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  1. Elizabeth says:

    It is a struggle for some…maybe for most, by the time we are older and getting infirm, to keep positive. You have found some good ways to get yourself to a better place in your mind anyway. Some days I feel fine, others not. I am grateful for the good days. And when I have to deal with so much difficulty that is not needful these days (due to our so-called culture, at least as it has become), I am grateful even to be older because I have lived the greatest length of time of my life now…and thank GOD that some very hard days I will never to relive!! And one must focus on no matter how hard, our days are easier than life is for many others, especially if considering the plight of the whole world. You are a good person helping those who are near you and suffering or need a friend!! And even online too here…

  2. This was a good post, Brenda. It’s always a good idea to look for the positives or blessings in our lives. It’s way too easy to go down a negative rabbit hole and feel sad or angry about your lot in life. While it might not be easy, it is important to try to be as positive as possible. I think either emotion has a big impact on our health and well being. Great message! Thanks! Miss Ivy is beautiful as always. I hope Lisa’s ankle surgery went well, and that she heals up quickly! Peg’s situation is very unfortunate. It’s hard to believe that there’s nothing that can be done about her neighbor and the animal situation. I’m really sad for her, and all of your wonderful neighbors, to lose such a lovely friend over something like this. Honestly, I’m surprised the situation hasn’t changed after almost a year. Don’t the other neighbors complain? It must be affecting them too. Tell her to call the local news station. Maybe with enough negative publicity, something will be done. I hope things improve for her. It would be really nice if she could stay. She’s a part of your lovely community.

  3. The man with the caged puppies – neighbors can file continuous complaints. Take cell phone videos of evidence. No animals need to live In distress. I’d be on that situation every day. If the buyer is looking at the house and hears distress then turn it in as they are leaving. As well as the realtor.

  4. During the difficulties of my last few years with health and living situation problems I have come to the conclusion that one important thing for me to do when faced with difficulties is to focus on what I might learn–spiritually, emotionally or otherwise–from the situation. To see it as an opportunity rather than a negative experience. I find that there is always something positive to be gleaned if I am open to learning it. Often adopting that mind-set is not at all easy, but if I can come back to it from a more negative place it always helps me to cope.

  5. Loved the floral photos. your photography is wonderful. spring is such a gorgeous season. Brenda enjoy it!! keep those photos coming our way. Color is therapy!!

  6. Hi
    I have read your blog for several years and thoroughly enjoy it. From your puppies, divorce days, moving from Texas. Anyway, I’m still reading and enjoying and as I slow down with age and physical activity, I , too, am reminded to fill the glass half full. Thanks for todays post

  7. You are alive against stupendous odds. You are breathing air, observing sunsets, gazing into the night sky. Most people who could exist will never experience that. Most people who COULD exist will NEVER exist.
    –Neil deGrasse Tyson on “The odds of you being alive is a miracle

    1. I love that! Never heard of him before.

  8. Ditto, well said. in the positive our outlooks change and many times new hobbies come into our lives. miss all your book recommendations. Have a great day!

    1. I’ll do a post on that soon. I do say what I’m reading on Sundays. But will do a more thorough post on it.

  9. Sage advice – focus on the glass half full. There is always something we can be grateful for. I try to remind myself (frequently) that it is a privilege to grow old. Take good care and enjoy the spring.

    1. The ornamental trees are blooming and beautiful.

    2. Yes, indeed. A privilege denied to many.

  10. You’re my soul sister with this post.

    Adore you so much,


  11. I needed this today Brenda thank you

  12. Well said!

    1. You just don’t know what each day will bring.

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