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  1. hi brenda, Love your blog and have been following a long time. I do not have a blog, so l guess that makes me a lurker. Tho l hate that term. May l ask where you found your drapes by lvy’s cat tower? Red and white are my favorite colors and l am partial to paisley, so my eyes light up when l see yours.
    l join others in saying it’s a shame when people are rude. Seems like some people think they have to point out everything they disagree with. Some adults ought to be seen and not heard. Thanks for all the hard work you put into your blog.

  2. Love your blog I look forward to reading it daily I bet your new project will be awesome! I love DYI projects I stay busy inside and out right now it’s pretty comfortable here around 87-90 but it can change and be 70’s next week we have ups and downs here in South Carolina look forward to seeing your new project

  3. Always love your blog. Read it everyday. I can’t wait to see your new project when it is finished. I am always looking for new ideas.
    Love your patio and seeing all of the beautiful flowers.
    Negative people will always be around and it is sad that they use your blog to make their comments.
    Keep up the good work.
    Hugs to Charlie and Ms Ivy

  4. Maybe you can consider getting several of the patio umbrellas to shade your plants during the heat. They roll down and you could easily take them down when a storm is coming or it is windy. I really love mine. I bought red this time and the number of hummingbirds I have has really gone up. They can really see that red easily!

  5. It is very hot and humid here in southern Virginia. So far my plants are holding up well but I can’t say the same for myself. I literally melt in this weather and the humidity zaps my energy. Excited to see your new project when you unveil it!

  6. I can’t wait to see your new project. It’s so easy getting into a rut with everything and I love seeing your creativity and it inspires me to try new things. Thanks!

  7. I love changing thing around. It seems the only way to get everything clean and find all the dust bunnies. Unfortunately with age, now 74, I can’t do it as often as I once could. I still manage about 2 times a year. I can’t wait to see what you have in mind.

  8. Too hot, too soon! We actually were very hot and humid here in IL this past week, which is early for us. That usually doesn’t happen until July. However, today was gorgeous and a relief from the heat. Only 75 and sunny. Just perfect. I was able to turn off the AC and have all the windows open. Tomorrow, the same and then Monday – back up to 90. Then some bad storms coming in, then cool again. Such is our crazy weather in IL!

    Can’t wait to see the project you’re working on. You come up with some great ideas.

  9. I’m looking forward to the reveal of your home project! Good luck with it. Your ideas always seem to come to a positive result.

  10. Hope you get a cool spell soon to help the vegetables. Looking forward to seeing your finished project. Stay well and safe.

  11. I can’t wait to see what your project is. A reading nook perhaps?

  12. Looking forward to the remodel! Have any idea how long we have to wait?

  13. It’s getting hot and humid in my locale, too. Can’t even go out for a walk in the evening now – 7pm curfew. Alas, a good time for sewing projects or reading. I can’t wait to see your latest interior design changes.

  14. I can’t wait to see your finished project Brenda, how exciting!

    Ivy is such a lucky cat, she sure struck gold when you adopted her!

    It touches my heart to see and hear when people treat their pets well

  15. That sounds intriguing – can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve! Years ago – many years ago, back in the 1970s and 1980s (yikes!), when I was living in apartments, I sometimes used open bookcases or more utilitarian open metal shelving, and even long old wood boards (now they’re called “reclaimed wood” and can cost a fortune but we used to be able to get them from salvage for free) stacked on cut concrete forms to separate spaces and provide additional storage including holding even then a collection of books that I’d accumulated since high school. They also held pots and pans and dishware, because apartments rarely had as much cabinet space as needed to put everything properly in its own space. I also used long curtains to separate out and/or define areas, such as a dining area, in some of the small one-bedroom apartments I lived in. I never used them, but a couple of my friends used the ubiquitous beaded curtains to separate spaces. Now how much more 70’s can you get than that? Back then, of course, there was no internet. I got ideas out of decorating magazines and watching home improvements shows (the few that were on then) on PBS! This Old House was a Saturday morning must-see, and there was another show I watched every Saturday morning but I can’t remember the name of it – something like Home Time, and of course, Victory Garden. On occasion even Outdoor Wisconsin had shows about state botannical gardens and special places like uber-rich people’s old restored mansions used as museums with the most incredible gardens, and I would be glued to the television. How funny now – I haven’t watched television since about 2014 – I stream everything and/or watch shows directly online.

  16. I am so glad you have one big tree for shade.

    Are you dividing up your living and dining room with a book case? Guess I will just have to wait and see,

      1. I am looking forward to seeIng your new decorating idea.

  17. I always know when you preface a project with keeping it a secret something is great is going to happen.

    Our squirrel has now eaten all the petunias and lobelia Megan planted in pots. I swear between the squirrel and the gophers we can’t have anything nice!! Except they aren’t touching the lavenders in big clay pots.

    1. Found this for you:

      Small Animal Control

      Planting absinthium, which is also known as artemisia or wormwood, around a garden or shrubbery keeps a number of small animal pests away. Chives, garlic, leek, onion, and shallots protect roses against moles, and lavender is effective as a mouse repellent. Garlic may act as a rabbit repellent, especially if it is mixed with oil and fish emulsion and used as a spray for plants.

  18. Brenda,

    I am so sorry that there are so many “mean” people out there. I thought your story very moving. I always enjoy reading your blog. I feel you are a real and genuine person. In the words of the late John Prine “Some humans ain’t human, some humans ain’t kind”

    God Bless you.


  19. Your petunias are gorgeous! It has been unseasonably hot here in S.D. for the first part of June, too, over 90 degrees.
    Ivy is a honey, or should I say a big honey. I am so glad you got her.

  20. Hmmm Brenda. Your creativity and projects never cease to amaze me what you come up with. So I will enjoy seeing what you have put together to enjoy your little space even more. I imagine if you had a playhouse as a child, it would have been rearranged a hundred times in your youth cause you just have so much fun decorating. I have followed you for many many years and in your moves for a better life. Good for you and shame on those who can’t find something to do in a day to bring them some happiness.

  21. Hi Brenda your plants are looking lovely. You sure get the heat out there. But sitting outside in the night time under the stars is nice too. Have a great day and stay cool.

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