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  1. I was pretty sure you would like Rectify as much as we did. I was sad when it ended too.

  2. I am going to start Rectify tonight. Appreciate that you and the readers pass on book and Netflix suggestions. Just love the barn print and the green vintage salt/pepper shakers. Your creativity in how you arrange items is so inspiring to me!

  3. How awesome that Andrew’s dad put the note under his pillow..
    I, too really enjoyed watching Rectify…
    Wanted…is very good & my latest one I loved was “in the dark”… about a blind girl who had befriended a young black boy on the streets…
    Sinner was another good one to watch….very suspenseful & on each season I was completely surprised by who really done it….

  4. Love Andrew’s take on his tooth. Boy will
    he be surprised. Hopefully the Tooth Fairy wrote him a note.

    I’m actually watching Series 1 of Ozark again. Think I dozed off one to many times here and there. I just watched Series 2 of Sinner. You might like it. I watched 1 awhile ago and can’t find it now. The heat is zapping my outdoor plants.

  5. After several years teaching science in junior high/high school, two years ago I moved to grade 6 in middle school. I will always remember the first time a kid walked up to me, asked to go to the bathroom, and then showed me the bloody tooth in the palm of his hand. After he came back, I gave him a zip lock bag for his tooth. After a couple more kids did the same thing, I purchased snack size zip lock bags because the tiny little tooth looked so lost in a sandwich sized bag. I copied a clip art tooth fairy onto sticker paper and placed one sticker on each baggie. Word got around, and I became the go to teacher for the official “I just pulled a tooth” bag.

  6. I have a similar story with my oldest son. He lost his tooth at school, the nurse put it in a treasure box and then he lost it on the playground. He was upset that now the tooth fairy wasn’t coming. We wrote a letter to explain and the tooth fairy did come, she was very generous!

  7. I remember Art Linkletter…I guess that means I’m old! 😉 And I used to teach kindergarten and first grade. I also taught preschool and I was a camp counselor to the little ones for many years in college. I can attest to the fact that they absolutely do say AND DO the darnedest things. But so precious and sweet. I bet he won’t be throwing anymore teeth away!!

  8. I do remember “Kids Say the Darndest Things”…blast from the past!! I always hated losing a tooth, it felt so weird! It’s hot down here too – triple digits for the next week. I’m sooooo over summer! LOL

  9. I’ll just bet that tooth fairy will “forgive” Andrew for tossing that tooth and I’ll bet Andrew will probably not toss the next one into the trash receptacle. That is so cute; I guess Andrew figured the tooth was not going back in his mouth and wasn’t much good anymore…..

    I have not watched Rectify but will put this on my list of Netflix shows to watch. I love Netflix. I am watching the 11th season of ” Heartland.” It is about a Canadian family and a working cattle/horse farm. It is so pleasant to watch because there is no profanity, no sex scenes, and the scenery is just beautiful.
    I have also been watching “Wanted ” and I am enjoying this as well. Netflix has so much to offer and at such a reasonable price.

    It is warm and muggy here in St Augustine FL and I am looking forward to cooler temperatures (like you, this will probably not be experienced until November or so).

    Hope little Charlie is feeling better. Take care.

  10. I started to watch Rectify and found it a little disturbing, but based on your thoughts, I will continue to watch it.

    1. I did too at first, but then the beauty, yes the beauty, of the scenes and acting won me over. After a few episodes, I was hooked.

  11. Love the story about losing the first tooth! So cute that he did that.
    I have not watched Rectify but I am looking for a new series. I will check that one out. Thanks for the tip.

  12. Good morning Brenda,

    I am sure that the tooth fairy will understand. How funny that he never thought to mention it to anyone.
    We have hand an unusually mild summer here, not too much humidity and most days beautiful weather. That said I am looking forward to Fall.

    I am not really one for watching tv but I may have to watch this series.

    have a wonderful day!

  13. Andrew’s tooth story sure made me smile! My grandson is 7 and finally has his first loose tooth. Wishing you and your due babies a great day!

  14. Wow what a great father to take the time to write to the tooth fairy what happened to Andrews first lost tooth. I am sure it will be a story they will remember for the rest of their lives. So touching to hear in this hurry up media savvy world we live in. We still need that bit of make believe.

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