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  1. Happy Birthday to sweet Charlie. He is such a handsome boy.
    Love your Boho hoops.
    Hugs to Charlie and Ms. Ivy

  2. Happy Birthday Charlie Boy!
    Kisses from my two kitties.
    Charlie shares a birthday with one of my nieces.
    Love the craft!

  3. Happ py belated,Charlie!
    It’s Thursday morning,I missed yesterday’s post,cortisone shot….
    Not sure which hanging I like better,they’re both awesome.
    That Ivy is a hoot,never a dull moment,I guess.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday wishes to Charlie. He looks so handsome with his new “hair” cut.

    Love your bohemian ribbon hanging. This sounds like a craft that I can handle and it looks so pretty. I can also imagine some tiny bells attached to the pieces of ribbon. Not quite sure how I would do that but I’ll bet it would be pretty and sound nice when the breeze stirs it.

    I have been reading your posts each day but have not been commenting; I am sleep deprived and unable to get my thoughts together to post. This is sort of your fault. I have been watching Broadchurch and have gotten “hooked.” What a great series.

    Take care and enjoy your Thursday.

  5. Happy Birthday Wishes to sweet Charlie Ross. Adorable with his haircut.
    As I was reading your post, I said, “Uh oh. That’s just tempting Ivy!” I knew she was long enough to stand on your table and reach the ribbons.
    Your other post about Ivy leaving her green spiral toy right in the center of your decorative heart in the basket was too funny!! She knew you’d find it there!

  6. HaPpY Birthday to huggable, lovable Charlie! Such a big blessing in a small package ❤️

  7. Happy Birthday, Charlie Ross!
    The Boho transformations are lovely.
    Ivy is such a delight, even when she’s being mischievous.

  8. Awe..Happy Thirteen, Charlie…so precious. did a great job on another beautiful project…love it.. The quilt hanging is also so colorful and nice. That Ivy is quite a very busy bee…lol so funny…!! She doesn’t miss a thing.. Looks like a fun day.

  9. Happy Birthday Charlie!!!! You have a wonderful life little man and a wonderful mom who loves you very much.

    I was wondering if Ivy was going to find this! So funny.

  10. oh Happy Birthday darling little Charlie Ross.
    do you have any idea how LOVED you are? XOXO

  11. Love your boho project. I’m sure it’s pretty dancing in a breeze. And Happy Birthday to Charlie. Gotta love our little guys to pieces. My daughter just made broccoli oatmeal
    and egg mixed together then plopped them in the dehydrator. Dogs love them. Their favorite is the chicken feet she does for them.

  12. Oh, Happy birthday, Charlie! Have some good snuggles with your Mamma!

  13. I’m just commenting to thank you so much for telling me about Broadstreet on Netflix. Wow! It is so good and I’m sure I never would have watched it if not for your suggestion. I’ve tried to watch a few shows that I didn’t like and just sort of gave up. I’ve watched three episodes so far and am really enjoying it, and you’re right, the acting is superb. It seems like the acting is more important than appearance in the British productions. Thanks again, and please keep up the recommendations.

  14. Happy B-day Charlie Ross! Your hoop is beautiful! You are creative in so many ways!

  15. Love that Ivy ! Charlie Ross is looking quite dapper. Your boho
    crafts look great. I bet it is fun to
    do them. Maybe your grandson would have fun with you making some as well. Might be a fun project

  16. Brenda – Your lovely creation reminded me of a project for my son’s wedding reception. I used hula hoops from the dollar store and various sizes and colors of satin and organza ribbon to make larger versions for this outdoor wedding reception where there were large trees and a patio cover to hang them from. I also added small battery powered lanterns, so they would still be visible at night. They added color and movement to the space and were pretty inexpensive to make.


  18. Happy birthday to sweet Charlie Ross ! Such a sweet boy and he looks so good due to your great attention and care ! It makes me smile to see his sweet face.
    I love your ribbon creation and that the colors symbolize Earth. I’m amazed Ivy fell asleep and let you finish this.
    Hope Charlie has a good birthday and gets an extra treat !

  19. Happy Birthday to Charlie Ross, and MANY more. Enjoy each and every moment!!!!!

  20. Happy birthday to Charlie! Ivy’s antics make me chuckle.

    Very pretty. You could also hang it from one edge with the top ribbons cascading down the front over the others.

    It would probably give Ivy a better shot at it, haha.

  21. Really great idea. I wondered about Ivy when I started reading this. I figured she would hope to have fun with it!
    Happy Birthday Charlie Ross! What a blessing you have been!

  22. Happy Happy Birthday Charlie .

    My little toy poodle died at age 15. And that was 20 years.
    My sister in law the Veterinarian told me 15 years was the average life span for a small dog. Our toy poodle only weighed 5 pounds.

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Charlie Ross! Our fur baby’s are so precious and important in our lives. I have enjoyed seeing all of your boho items. I might have to try a few this winter when the days are so long and we are in the house so much more.

    I look forward to your post each day.

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