So I did get one thing done yesterday. I very slowly walked up to the second step of the step ladder and hung this wreath.

I bought it half-price at Hobby Lobby and have had it for several weeks. (Boy, those half-price sales lure me in!)

Lamb’s Ear is one of my favorite herbs. I’m going to miss the big clump I’d been growing for several years at the old apartment.

I did take it easy yesterday. And I didn’t put on the walking boot at all. It was such a relief for my hip that I had very little pain to deal with all day.

I made myself walk more slowly. I’ve always been a fast walker. But I stayed in the moment and concentrated on taking soft and slower steps while walking.

Actually, I didn’t have much pain at all in my ankle or my hip.

A section of my living room with my couch and a boho-style sideboard

It’s funny, right after the move, I couldn’t walk long without the walking boot on. I remember Teri saying to me: “You walk better with that boot on.”

I started wearing it again after the doctor saw my MRI. And then the hip pain began to get much worse.

The cure is sometimes worse than the disease I guess. Wear the boot and have terrible hip pain. Don’t wear the boot and it’s possible I’ll tear that tendon even more.

Stephen King’s Book Thinner:

I finished reading “Thinner” by Stephen King writing as Richard Bachman last night. It was probably my least favorite of King’s books.

I’ve always wondered why he sometimes uses the name Richard Bachman when authoring some books. Why do some authors do that?

I’m getting ready to read “Rose Madder.”

Stephen King's book Rose Madder

Synopsis Of Rose Madder:

After surviving fourteen years of hell in a violently abusive marriage, Rosie Daniels has finally summoned the courage to flee for her life. But leaving her husband Norman for a new city and a new start is a very daunting prospect.

It’s hard for Rosie not to keep looking over her shoulder, and with good reason—Norman’s a police officer with the instincts of a predator, a force of relentless terror and savagery. A man almost mythic in his monstrosity.

He’s very good at finding people, even if he is losing his mind. Rosie’s only hope for salvation may lie in a far more dangerous place. She must become her own myth and the woman she never knew she could be.

In A Lamb's Ear Wreath & What I'm Reading, here is a close-up of the wreath

I do feel more optimistic today because I’ve had a break from the pain. I guess when you’re accustomed to chronic pain then any break from it is cause for celebration.

I suppose I feel that if I don’t do projects, I will bore you with the daily minutiae of everyday life. Because my life does not tend to be exciting or eventful.

I thank you all for your support and your sticking with me when I can’t summon up makeovers and projects. I’ll do what I can.

I’m itching to do things in my office. But I’m trying to limit myself to small steps in bringing that room together.


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  1. Hi Brenda, Love your blog. Regarding your ankle- Maybe you can experiment a little bit with keeping the boot off when at home. Less pain is always a sign that you’re doing something right! Perhaps wrap the ankle with a light compression ace bandage in a way that slightly restricts movement similar to the boot, to protect the tendon, but does not alter your posture to the point of hip pain. Try it intermittently, or only in your house. Reboot when you need, or when shopping, etc, if you feel you need to. Lots of us over 50’s have various conditions involving chronic pain, and one thing is for sure- less pain means higher quality of life. Good luck!

  2. I wonder if you taking that medication regularly is starting to take effect, Brenda? Maybe it’s working to reduce the inflammation, thus your relief yesterday. Either way, I’m sure it was such a blessing to you to have a day with less pain.

  3. Your projects are wonderful but I come here to read your thoughts and others responses. I feel like we’re all friends here & I come for the friendship & conversation. No need to do big projects. I enjoy your reflections in life. Take care

  4. I see those of us who read and enjoy your blog, Brenda, as a unique group of friends who share the ups and downs of life with each other as well as you. Life isn’t all pretty projects and fascinating topics. Sometimes it’s downright boring or depressing. Especially when we aren’t feeling very well. We all are more than happy to share your ups and downs–the good days and the not-so-good ones, so don’t worry about not being able to post more “interesting” material. I check in every day just to see how you are doing like I would with any friend. It’s all okay.

    So glad you’ve had some time with less pain. I hope that continues. And I love that new wreath. I like lamb’s ear, too. I have a little patch of it in my backyard.

    Take care and see you tomorrow.

  5. You can plant Lamb’s Ear in a pot for your patio. Wish I could share some of mine with you – my butterfly garden is overrun with it.

    Stephen King used the name Richard Bachman because he wanted to increase his readership without satiating the market with his Stephen King name. Back in the 70’s and 80’s, authors were discouraged from writing too many books. They thought it would discourage sales.

    Glad you got some relief from your hip pain even though you’re in that damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation. With chronic pain, you get desperate for relief and you’ll do whatever it takes. My caring thoughts are with you.

  6. Brenda, we all love to read whatever you want to write about. You’re not boring us with everyday life. That’s what we enjoy hearing about. Your everyday life. You don’t have to do projects everyday. You mix in plenty of other interesting topics. You’re serious, humorous, and interesting. What’s not to love? And i agree with Darlene. I love it when you respond to everyone’s comments.

  7. Don’t you ever fret about what you write here! I look forward every day to each and every post and when you don’t post (which is rare) I have a tendency to worry. As you know I’m alone, as well, so there are many things I can relate to. The good, the bad and the ugly.
    Keep doing what you’ve always done, and I promise you we’ll all be here.
    By the way, I love that you’re replying to comments, too.

      1. Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to add any pressure on you. Darlene it’s right. No pressure. I was just meaning to comment on how nice it is to read your comments back to us. I’m sorry if I made you feel bad. That wasn’t my intent.

  8. I am sure most of us feel that reading your blog is a visit with a good friend, we don’t need to always read about projects although those are good too. It is so fun to watch you making your new place your home. Take care and love those kitties for me.

  9. Brenda, I have had to wear a walking boot on both of my feet. First the left foot for a stress fracture and the next year on my right foot for a stress fracture. It was suggested to me that I get “EVENup Shoe Balancer/Levelers so I wouldn’t be putting stress on my good side. I have to wonder if that is what is causing your hip pain when you wear the boot? My chiropractor said he thought the EVENups were genius and really should help. Maybe you should/could check into them?

    It’s just a caring thought.

  10. Ordinary days free of drama are just my cup of tea so don’t ever think you have to keep up inspiring us with projects as time, health and money dictates them. It’s more important to say good morning and I am your friend here in whatever our lives deal us today. I hope you are eating well and savoring the nice moments in your new home.

    1. I am trying to eat better. I made a meatloaf and a tuna casserole and froze much of it last week. I freeze them in small baggies, take one baggy out of the freezer and it feeds me for two nights. Two small squares to a baggy means it cooks faster.

  11. Lamb’s Ear grows all over my garden and I haven’t planted it so it must have been her forever. I do love it until it flowers and gets all tall and ugly, but I”ve always loved the little soft “ears” on it. I hope you will be free from pain forever. I do believe the cure is sometimes worse for some other things. It’s like the pill commercials tell us what their pills could do to you if you take them makes me never want to take any pills. What could happen is worse than why you took the pill in the first place! Take care, Brenda. I so enjoy reading your blog. I’m off Stephen King. I read him for years until he killed off a child in Pet Cementery and then I couldn’t read him for a long time.

    1. Wow, I didn’t remember that about Pet Cemetary. I read it ages ago. When Lamb’s Ear gets tall and leggy, I just clipped it back.

  12. You had me in a tizzy this morning wondering how you hung that lovely wreathe on the quilt? I am so glad you had a good day yesterday without the boot. I’m sure it is heavy and awkward. To me you’ve always been so relatable when you are discussing life’s ups and downs, whether it be health issues, family crises, gardening, decorating tips and the wonderful advice you have shared with so many women.

  13. What Joyce said. You are like a really good friend Brenda and whatever you write I find it interesting. I am so glad you have had a better day without so much pain.
    I love the fact that you seem to be so much happier and settled now you have moved.
    Give Ivy and Gracie a hug from me. I am catless at the moment and Simon and I decided not to have any more animals as we don’t want to die and leave them but I find myself wanting another cat and I think hubby does too. We will see!

    1. I am happier. I went out today to two stores just to get out and walked a little bit. At the second store, I could tell the pain was starting at the outside of my ankle and going up my leg, so I came home. Did not wear walking boot, but have ordered that lift someone above mentioned.

    2. Wendy, I don’t mean to be morbid here, but most rescues require an adopted pet returned to them if things don’t work out – that would include the death of an owner. You’d just have to get a trusted person to agree to take care of that for you. Another option is to adopt a senior cat who won’t outlive you!

  14. Margie says it best of all. We read, because we enjoy everything you choose to write. Love seeing photos, of your home and Ivy and Gracie. News of your neighbors being “good” neighbors is a joy to hear, and good to hear a day without pain. YEA!!!! You never can bore us!!!!
    Hugs from Wisconsin, 29 degrees today, and might get up to 36. Spring is around the corner someplace…someday…

  15. I agree about “Thinner.” When I first scrolled to the cover pic, I thought, “oh dear, I’m going to have to fess up to Brenda that I hated that dumb book! Resented spending my time and (paperback) money.” There’s a movie, too – stumbled on it recently and watched five minutes or so. Ugh. Nothing there for me either!

  16. I also love lambs ear…I love the fuzzy sage green leaves. Please continue to go slowly and don’t worry about us faithful readers…many of us have no idea what you are going through and many do…we are here for you no matter what.

      1. Well, those people are just stupid! Depressing is watching the news! They rarely report good news. It’s always murders, hit and runs, drownings, drive by shootings, fatal car crashes, robberies, etc… That’s depressing! You talking about the pain you’re in is honest. People need to be more understanding, supportive, and sympathetic, not judgy! I’m sorry people make you feel that way. I say let their panties be in a bunch!

  17. That’s very good news! I had trouble with the boot when I broke my ankle,doctor didn’t understand why it was taking so long to heal…
    I like that wreath,it looks nice there.
    Like the OP wrote,I consider you a friend and look forward to your blog,ramblings,whatever🙂
    I will agree to disagree about Stephen King,I just can’t do his books,my brother devoured them! Different strokes,right.
    Keep feeling better,kiss the cuties😻

    1. If I could just always do what I did today. Went to two stores to walk a bit, as the chiropractor tells me not to sit too long. At the second one I could tell I was going into the pain phase and left.

  18. I’m happy to hear you’ve had a day without pain. I had to wear a boot a few years ago when I broke my left foot. I had to wear a wedge shoe on my right foot so I was balanced when I walked. The therapist said it was important or I would have hip pain. My boot can be worn on either foot, so I’ve kept it and that pair of wedge shoes just in case.
    You do not need to keep your readers entertained. We read your blog because we enjoy the reality of your life, whether it be the ordinary everyday, the kitties, what you’re reading, decorating or gardening. Even what you refer to as your ramblings. Just be yourself. Take care and be kind to yourself.

    1. I totally agree Margie with everything you said! We read Brenda’s blog because we can relate to her reality of life!

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