Rock Star Mom On YouTube

Lately, I’ve been watching a YouTube channel called Rock Star Mom. I have no idea how I came across it, but it’s fun to watch.

We older women have to find stand-out women of a certain age where we can find them!

Patti is 79, and it looks like she’s had her YouTube channel for about 9 years. I’m learning to navigate YouTube and subscribing to channels right now, and hers is one of them.

Some of Patti’s videos are called “Get Ready With Me.” She puts rollers in her hair and does her makeup. All the while chatting about this and that.

In Rock Star Mom On YouTube, 79 year old Patti shows older women how to make themselves look beautiful.

She also does videos on other topics that bring in her nearly 200,000 followers.

Derek W From London:

At the end of one of her videos was a comment by a man in his 40s watching from London:

“I’m a 49-year-old guy watching from London. I’m not here for the make-up and the hair, but for your positivity and outlook on life. I think I’m now addicted to your videos, they can literally make me cry with happiness. You’re an inspiration.”

Here is the video Derek left his comment on.

There’s something about Patti, who comes across like she’s talking to her best friend or neighbor, that is really appealing.

Patti The Rock Star Mom On YouTube:

Patti seems comfortable showing up in her pajamas with her hair wrapped in a towel. It’s obvious she loves doing these videos, and I guess that’s part of what makes it fun to watch.

Her house is not magazine-worthy in her videos. You can sometimes see laundry on the floor or something similar. It doesn’t seem to bother her so it doesn’t bother anyone else I suppose.

Her husband Jim, who is the cook of the family, also does cooking videos here and there.

Anyway, go check out Rock Star Mom (rxsmom) videos on YouTube and let me know what you think.


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  1. You’ve got me hooked. I’ve watched several of her videos today. Didn’t get too much else done!

  2. Well she is very interesting to watch. I subscribed to catch some more. I enjoyed her move from the condo to the house most of all as I am not into makeup.

  3. Like I said before, if you want to see a hardworking lady with beautiful scenery, animals , flowers and cooking, look up Country Life Vlog on YouTube. It’s so relaxing and beautiful where they live in their country .

  4. I watched her video. She’s looks really good for her age. And she was very nice and positive. I wasn’t able to find a description box or the subscribe button though.

    1. Hm. Well, I went over there and I’m already subscribed, so it shows that. I would think you could go to any of her videos and it should be right underneath.

  5. Wow Brenda thanks for introducing us to Rock Star Mum. I loved the video; I watched it and will watch some of her others too. She is fabulous, I would love to have that face transformation for myself, not for everyday of course but for some occasions. I can’t use most of what she uses as I like to stick to vegan cosmetics, but I am sure I can find similar alternatives. Her hair is lovely, mine is short, I don’t think I could cope with long hair again. Mine I just wash and wear and it looks good because I have (at last) a hairdresser who does a great job.

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