Monday Minutiae

It rained most of Saturday night. I find it so peaceful to sleep with rain pounding on the roof. I always sleep well during thunderstorms.

Yesterday the sun was bright and there was just the faintest of breezes. 

Do you ever take baths with Aveeno? I’ve been doing that lately. I get in the bathtub, turn on the water to a warm temperature, and slowly sprinkle the powder under the faucet. 

I relax in the water for 10-15 minutes. And in that time my skin becomes so soft from the oatmeal mix. It relaxes me before bed. 

Lately I’ve been a lot of veggie meals. Though I’m not normally a big bread eater, I’ve been adding hot rolls to my meals.

I’ve recently discovered the best hot rolls from my grocery store. They are in the frozen food section, and come 10 to a bag. 

These hot rolls taste more like freshly baked hot rolls than any I’ve found.  

If you love rolls that have that definite taste of yeast, try these. 

(Note: I went to the website, and it says these are not gluten-free products. I don’t have a problem with gluten. But I know lots of people do.)

I put 1-2 rolls in my Breville Oven while I’m baking a potato in the microwave. In 10 minutes I’ve got a meal.

I’ve never heard of Sister Schubert’s before. But I looked up their website if you want to see if anyone in your city sells their products. You can find it here.

I’ve been spending time searching online for new ideas for my patio. I love to learn, so research is fun for me. And I will be able to show you even more ways to create an oasis in the city.

Don’t despair if you only have a small outdoor space. A balcony, a patio, a courtyard. There is plenty you can do to garden and enjoy nature in a small space. 

I walk around my patio from time to time with a tape measure measuring and thinking and planning. 

I’m so grateful for my patio space where I can garden to my heart’s content. Where the dogs can sit with me and watch the critters.

There’s just nothing like the peace I feel digging in the dirt and planting. Then watching as the plants transform my patio space.

I listen to the birds and gaze at my plants and almost forget that I’m living in the city.  

I’ve decided to name the tree Jade. It is the name of the tree type (Jade Butterfly) and something I can remember!


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  1. Never heard of those rolls. But we rarely have bread with our meals. I try to stay away from bread as much as possible. Out of curiosity, I looked up the ingredients of these rolls and they do contain soybean oil, which I totally avoid (it's a hydrogenated oil which is terrible for your health, plus soybeans are GMO). Just your little health lesson for the day! 😉 When I take soaking baths, I use epsom salts. You can buy a big bag at Walmart. Not expensive. Will soothe muscle aches. And all-natural.

  2. I just checked and it shows they are not available here in So Cal. But will ck the markets anyway. They sound so good. Jade is the perfect name for the tree.

  3. Love the name Jade for your tree.. I have a jade plant sitting in my living room.. love them.
    I love sister schubert rolls.. They are so good, I also buy the little loaves she puts out too. they are wonderful.

  4. We love those rolls especially with a hot bowl of homemade beef stew!
    I'm glad you chose the name Jade for your tree..perfect fit.
    I love seeing all your garden – patio ideas. They're very inspiring and it's nice to so see you're able to buy the things you like and enjoy.

  5. Oh, my gosh, my mouth is watering with all the comments about Sister Schubert's rolls! Sadly, I am gluten intolerant and don't eat wheat. I've always loved bread, too. Like the other reader, I sometimes cheat, too, and I'll certainly make sure I do it with these rolls!

    I think Jade is a perfectly fine name for your tree. How cold does it usually get in the winter in Tulsa? I've read that plants in pots can winter over if you wrap the pot in some type of insulating material. Don't know exactly what is best to use, though.

    Hope you have a good week with the pupsters and the tree!

    1. I've kind of got the tree container surrounded with other plant pots, so hoping that helps insulate. It gets down to maybe the twenties I guess sometimes. Used to get colder.

  6. When you live in a small town you pretty much have to rely on WalMart, but they do carry Sister Schubert's. They are so wonderful. I keep thinking I want to learn to bake bread then I ask myself why, lol.

  7. I laughed at your comment everyone knew about Sister but you. I will discover something new and share it with my daughters in law and they look at me crazy and say "that's been out a while!!" lol
    So you aren't alone!

  8. Sister Schubert rolls! As good or better than home made. When friends ask who made the rolls, the answer is sister, of course. And we all give a chuckle.
    Yes, I use Aveno. I have psoriasis and it helps. Paul Mitchell , under the name of John Paul, makes oatmeal shampoo and conditioner for pets. Very soothing for their skin.
    I'm in luck, rain tonight with thunder. I'll sleep like a log.

  9. I have never heard of them but by looking them up I can get them locally so I will definitely be trying these, they sound yummy. I am glad you named the tree Jade. I will think of you puttering around on your patio Brenda. Too bad you live so far away, I would love to sit out there with you and watch the squirrels at the water fountain.

  10. Sister Shubert rolls are yummy! We have them at Thanksgiving. Brenda have you tried an Epsom Salt bath? Very relaxing and softens the skin as well. Have a great Monday! Carol

  11. I looked up Sister Schubert and most of the grocers by my house carry them! They are part of the Marzetti (?) brand and I really like the salad dressings from that brand.
    I like the name Jade. It fits ?
    Have a nice day!

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