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  1. I used to like morning glories but I have come to find them a nuisance. I inherited a garden plot when I bought my house which was a mixed blessing. Nice to have but overrun with mint and morning glories. For some reasons the morning glories in my garden reseed profusely and I cannot get rid of them. They wrap around everything, especially sunflowers. I try to pull them when I see them but I never seem to get them all. So to me they have become a weed! Like the mint!

  2. What does you mean you nick your seeds? I like how morning glories seem to glow in the center!

  3. I love morning glories! My grandmother had a wall of them when we were growing up and they always make me think of her.
    Thank you for sharing your tips Brenda.

  4. I love Morning Glories but they can become a little invasive, at least where I live in mid-Michigan. I just pluck the seedlings out where I don’t want them. On the other hand I have tried Moonflowers several times and don’t have any luck. They either die or grow but never flower. I haven’t a clue why. I have previously planted them in a large pot next to my deck railing. Anyway, Happy Spring, Brenda. Looking forward to your “garden posts”!

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