For Mother’s Day, my daughters ordered two new couch pillow covers for my couch. I picked them out on Etsy. They have more of a French cottage style to them I think. Plus they look good with my window curtains.

This makes the room look more eclectic, which is an easygoing style.

I looked for the same pillow covers on Etsy to provide you with a link, but I couldn’t find the same ones they ordered for me. But here’s one that’s pretty close if you like toile fabric.

DECORATING TIP: Adding a bit of toile fabric to a room gives it a bit of elegance.

Beige couch with boho accessories. French country red and beige couch pillow covers

The other new decorative thing in my living room is a $70 rug I ordered from Amazon. It is just over 5 feet by 7 feet.

DECORATING TIP: Neutral colored rugs give you more bang for your buck. You can move neutral rugs to any room without worrying that the colors will clash.

Shop Living Room Rugs

The area rug is a nice neutral color that could go in any room. Which is why I chose it. I didn’t want to be limited to where I might want to put it in the future.

Ivy likes to lay on the rug because it’s soft. Cats are quick to find anything soft pretty fast!

New Couch Pillow Covers:

These pillow covers are a bit different than what I usually choose. Which is one reason they appealed to me. And I thought the colors were great for my living room.

DECORATING TIP: Simply switching out your couch pillows or pillow covers can give you a whole new look to enjoy without breaking the bank.

Shop Red & Beige Throw Pillow Covers

Outdoor patio coffee table with books, magazines and candles

Using An Outdoor Coffee Table Indoors:

I brought this coffee table from outdoors inside. I’ve had it since I lived in Texas. So it’s been outdoors for a long time.

It’s a nice sturdy coffee table, but not too heavy to move.

As it was the right size, I just thought “what the heck.” I can use an outdoor coffee table indoors. There are no decorating rules that say I can’t!

DECORATING TIP: Just because you have a piece of furniture that you purchased for the outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t use it indoors.

Shop Outdoor Coffee Tables

My cat Ivy on the couch where I'm showing my new couch pillow covers and a rug in the living room.

Wall Decor:

This is the only wall I left a quilt hanging on in the living/dining spaces. But I still have the original ones hanging in the bedroom.

I took the ones I had in the dining space and behind the TV down. They were boho-style quilts and had lots of colors in them. I was just ready for something more simple and neutral for now.

I get tired of things and sometimes just like to switch things up. I was in the mood for the look of my apartment to be lighter and brighter.

DECORATING TIP: Get creative with your wall decor. You don’t have to just use what is typical for walls like paintings.

my apartment living room with couch and outdoor coffee table. Couch has new pillow covers. Dining space with light wood table and modern mid century yellow-gold chairs.

Shop Boho Wall Decor

I brought this red wire basket out of the closet and put decorating and gardening books in it to have them close by and organized.

Then I filled up the rest of the space in the red container with a small Buddha and a faux plant.

The wood tray I bought at World Market some time ago and it is the perfect size for magazines.

Outdoor coffee table with red wire basket of books and other decor items

For everything aside from the gifted pillows and the rug, I shopped the house. Which is my favorite way to decorate.

DECORATING TIP: If you’re on a budget in terms of decorating, shop the house. It’s fun and doesn’t cost a dime.

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  1. I’d like to see a large spring/summer piece of art over your dining table to brighten up that area.
    Something with a French pastoral feel vs many small pieces to continue your lightening/brightening up momentum. Love the new rug and pillow covers. Ivy is beautiful.

  2. Your decor looks great..and eclectically pulled together. :0) .. I love the coffee table you brought in and the wire basket is a good clever idea. Looks great. The view of it all into your cute kitchen dining area is great. Thanks for sharing and a reminder to “shop our houses”.. .. The rug is great..know you will enjoy it for a while due to the color. :0)

  3. I like the decorating changes you’ve made! The red pillow covers are lovely and give a beautiful pop of color to your room. Love the new rug, too. I put it on my Amazon wish list. I’ve been wanting to change out my living room rug, but not sure what color and design I want yet. I also really like how you displayed the book in the wire basket.

  4. The new area rug is very pretty and you can’t beat the price – 52% off – what a bargain! I discovered the wonders of pillow covers at Ikea some years ago, and I’ve been a true believer ever since. Besides Ikea and Amazon, H&M Home also has budget priced throw pillow covers, many for under $10. With my neutral living room furniture, I can change the look of the room to suit the seasons and holidays. Your new red pillow covers pop against the neutral background but they also blend beautifully because there is red in the cover you have on the back of your sofa. The white embroidery (I assume it’s embroidery) against the red cover is beautiful.

  5. I LOVE, love that coffee table used in your living room. It adds the perfect touch with your pillows and new area rug. What a nice change with out having to spend tons of money. The items on the table finish off the look. I repeat…LOVE!!!!!

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