactively in the new house. It was a smooth transition.
    Enjoy your expanding Kitty family.
    Thanks for your blog. I look forward to reading it every day.

  13. They’ll be fine and great buddies shortly.
    My daughter brought a kitten home to her 11 year old calico, Bella, who doesn’t have the most pleasant personality( she hates me) and while there’s still some hissing going on, they’re usually ok.
    Cats are very territorial!
    I tried the Feliway diffuser when we had a boarder for about 6 weeks and I didn’t notice any difference in behaviors.

  14. Oh such good news! It just takes time for the merger to happen. Gracie sounds like she will be full
    of it in no time. I love how she was getting up and down in bed with you last night! Ivy will be fine in due time. And you are right to keep status quo for her. Our poor little Norah has had a hard time with all the work being done in the house. We had to move the pets into daughter’s room for a few days and now that it’s over she keeps retreating back in there to hide under the piano where there’s blankets and safety.

  15. Gracie Mae is such a beautiful cat! I am happy to hear that she has started to warm up to you and her surroundings! I’m sure it won’t be long before she and Ivy will be the best of friends!

  16. I laughed out loud and smiled my way through your blog this morning. I prayed last night, and when I first woke up this morning for Gracie and Ivy. Ivy is going to be fine, and she will love Gracie and vice-versa very soon. I have had many cats over a 32-year span, and it’s always been that way. I’ve never had to use anything at all like Feliway (never heard of it,) and I would just do what you are doing. You’re doing great, and I will continue to pray about this. It must have tickled you to no end when Gracie was walking all over you last night. That’s the ultimate compliment. And there is no doubt in my mind that those two will be the best of friends. I can’t wait until tomorrow to hear more. Have a great day!

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