I’ve been reading “The Stand” by Stephen King. It is about a pandemic killing people in huge numbers. No one can figure out what is causing so many deaths, or why some seem immune while others die.

In What I'm Reading & Watching 1/13/22, I'm currently reading The Stand by Stephen King

King wrote this book in 1978 and it has 1200 pages. And as is often the case with this writer, there are many characters and viewpoints.

Stephen King is very good with character development. It is one of his many skills as a writer.

I’ve already reread “Salem’s Lot” and some of his other books. Each one reminds me of his stunning talent. He could write about peeling a potato but somehow manage to make it seem fascinating.

King has a true gift spanning a long writing career.

American Crime series streaming on Hulu

What I’ve Been Watching:

I’ve been watching “American Crime” on Hulu. Each season is about a different crime and how it affects those involved. I just finished the second season. There are 3 seasons total.

What I like about this series is how what happens directly affects every single person in the storyline. It’s about how the crime reaches out and touches everyone.

Before “American Crime” I watched “The Bridge”, both on Hulu.

In What I'm Reading & Watching 1/13/22, this show was "The Bridge" about the corruption and killings along the border over drugs

This series follows two police detectives (one Mexican, one American) as they hunted down a serial killer. It began when a body was found on the bridge connecting El Paso and Juarez.

Their investigation was complicated by internal corruption and violence stemming from the drug cartels along the borderlands.

COVID In Oklahoma:

The numbers for COVID are rising here in Oklahoma. Schools are closing again. The Omicron variant is much more transmissible and Oklahoma does not have a high vaccination record.

However I still rarely see anyone wearing a mask.

It’s kind of hard to believe that we’ve been struggling for two years with this pandemic.

I don’t personally know anyone who has had COVID or died from it. So I’ve been tremendously lucky.

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  1. I haven’t read a Stephen King novel in quite awhile. I did enjoy them, though.
    Covid is soaring in the northeast, and the number of people I know who’ve gotten it (presumably Omicron), grows daily. Fortunately, the vaccinated people who’ve contracted it have had very mild symptoms. My sister had no symptoms at all. Unfortunately, a couple of people I know who were un-vaccinated got very, very sick. Fortunately, after weeks, they pulled through, but are still feeling weak. And, they still aren’t sure they’ll get the vaccine when they’re able to in a few months. I’m sorry, I don’t get it.

  2. I read The Stand back in college in 1981. My roommates were all leaving for the weekend and I had no plans. One of my roomies tossed the book on my bed and said this will keep you busy. When I saw the author, Stephen King, I dismissed it as I didn’t like any of his other books. But when boredom set in a few hours after being alone, I picked it up and didn’t put it down till I finished – it took me all weekend.

    If you like the book, you may like the 3- part TV mini-series that was made starring Gary Sinise, Molly Ringwald and Rob Lowe back in 1994. It was very good and still available.

    I also think there has been a newer movie made from the book, but it didn’t get good reviews as it strayed from the book.

  3. Brenda, since you have Hulu, you need to check out New Tricks. It’s a British cop show that’s quite funny. Three old retired guys being led by a young hip woman and they are quite the team. Really a fun show and it was obviously popular because there’s something like 12 seasons.

  4. I know at least 100 people who have had covid. Most recovered well. Our vaccination rate is quite high in Ontario. Very contagious but the vaccines are helping with the severity of the illness. I think we have to live as normally as possible. It’s like trying to stop Niagara Falls with our hands. I’ve seen Niagara Falls at least 100 times and there’s no stopping it!
    Have you read the Mitford Series by Jan Karon?
    All the best with your packing. A monumental job!

  5. Hi Brenda. Would you please do a post on your packing and moving process? Maybe add some pictures of your packing progress. You could talk about what you’ve done, and how Terri is helping you. Your plans for the cats, and how you’re physically feeling throughout this coming move. Those are just some ideas to tell us about. I’d love to hear and see how things are coming along and how you’re getting ready for the big moving day. I’m really happy for you, and I wish I could be there to help you. Good bless Terri!

  6. King has been one of my favorite authors since he terrorized me with Salem’s Lot, Pet Sematary, IT … many years ago. He’s fantastic. I do feel as he spun more novels out, some of them lost a little quality, perhaps due to demands for publication, etc.,
    Covid is very prominent here in CT and we have a high vaccination rate, we are all vaccinated, my dad died of it early in the pandemic before vaccines were available, as did 46 other residents of his assisted living facility that month. Horrific. Two of our field workers just got over it – not sure when the pandemic will end, IF. Most people here are wearing masks in stores, etc. again – all doctors offices insist before entering.

  7. Shocking so many thousands, upon millions of people that have not been vaccinated. Why??? Senseless. Then, they certainly become sick. Wondering why, and puzzled by it. Duh. Crazy and ruthless. I think many just do not want to cooperate. Selfish. I’m sure governments could hide things the way many ppl suggest. Unreasonable and not realistic though. To me anyway. I never gave (the jabs) it all a second opinion. Just knew from the beginning very necessary to be fully vaccinated.
    Simple. Painless. Harmless.

    1. Totally agree with you Marcee. I am sure none of these ones who are not vaccinated ever question the ingredients in their novacaine at the dentist before a procedure or the anesthesia needed for a minor operation let alone a serious operation, but they are afraid of a vaccine that has been proven to save lives as well as their own. I shake my head at stupidity. It’s not their right. It’s their right to protect everyone. I saw Quebec wants to fine those not vaccinated. Good for them to say those who do the right thing should be safe from those who aren’t. That would really fly in US.

  8. King’s “The Stand” is a masterpiece. It was the first book I read written by him and it’s stayed with me all these years. A few other King favorites: “The Dead Zone,” which broke my heart, an incredibly sad love story also exploring near death experience and psychic power. “The Talisman” which King wrote with Peter Straub, is another favorite. One of my friends told me a few months back that her sister and two nephews (adults) had COVID-19, I was shocked, because she didn’t mention it at the time, only after the fact. All came through okay, but who knows what the future will hold for survivors of COVID? And then, a few days before Christmas, my youngest sister and her husband were both hospitalized with COVID. My sister was discharged after a few days but my B-I-L was in the ICU over Christmas, being released two days after. They’re both very lucky, as they both have serious underlying health conditions and are in their mid-60s. Neither was vaccinated. Also learned that three of their grandchildren were infected with COVID, but none were hospitalized. NOW she believes that it isn’t just all a hoax and blown out of proportion, or some conspiracy to turn us all into robots or whatever. It frightens me no end when I hear people saying on television “just about everybody will get COVID.” If I get COVID, it could kill me.

  9. I have been participating in the Covid research study with Moderna for almost 2 years. I am completely vaccinated. I asked one of the nurses how many of us (who are vaccinated) have contracted Covid. She said that the majority have contracted it, but to her knowledge no one has been hospitalized. They were either asymptomatic or they thought that they had a mild seasonal allergy or cold. If I get it, I hope that I am asymptomatic or that it’s this Omicron variant.

  10. I agree with your comment about King’s characters…he has a remarkable ability. I loved The Stand. The characters in It are also very good…I recommend it highly.

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