1. That is my biggest fear when I walk my little dog. Always so afraid she’ll be attacked…..here in Canada its not optional if a dog bites it has to be reported and the dog is checked for rabies. I hope Kinzi will be ok but I’m sure he’ll be very apprehensive being around big dogs from now on.

  2. Oh my, how horrifying! I hope all recover fully, and that wall goes up soon. I know the terror of your dog being attacked by another – my came within inches a few years ago, A woman was walking two large dogs, and one started coming after mine but fortunately the leash the other dog was on was just a little too short. The woman wasn’t strong enough to control her dogs. I screamed so loud, you could have heard me in Tulsa.

  3. Where I live if a pit bull comes at people or their pets you have the right to shoot them. Has happened here many times. No charges you have the right to defend yourself. If you call the police on stray dogs they are aggressive the police has shot them on the spot. These types of dogs are always owned by irresponsible people.

  4. OMG!! That is terrifying! Poor little Kinzi and Lisa! Thank God they are both ok, after such a vicious attack! It was good of you to inform all your neighbors. I couldn’t imagine that happening to my dog either. The owner of the pit bulls is VERY lucky Lisa isn’t pressing charges! Had it been almost anyone else, they probably would have. She should, at the very least, offer to pay for all of their doctor/vet bills and fix her wall or fence immediately! My God, can you imagine if both of the dogs attacked them? She was lucky someone responded to help so fast. I’m not even sure how I’d stop a pit bull attack. How did they get the dog to let go? I just read through all the comments, and I see the dog owner is definately paying for all the medical expenses. That’s good. She should be.

  5. Holy cow, how terrified your friend and her little dog must have been, to be attacked out of the blue like that in an area where they always walked safely before. I am a dog lover, but those pit bulls attacked a dog AND a person causing injuries to both. They will do it again if they get the chance. They both need to be put down. It is sad, but the City needs to do this if it is allowed by state or municipal laws. Of all dog breeds, pit bulls are the most likely to be aggressive and easily agitated to attacking other animals and people. If you do an online search for “woman killed by dogs” you will be shocked by how many incidents occur each year.

  6. That’s terrible, it’s happened in our neighborhood too many times, as well. People walking their dogs on leashes, get attacked by dogs on the loose, sometimes with devastating consequences for the pets and their people…and costly ones. One neighbor told us that it cost her $15k to have her little one put back together. I hope your friend and her pup recovery quickly.

  7. Oh my gosh I am glad it was nipped in the bud because things could have gone very bad for both of them. A dog owner who would lets two pit bulls be unleashed in any open area, for any reason, is irresponsible and should not own pets, and especially dogs that can become aggressive. Plain and simple. In some states the dog(s) would be euthanized if a human is attacked. The owners are very lucky because this end result could have been much, much worse and even fatal.

  8. This is horrifying. I’m so sorry for your neighbor and her dog. Here in IL, medical staff are required to report any animal bites to the county authorities. I’ve been bitten twice by cats – once by my friend’s cat when I was cat-sitting (left puncture wounds on my leg from its fangs, so I had to go to Urgent Care – they legally had to report it) and another time by a stray cat that wandered into my yard when I was gardening. Again, on to Urgent care for puncture wounds and deep scratches and they had to report it. Both times the cats had to be quarantined to check for rabies. I don’t know what the laws are in your state, but your neighbor will probably be finding out.

    Why did the owner of the pit bulls have them out in the back yard if there was no fence?!

    1. That’s a great question! What the heck were they thinking?!! I don’t know what the laws are there, but if the dogs are required to be put down, I’ll bet the ownee will be regretting that stupid decision! Lisa was very kind to not press charges.

  9. When I had my little havanese neutered, I used a pool noodle instead of a cone. I cut the noodle in to about 1 -2 inch slices and then strung the pieces through a ribbon and tied it around his neck. He could sleep more comfortably and didn’t run in to things with the cone on.

    I hope Lisa and her little dog will be ok.

  10. I heard a quote on TV about dangerous dog breeds. It went something like this:
    “They are safe and gentle, until they are not.”

  11. My mom’s little five pound Yorkie bit her and she had to go to the doctor. The next day the dog warden showed up about the bite. He looked at her dog and said “never mind”.
    On another hand, pit bulls and similar breeds can become aggressive no matter how gentle they are. I think what happened to your neighbor is just awful. The dogs owners will have to pay the expenses. Prayers for all of you as you go through this.

    1. Yes, they’re paying the expenses. It was a male and a female and it was the male that attacked them.

  12. Any dog that attacks other dogs may eventually attack people. Sorry, I feel if the pits attacked the lady, their time is up. She needs to let the authorities deal with this. The main problem with pit owners is so many of them are very poor caretakers of something as dangerous as a loaded pistol. So very sorry for your neighbor!! At the least those dogs need to be boarded securely someplace while their fence is fixed. Seems the apt complex should be able to help deal with this issue as it occured on their land.

      1. Thrilled the apt management is going to install a fence!

  13. This is horrible for all involved…we had a neighbor dog attack our dog once a long time ago…because I was right there he did not open his chest…but I had to use force to get the dog off mine…it was so scary…we also had a neighbor dog come through the screen to get to our dog…but we quickly got her out of here…her owner could not believe she would do that…she refused to leash her dog when walking…these dogs are all gone now…hope Lisa and her baby will be ok…this cannot happen to anyone else…blessings to all💕

    1. The woman said they got away from her. Still, they’re her responsibility. And if your fence is down, you’d better be vigilant.

  14. Brenda I am sure you are upset about this awful news. You are a good neighbor and I’m sure Lisa is comforted by you visiting. Prayers for all.

    1. She’s brought Kinzi over several times because Kinzi loves to come here. I give her treats and talk to her in all kinds of high-pitched baby voices and she loves that.

  15. Doctors here are required to report bites so there is always a follow up with the owners. No one can seek care and not expect it to be taken care without proper paperwork if infection or even more serious is a consequence. I feel so sad for that poor little dog who probably trusted these dogs and then mangled and bitten by them. I hope he recovers and Lisa doesn’t need a lot of medical care herself. Thanks for letting us know that your neighbors needed help and sounds like the policeman acted quickly to save them before something worse resulted.

    1. Actually I just found out that Lisa got the dogs away from the both of them before the policeman came out. She got Kinzi up over her shoulder. It was the policeman’s baby sitter who caught one dog. The owner who was driving around looking for them captured the other one. And once the policeman came out, he called for police who were in the area, so two came.

  16. That’s awful!!! And so scary! It may not be an option for Kinzi, but some of my friends have used baby/toddler pajamas to keep a dog from getting to the wound. Then they don’t have to wear the cone. Just a thought. I hope the attacker dogs are up to date on their vaccinations. I know Lisa doesn’t want the dogs euthanized. And, I know she also doesn’t want this to happen to any other humans or beloved pets. I hope the police at least reported it to the local animal authorities… I know not all pit bulls are bad. Molly has a pit bull friend who is the sweetest pup ever and is a certified therapy dog like she is. And, scary dogs should never be able to be out on the streets alone. Just my two cents!

      1. Lisa said she already asked the vet if she got the baby pajamas would Kinzi still have to wear the cone, and the vet wants the cone on her. Maybe because of the tubes sticking out of her back.

  17. I believe the pit bull’s owner would have been held responsible for both little Kinzi and her mommy’s injuries. police would have picked them up regardless. And would have been held for days if not put to sleep. I will be praying for both of them.

  18. What a dangerous experience!
    Prayers for all involved to recover completely

  19. So incredibly frightening for Lisa and Kinzi. I hope they both heal quickly. Healing thoughts and prayers for both and the owner of the pit bulls.
    When I walk my little Cooper in the evening I keep him on a very short leash because it’s very difficult to see what might be lurking.
    Keeping all affected in my thoughts!

  20. I’ll be praying for your friend! It seems your not safe anywhere.

  21. Prayers for your friend and her dog! I pray both will be ok. You just never know now where it is safe to walk your dogs or yourself, for that matter. I’m so glad the policeman was nearby enough to help.

    1. I told her she shouldn’t be taking Kinzi so far around the complex. Maybe just walk her round and round this little group of apartments we four residents live in.

  22. In my area, it doesn’t matter if you press charges or not. If you or a pet is attacked by a dog, the law takes over.
    I found this out when I was badly bitten by a German Shepherd walking by me with their owner and went to the urgent care to get stitched up. I didn’t want to report it to the police but the doctor reported it and said he was required to report it in cases of dog bites.

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