A few flowers are blooming again. We had a brief respite of cooler air. But now it’s pretty hot again and I fear the flowers will retreat.

Ah, but you can’t question nature’s time table. You just have to enjoy it when you can and wait for it once it’s gone for the season.

This morning as I ate my cereal I was gazing out the French doors and saw a male cardinal come to drink from the bird bath.

Not a great photo I’m afraid. Taken through the glass of the doors. I was surprised the less colorful female wasn’t right behind him. But I never saw her.

I’ve always had a cardinal couple visit my patio. But this summer they’ve been missing.

Look what I found on the coffee table.

I don’t know if Ivy put it there for safekeeping or she’s trying to help me decorate the coffee table.

I watched Charlie out on the patio this morning and you could scarcely tell that his back legs are problematic for him. Did my heart good. Worth every penny I have to spend to keep my Charlie Boy pain free and happy.

For some reason I couldn’t settle on a Netflix show last night. I didn’t see any of the ones you guys have mentioned. Maybe I didn’t scroll long enough.

Then I tried to read. But I couldn’t find a book that tantalized me. After reading a few chapters of one and a few pages of another, I decided to put my Kindle down for the night and go to bed a little bit early.

Hard to believe that September will be over in just a few weeks and October and Halloween will be upon us.

I have not felt like decorating for fall. If I don’t feel it, I don’t do it. It’s supposed to be fun. And if it’s a chore, it isn’t worth doing.

This is the time to purchase a few more annuals for fall color. I bought these two coleus plants for half price the other day.

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  1. I haven’t put out my fall decorations yet, either. We have been having days in the 90s and it just hasn’t felt like time to put out my fall colors. I love the pop of color that Ivy added to your coffee table! Reminds me of our Mochi and his leaving his items throughout the house~lol! Enjoy all of your lovely blooms as long as nature allows, they are beautiful! Hope your day is sweet!

  2. Hi Brenda, Love your Ivy and Charlie stories.. Is your hardy gardenia still living? I want to get one if so. Having grown up in Fla they are one of my favorites. We live in Mo now, about three hours east of you. I greatly admire your gardening and decorating skills.

  3. So happy that Charlie is walking pain free. He’s a pretty special guy to so many of us… even if we love him from afar , he’s greatly loved.
    Ivy is like her Mom just a decorator at heart !
    I’m not into decorating for autumn either and I know it’s this darn heat. At the grocery store they had the most beautiful pumpkins but it would rot so quickly in this heat that I walked on and left them there. So wanted to buy a few but the practical in me took over. I hope these high temps give way to cooler more restful temperatures for all of the country soon.

  4. I have a basket of fall flowers on the front door, and inside the house, all I’ve done is put a quilt in fall colors on our bed as a bedspread. But I did buy some pumpkin cookies and some candy corn, and have been baking a lot of sweet potatoes to go with our suppers. I guess I am more into the flavors of fall than the decor of fall! I will get out some Halloween things when October gets here.

  5. It makes me so happy when you talk about Charlie feeling better. I know what it is like to have an older pet and not know what to do to make them feel better.

    I feel that same way about decorating. ITs so hot here. I did get my mini-white pumpkins and two large green ones before they are all gone though.

  6. Great news about Charlie. I spent so much money at the vet last week. But we love our babies. Eddie’s back flared up really bad. He’s doing much better now. We just want them comfortable.

  7. Happy to hear Charlie is doing well,must be making your heart sing!
    Maybe Miss Ivy Lou is putting her touch on the place(kidding),we know cats,they do let us live in our homes?
    Enjoy the sunshine,it’s still odd here in N.Y.S.,we’re getting sunshine filled days but the nights are getting quite chilly,I’m all for it,I don’t enjoy the heat.

    1. When I think of pillows I often think of you. Because you only buy pillow covers and inserts and swap them out. Don’t know why I didn’t figure out that was the best way sooner.

  8. It has been so hot in my part of Texas. I can’t get the incentive for Fall decorating if it still looks and feels like summer.

  9. I am with you with the Fall decorating…maybe its the hot weather that gives us no pumpkin bliss. The first snap of cool..it usually will inspire me. Your colorful sofa pillows look pretty, and so glad your furbabies are feeling happy.

      1. wow..I love your blue Bath…it is so pretty… (especially with the Cardinal). I saw a lone Monarch on my declining butterfly bush over the weekend…I almost felt sorry for it..thinking is it all alone to fend for itself..where is everyone..gone already? I am going to google and read up on when they go away.. Have a lovely week. I love “God’s coloring book”…

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