What a week. Or two weeks. 

A few weeks ago I started having sharp, stabbing electrical-type pain in my left ear and on the left side of my head. My head felt like I’d banged it against a wall. 

At first I thought it might be shingles because I had a blister in my mouth. I went to the nurse practitioner and she said the blister was a canker sore.

More days passed with this sharp stabbing pain that feels like I’m being electrically shocked, and then I called the doctor’s office and said “I think I have trigeminal neuralgia.” 

It is also called tic douloureux.

They say it stems from one or more branches of the nerve that supplies sensation to the face, the trigeminal nerve.

I’ve had it off and on over the years. Since I was about 40. 

When I very foolishly went to buy a garden glider at Walmart right after I had a procedure that included an anesthetic. 

As I was trying to get the glider in the heavy and very big box through my front door, I lost hold of it and it hit me in the head. 

Since then I occasionally have trigeminal neuralgia.

When you have an anesthetic that knocks you out and they tell you to go home and take it easy, please listen. 

Because I clearly did not.

When I finally went to a neurologist weeks later he said the facial pain was due to trauma to my head, and I might have these episodes from then on.

And I have.

So the doctor called in some medication, which is actually an anti-convulsant, but has been found to treat trigeminal neuralgia.

It took about four days to feel some relief. By that time I started coughing.

Then asthmatic bronchitis set in. 

The doctor called some medication in for me yesterday, thank goodness. I’d hate to think of going through a holiday weekend coughing like this.

I trudged out into the cold rainy weather, a complete change from having the air conditioning on the day before, to pick up medication.

This crazy weather is wreaking havoc on my sinuses.

Then the warning light was on in my car indicating that my tires were low. I went to one place close by, but they said I’d have to wait over an hour to have my tires checked. 

I then went to the tire place around the corner and they fixed me right up. Or rather they put air in my tires. 

Then I was off to the pharmacy yet again. Seems I’ve been driving to the pharmacy a lot lately.

Yesterday I took 8 pills to start with. One is a dose pack medication and the other azithromycin. 

Just when the trigeminal neuralgia medication was kicking in several days ago and the electrical stabbing pains were letting up, and just before the bronchitis, I went to the nursery for a few house plants to cheer myself up. 

It was my Christmas present to myself.  

And as you know a gardener must garden. Indoors or outdoors.

What you see above is an indoor gardenia. It was the only one left. 

The woman at Southwood Nursery said people were grabbing them up right and left because they smell so wonderful when they bloom.

I can’t wait till those cute little buds bloom.

She said I could take it outdoors in the spring. I’ll keep it in the pot so I can bring it back inside come fall. 

I didn’t know there was an indoor gardenia.

I also got a prayer plant and a pony tail palm. 

The prayer plant intrigued me because instead of having pink streaks on the leaves, this one has dark green ones. I’ve never seen one like it before.

The philodendron I already had. I rescued my house plants from outdoors a few weeks ago before it got cold.

Speaking of cold, day before yesterday I was wearing shorts cleaning my apartment, despite my full chest and the occasional stab in the side of my head.

I couldn’t bear the thought of going through the holiday weekend with a really dusty apartment and filthy floors. 

I then gave both dogs a bath in the kitchen sink and changed the bed linens.

Now that would not happen. I would not be cleaning and mopping and giving the dogs a bath.

Because bronchitis has fully settled in. 

I should have left the darned dust alone. 

The dust I cleaned off the bedroom ceiling fan seems to have taken up residence in my head.


When I have asthmatic bronchitis I sound kind of like a fog horn.  

When I cough it often turns into this l-o-n-g wheezing sound.

I finished “My Lovely Wife In The Psych Ward”, a memoir by a young man who is married to someone who sometimes plummets into a terrifying delusional psychosis. 

I saw the book online somewhere and wrote to him and asked for a copy, which he very kindly sent to me. 

Mark Lukach wrote this memoir to shine a beacon on mental illness.

These two have been together since they were 18 years old and in college.

Giulia is a smart and very talented woman who is as a marketing manager. But when psychosis hits, she’s a
completely different person, immersed in delusional and suicidal thoughts.  

Let’s just say that when their life is good, it is very very good. But when it is bad, it is very very bad.

But these two persevere through it all.

Mark Lukach proves that true love does prevail. In sickness and in health and all that stuff.

I will post my full review of this memoir in a few days.

If I don’t have enough going on with trigeminal neuralgia and bronchitis, I’m having to move my blog to another platform in the next week or so.

This is due to some new internet (slash) advertising rules that concern and affect my ad network. I won’t bore you with the terminology, which I don’t fully understand.

My blog shouldn’t be down (I don’t think). But one never knows. 

If my blog disappears for a day or so, never fear. I have someone working to clear the hurdles for me. (I hope).

Merry Christmas Eve to all of my lovely readers! I so appreciate all of you. 

Every day and in every way.

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  1. Merry Christmas to you, too, Brenda! I'm sorry you've been hit with so many physical trials right now. When this happens to me, I'm left wondering if I've overdone it physically or if it is just age creeping up on me!

    My youngest daughter goes throw bouts of trigeminal neuralGia. She's seen a neurologist about it and because of her symptoms, they were also suspicious of Multiple Sclerosis. She and I were happy for it to be the neuralgia. Hers comes in bouts like yours. A friend of mine had non-remitting neuralgia and she was wasting away unable to even eat because to even try moving her jaw sent her into even worse spasms of pain. Her pain never stopped and she went months not speaking and just trying to suck liquids through a straw. It was awful since she also had 3 little children to try and chase after. She finally was sent to see a top neurosurgeon and he cut the nerve to allow her to function. Yes, she is missing feeling to one side and half her mouth and tongue are numb so she must be careful with hot foods (to not get burned) or when chewing her food, rather than her cheek.

    Our bodies are a wonder! I hope tomorrow will have you feeling much better. Enjoy the day with your pupsters!

  2. Hope ur doing better now Brenda! I'm catching up today (my fave times – catching up with blog friends). I never knew about indoor gardenias either! I'm going to check out Mark's book. It's amazing how many families are touched by mental illness. Hoping that 2018 brings you good times and GOOD HEALTH! as we get older – health is always top on our wish list ox. Merriest of days and holiday happiness.

  3. omygosh. you must feel "enough already!"
    this will definitely be a year we're all glad to see the back of… from devastating fires and hurricanes to illnesses and loss. and yet we humans always look to the new year with hope and freshness of spirit!
    I love your plants. and these pictures are wonderful.
    happy Christmas dear Brenda… cozily there with little Abi and Charlie! xo

  4. Oh Brenda, please take care of yourself! I'm so sorry that you've been through so much. I know it feels nice to look around at a dust free home but let it rest for a while and just indulge yourself in every way you can.

    A happy and healthy new year is what I wish for you, my friend,


  6. sorry you are going through more health issues. We have gardenias that grow outdoors here in Florida and they are one of my favorites. I'm sure you will enjoy your gardenia blossoms. Hope you are feeling better soon, and that your blog continues on without any problems it is such a joy to read the each day.

  7. I'm so sorry to hear of more pain in your life! I'm glad the meds gave you some relief for the head pain. I can relate as a chronic migraine sufferer for over 50 years now. So glad for meds that actually help! Also, thanks for sharing all the great posts with us this year, and I look forward to continuing to read your blog in 2018. Hope the fix for any glitches that may occur with the blog changes will go well. I admire all your bloggers out there. Dealing with the technical side of blogging intimidates me, and I appreciate all you bloggers do to bring us your wonderful posts while dealing with the frustrating technical issues. Merry Christmas to you, your pups and yours.

  8. So sorry to hear you are sick! I hope you improve quickly and enjoy the holiday with those precious pupsters! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Missouri Brenda!

  9. I hope Brenda that you will feel better sooner than later. That is an awful lot of issues going on at once…:-(
    I love your new indoor plants. With your green thumb I'm sure they will remain gorgeous.
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas
    Take care

  10. Brenda, I have trigeminal neuralgia. It was the first clue to my diagnosis of MS. I take twice a day Carbatrol which is what they give epileptic patients to block the nerve. It is a horrible pain but my meds control it. Will have to take it for the rest of my life. You cannot describe the pain to anyone, but it feels as if someone has stuck an ice pick in your temple. As soon as the pain comes, it goes. You never when to expect it. Even the wind blowing gently or brushing your teeth can cause the pain. I wish you luck and hope your meds are working. Merry Christmas.

  11. oh Brenda its really time you had a break, it has been one thing after another for you. I do hope that 2018 will be the start of something much better for you.
    Love the plants you bought they are so pretty especially the broad leafed one.
    Hoping the meds are clicking in and you are feeling better.

  12. Oh Brenda I hope that the meds give you some relief! Have as merry of a Christmas as you can.

    I have a head / chest sort of cold too…just started yesterday; went out for another blox of Kleenex a wee bit ago. If I don't blow every ten seconds or so it's coming out anyway like I was a two year old 🙂

  13. I hope the meds work and you feel much better soon dear Brenda. Poor you having the pain and then the bronchitis. Your green plants look so beautiful and fresh, and the flowers on the gardenia will be a joy when they open. Take care and have a Merry Christmas xxooxx

  14. I also have trigeminal neuralgia, since last year when the occipital neuralgia came on. Mine is related to gluten damage of my nerves. not fun. It feels very weird when all of the sudden you feel like you have been hit in the head with a hammer. Take it easy, Brenda, and have a good Christmas.

  15. Brenda I hope the meds help and you have a restful Christmas. I was so sick last year and so far this year seem in good health(knock on wood). I love Gardenia's and didn't know they had an indoor version either. Your plants are looking so healthy and good. Take care and no dusting for awhile!

  16. Why oh why do we always seem to get sick right before a holiday? So sorry to hear about your head pain. And to have bronchitis on top of all that! I hope you feel better soon.

    I love the houseplants. I would like to have an indoor gardenia, I wonder how much light they need. I love the smell of gardenia.

    My daughter makes wonderful bath products, (Catalina's Cottage), and she sends me soaps, and a Jasmine body butter which I love so much that I slather it on my arms and neck before bedtime just so I can smell the wonderful scent all night long. Aren't the scent of flowers a wonderful thing? And green plants. I love them also.

    You are fortunate to have so much light in your apartment and so many places to put plants. I am really limited on space as you know, so I only have three plants at the present time but would really love more.

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday in spite of your health issues.

  17. Good Morning Brenda, I know where you are coming from. I have been sick for 3 weeks. First with Influenza "A". On two antibiotics and cough syrup with codeine. Just was thinking I am getting better and was hit with the 24 hour flu that is going on around here. Now, let me tell you that is some nasty stuff. Glad it doesn't last any longer than it does. So, yesterday & today I am among the living. Glad that we have been ready for Christmas for awhile. I love your house plants they look so nice. You just curl up with another good book & let yourself heal. Like Debby says that Emergen C is wonderful stuff. Try to have a Merry Christmas!

  18. Hi Brenda, I hope you feel better soon. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thank you for your daily posts that give me something to look forward to. Please continue to share your life with us. Have a very happy holiday.

  19. Brenda, hope you feel better very quickly. My goodness, " when it rains it pours."

    Hope you are able to enjoy the holiday and feel better, Janie

  20. Oh Brenda, one thing after another for you. I sure hope you rest and get better. It does seem our immune systems sure have trouble rebuilding. Try taking Emergen C. I have been taking it . Feel better. Merry Christmas.

  21. oh, Brenda! I sure hope you're feeling better in no time, you poor thing! I also didn't know there is an indoor gardenia plant and I LOVE the scent! And, I'm going to order that book on Amazon – I love true stories of triumph despite obstacles.

  22. Brenda, I do hope that you feel much better very soon. Just rest and stay warm. My best wishes for you to have a very Merry Christmas and a safe, healthy, and prosperous new year ahead. Thank you for bringing such joy to all of us who are your devoted readers.

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