10 Blogs For Women Of A Certain Age

10 blogs for women of a certain age are for women about older women

Yesterday I spent much of the morning looking up bloggers who focus on women of a certain age. And that is older female bloggers who write for older women like you and me.

As an older woman, you may feel invisible when you go out in public. Sometimes it feels as though older women don’t merit a second glance.

But there are bloggers out there that are our age and are steaming right along on their own path. A path of their own making. Their blogs are helping to make the world of older women a better place.

The List:

  1. A Well-Styled Life by Jennifer Connolly is a popular blog about fashion. Jennifer is a retired personal stylist and image consultant. She is also a wife, mom, and grandmother who likes to share ideas about fashion, beauty, and all things that can make life enjoyable at this age.
  2. Cindy Hattersley is a blogger specializing in residential interior design. She also features fashion for women over 50, self-care, and beauty tips. And she enjoys entertaining as well.
  3. Inspire My Style by Candi Randolph is about fashion, aging naturally, as well as home and lifestyle. Candi says: “I write for women like you, about the things that impact me and my life as I age, because I know they affect you, too.”
  4. Prime Women is for the ageless generation of women who don’t dress, think, or act like women in previous generations. Dorothy Miller Shore’s successful site is reportedly one of the best lifestyle blogs in the world.
  5. Sixty And Me is a blog written by Margaret Manning. I saw a site yesterday featuring some of the top 10 women in blogging. According to this site, Margaret makes more than $25,000 a month on her blog. She also runs a YouTube channel called Sixty and Me where she regularly uploads new videos on various topics including makeup, fashion, reinvention, health, etc.
  6. Style At A Certain Age According to Beth Djali: “Aging is a privilege, but as Bette Davis famously claimed, “It’s not for sissies. Once we hit fifty, changes begin with our hair, skin, and bodies. It’s up to us to keep fit both mentally and physically. It’s not about looking younger; it’s about looking our best.”
  7. That’s Not My Age by Alyson Walsh says she strongly believes that it’s not about age, it’s about style. She began her blog in 2008. That’s Not My Age has been at the forefront of a movement empowering women and calling out ageism and sexism.
  8. WOW (Women’s Older Wisdom)by Pat Taub is a blog for women over 60 that speaks to the realities of growing old. It was Pat’s dream that WOW offer a place for older women to exchange personal experiences, wisdom, humor, and resources. “All so we can age with dignity and not feel so alone in the process,” she wrote.
  9. 1010 Park Place was voted one of the Top Ten Blogs for women over 50. You will find like-minded women and relevant conversations about finances, fashion, music, and food. There are interviews with inspiring women and straight talk about health, divorce, the death of a spouse, sex, etc.
  10. 50 Is Not Old by Tania Stephens is about reinvention. Tania says: “At the ripe age of 55, I reinvented myself and became a blogger, even though I didn’t know what being a blogger meant.” She started 50 Is Not Old in September 2015 and is still going strong.

How I Chose These 8 Bloggers:

I checked these blogs to make sure they were being updated regularly and had the information I thought you would find interesting.

Sixty And Me is a blog that is doing well in the money department; certainly above my pay grade. So don’t let anyone tell you that you have to be young to begin blogging and make money.

I imagine that the other seven bloggers are financially successful as well. But I don’t have the data for them.

This list is merely a testament that what it takes to be a successful blogger is enthusiasm, spirit, and showing up regularly. In other words, a successful blogger writes and posts consistently.

I think this is probably the #1 struggle for those who start a blog. Keeping at it.

I’m honored to be a blogger over 60 (now 65). It has meant the world to me to have all of you be a regular part of my life for the past 13+ years. For me, blogging is a labor of love.

I hope you will enjoy any or all of these blogs. Just like you, I love to find reading material that is interesting for us at our age!

For those of you who are more visual, I’ve also been checking out female YouTubers of a certain age. I plan to put a list of YouTubers together for you as well.

Note: I left two bloggers out when I made the collage above. So I had to redo it. Now I show all 10. Naturally, I’d already deleted their photos and had to look them all up again. Sorry!


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  1. I’m going to make some time later today to go through these links. Thank you so much for putting together this list! One that I found recently is called Getting On Travel, which is written for and by women over 50 who like to travel.

  2. What a fun list, Brenda! I can’t wait to check these ladies out…being in the “older woman” club now myself. I read a lot of blogs, but I really enjoy the ones from women I can relate to…thanks!

  3. I absolutely love your blog and have for years. I have visited some of the blogs you recommended even before today. They are great and inspiring. I am 76 and facing issues of ageing in other areas. I found a wonderful blog written by a super smart lady of 100 years of age. It’s called Engaging With Aging. https://engagingwithagingblog.wordpress.com. It’s much different than the others, but it’s positive and engaging. Keep posting your recommendations. Sandra

  4. Thanks so much for the research and the great list. I do like the content on Sixty and Me – I like a variety of things in a lifestyle blog from recipes to home dec and garden ideas, to books and health. I have seen some of these blogs over the years but currently do not subscribe to any on the list. That all being said, I think your blog is as good or better than any on this list:)

  5. Thanks for the list, Brenda. I love blogs by older women. I am thrilled to think some of them are making a living at it!
    I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday. xo Diana

  6. Thank you for researching these blogs and sharing them with us. I’ll be looking them all up and I’m sure I’ll find many new to me blogs to follow!

  7. Thanks for compiling this list for us. I’m now officially in the “older woman” club, having just turned 60 this August. A friend recommended Sixty and Me to me recently and I get her daily emails that have posts to articles that us older women might be interested in. Will be checking out the others you listed.

  8. Hello Brenda,
    Thank you so much for researching the bloggers. I look forward to checking them out. You are appreciated!

  9. Wow Brenda,
    thank you for this list! I’m sure it was a lot of work.
    I appreciate you and your blog. Currently the only one I am reading.

    1. I managed to leave two photos out, so had to redo the post with another collage and change the number of bloggers from 8 to 10. I don’t know how I managed to get that so mixed up.

  10. I follow A Well Styled Life and I’m looking forward to checking out the others you have listed! Thank you for posting them!

  11. This list looks great, Brenda, thank you. I’m sure I will enjoy reading all of them too. Looking forward to your you tube list as well.

  12. Thanks for the list of bloggers today. So hard to find blogs of interest and this list is great. I already am reading a couple of them for a few years but glad to add a few more to my list. And you have found some interesting ones for us older women.

  13. I am definitely going to spend some time reading each and every one you’ve referenced. Thank you so much for taking the time to search and make a list.
    Enjoy your day, Brenda. I’m headed out to run a couple of errands and I hope they don’t take too long. LOL

  14. Brenda,
    Thank you for your hard work in putting together this list. Thought you might like to know the link for number 1 on your list, A Well-Styled Life, goes to number 2, Cindy Hattersley.

  15. I will definitely check out the rest, but here is a plug for Sixty and Me! It has a slew of wonderful articles and is very much updated all the time! It’s one of my every morning go-to’s along with yours!!!! So YES to that one!

  16. I love to checkout the bloggers you showcase on your blog,I just enjoy reading about different lifestyles,decorating styles and places I’ll probably never get too.
    I think we’re very different than our generations that came before,who really had a kind of “cookie cutter” existence, kept homemaker skills pretty much the same,treated husbands with extreme difference, no one worked outside the home,even dressing up to go grocery shopping seemed to be the norm.

    1. I love to find them too. I spend a good amount of time scouring the internet for new-to-me blogs. When I first began this blog, I used to have Friday’s Welcome Wagon, where I shared new blog links to get them out there.

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