Abi’s In Kidney Failure


The vet just called. The blood work shows Abi’s in kidney failure. They want to give her more fluids and I’ll pick her up about the same time, late this afternoon.

I’m bringing her home to die. I’d go pick her up right now, but he said she needs the fluids.

There’s nothing else to be done. She won’t drink or eat. There’s no improvement after days of fluids and treatment.

Of course I’m heartbroken. But for however long she has left I want her home with me. I may need a little time, because every minute I’m spending with her.


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  1. Brenda,
    So sorry for your loss of Abi. My heart grieves with you. I know you were the best mommie for her, and you will miss her greatly. My Lily is 14, a shi poo, and my heart beats so fast thinking of facing what you are going through.
    Praying peace for you.

  2. I’ve read your blog for quite sometime now and I love it and look forward to your posts. I’ve never commented before today but I feel compelled to let you know my heart is broken for your loss. When I opened up my iPad tonight my heart skipped a beat and all I could think was “oh no – not today; not now, Not yet”… But really there is no good time to lose a loved one – furry or otherwise. It’s been 4 years this April and I still miss my Brandi Girl. She was not quite 14 years old. I hope you can find some comfort in knowing you did everything you could and that she knew she was dearly loved. It was obvious in all your writings. I’m glad I got to know your Abi through your eyes and heart.

  3. I’m sorry for you loss and suffering. May you find peace knowing Abi had a good life with you.

  4. I’m so very sorry Brenda. It is so hard to lose something you love so much and that loves you back so unconditionally. I’m thinking of you.


  5. Brenda,
    My heart is breaking for you and Charlie. No there’s no words to help but just know that you and Charlie are in many of our thoughts and prayers

  6. Oh Brenda, I am so sorry to hear about Abi’s passing. I know its a hurt no one understands unless they have owned a pet. Take your time and grieve. Give Charlie a lot of hugs because he will hurt too. Sending hugs to you both. You have many friends hurting along beside you because they know how it feels.

  7. Brenda, I am so sorry to hear of Abi’s passing. She was such a delightful little character. I have no words to make it easier, but know that Abi had a wonderful life with you. Hugs to you.

  8. Hello Brenda! i am so sorry! I am in tears. Your love for your sweet babies is so special. I have never written you before, but I read your blog every day and especially love your blogs about your sweet fur babies. I love a quote I once heard: “Your soul has not been awakened until you have loved a dog”. It is so true. Take comfort that your baby girl had no better person to love her than you.
    All my love, prayers and thoughts.

  9. Brenda, there are no words to possibly convey how sorry I am for your’s and Charlie’s loss. Like so many of your readers, I, too, have been where you are over the years. Most of my babies only live in my heart now, yet they fill my soul every day with joy and love and laughter. These days I share my home with a funny, feisty cat named Spencer. Your love for Abi was so evident and so enormous. That kind of love can break your heart, but it cannot break you. Love holds you up. Love gives you wings. Love is forever. I wish you great strength as you face the challenging days ahead. Warm hugs to you and Charlie…

    1. I’m so sorry. Cherish your memories of sweet little Abi and hold Charlie close.

  10. Ahhh, Brenda,so very sorry for your loss,hold onto your memories of happy times with her and take comfort in knowing you did your very best…I can imagine the hole in your heart and home right now.
    I saw somewhere a post that said what if when we get to heaven all the dogs we’ve ever loved are waiting to great us with wagging tails and smiling faces…
    God bless you with strength and comfort today and always.

  11. Oh Brenda, I am so very sorry. I have been following your posts, hoping for a different outcome. Hugs my friend…

  12. I’m so sorry to hear about Abi. Know that she is blessed to have you for her “Mom”. Sending you both prayers and hugs.

  13. i awoke many times in the night and Abi and you and little Charlie came immediately to my mind.
    the time we have with them in our life is never long enough. I’ve read every comment here and cried. just know that you are loved and that we who have gone through this pain are with you in spirit. right there holding you three in our hearts. xo xo xo

  14. Oh Brenda, I’m so very sorry to hear this news. Was hoping and praying it was just a bug. My heart aches for you, because I know how much your puppies mean to you. Just know that all of us are thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way.

  15. Brenda…I am very sad to read this. I feel like I know Abi from your cute stories about her. She will be so missed. I think having her with you in her last days is the right thing to do.
    I am so sorry. I pray for comfort and peace for you.

  16. My heart breaks for you….such terrible news. I am so very sorry to hear this and wish you and Abi strength through the tears.

  17. So sorry to hear this Brenda – its a painful journey. Sending you prayers, hugs, and healing thoughts.

  18. We are will make that journey…….just have every second you can with her.

    Bless You and little your little one…..

  19. The three of you are like family to me as I have been faithfully reading your blog for years. Tears are here as I write this. Our time with our pets is always too short. I know Abi feels the love you have for her and you will do what is best. My love to you, Abi, and Charlie. So very sorry…❤️??

  20. Prayers being said for you and the pups. This is exactly what I went through with Bernie, my 13 year old brindle collie. Just love on her and Charlie. It will be so hard on him too.

  21. So sorry to hear this Brenda. Abi will be happy to be home with you. Sending hugs

  22. I am so very sorry to hear this for you. Prayers for you and little Abi; it is never easy saying goodbye to our precious fur-babies. Very sorry you are going through this. Love to you.
    Dawn P.

  23. I am so sorry. I went through this and the road is never easy. Sending you prayers and peace.

  24. I’m so very sorry. I am praying for Abi, you and Charlie. I know how very painful this is for you. I lost my own beloved little dog a year ago and it is heartbreaking. I believe we will be with them again in the next life.

  25. I am just so, so sorry. For you, Abi, and Charlie. This is just so heart-breaking to hear. It’s so hard to go through something like this (unfortunately I know from experience). I will be praying for you and your little family. I know there is nothing else I can say because nothing will help at a time like this.
    I’m so very sorry that you have to go through it.

  26. Oh Brenda, there are just no words to express how heartbroken I am for you. I have been and I am still praying for little Abi, you and Charlie for comfort and peace. My heart cries with you… I am so glad that she will come home to be with you and Charlie and be held and feel yours and Charlies Love….
    God Bless …

  27. Brenda, I have been following your blog and particularly lately about Abi’s health situation. When I read this I just stopped for a moment because of teary eyes. There are no words of comfort to soften the blow of giving up your sweet girl. As your friends I hope the volume of written words coming your way is a care package of love. Hold your furbabies close and share the love in your heart as you have done each day. I am sorry you are going through this sadness. Prayers are going up for the strength when it is needed.

  28. I am so sorry to hear this. Kidney failure is not fun. My Murphy had that. Prayers said. How is Charlie taking this?

  29. Prayers for Abi and you for comfort and strength. You certainly have loved your two pupsters giving them the very best care. Peace be with you each day. I read your blog most every day and enjoy every post. God bless you and your pups each day.

  30. I am so sorry to hear the news. Abi is such a sweet girl and I have enjoyed getting to know her through your blog. Prayers for all of you.

  31. Dearest Brenda,
    I wish with all my heart I could take this outcome and pain from you and Abi. You have been so loving and kind to both your pups. They know your love and devotion. My Boxer/Labrador is 15 and I know our time grows shorter. To lose them is akin to losing part of our heart. You and Abi will be in my prayers. Take time and enjoy the time left as best you can. Dogs are one of the best gifts God has given us. Abi knows she is treasured and loved. You have done your very best by her and she knows that. Try and sleep and keep your strength up as you take care of so many. We love you Brenda .

  32. I am so sorry. It’s good you get to say goodbye to her and to have this time with her. Hugs

  33. Brenda, Like all those who commented before me, I wish there were words of comfort I could offer, but only time will be the healer. My prayers and loving thought will be with all those who send them and their love. Bless you and Charlie as you support Abi. Lovingly, Sandra

  34. I was hoping Abi would have a treatable illness. Iam sorry you’ve had such heartbreaking news. I’m five months out from losing our dear border collie girl and I go through real bad patches of missing her terribly. I have 14 years worth of wonderful memories of the dearest and funniest dog I’ve ever known in my lifetime. I wish they could stay longer. ♥️ I hope Abi finds Lucy on the other side of The Rainbow Bridge. Big hugs, Brenda, Abi and Charlie.

  35. Brenda, I am so sorry to hear about Abi! We all know how much you love your pupsters! May she feel the love from you as she peacefully slips away. Prayers for you and charlie. My heart is breaking for you. I went through this just three weeks ago with one of my precious fur babies. The pain is real. Be good to yourself. Hugs!

  36. My heart breaks for you. This is a loss only pet owners understand; it tears us apart when it happens to us and it breaks our hearts when it happens to a friend.

  37. Brenda,
    There are no words to ease the pain. I am sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you and with Abi. I know that it is not comfort but at least you will be with her as she leaves this life and she will know how much she is loved.

  38. The time you have left will be bitter sweet. Praying for peace.

  39. Brenda you and Abi have been in my thoughts and prayers. I could not sleep last night with you on my mind. God Bless and Keep you in his arms.

  40. She’ll love being with you and Charlie for as long as she can be. I wish you all much strength.

  41. Oh Brenda, I’m so sorry to hear this news about Abi. My heart goes out to you and Charlie. He will grieve for her in his own way. Prayers and comfort to you.

  42. We lost a cat similarly. Kidney failure. He visited me afterwards for weeks until his best buddy who had died a few years earlier showed to to collect him. Believe me, animals have a life after death and I bet it is a great place. One cat we lost, I swear he is up in heaven on the right hand of Jesus. A place he belongs, for what he did while alive.

  43. I’m so sorry to hear this news. I feel sick to my stomach hearing this. You are doing the right thing to bring her home with you. Charlie will feel better having her near. My Bear, after seeming a bit better, has slipped backwards today. The test results need to come in now.

    Take as much time as you need Brenda. We will all be waiting here for you.

  44. Brenda, my heart is so heavy for you and Abi. It is so hard to lose our babies.

    Grace & Peace,

  45. I’m so sorry. Loosing a beloved pet is heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers are with you x

  46. I think we’ve all gone through losing a beloved pet, and know the pain you are going through. I pray you will have time with Abi so you can comfort & love her the way she is known to have. Love & hugs sent to you

  47. I am so sorry for your little Abi, you, and Charlie, too. This is so sad it makes my heart ache for you.

    Take care.

    Susie D.

  48. OH, that’s so sad, I lost my cat the same way and I was devastated, my thoughts are with you.

  49. Thinking of you, what a good life you’ve given her. And a peaceful passing –

  50. So very sad! I wish there were some magic words I could say that would make it better. Thoughts and prayers for you.

  51. I am so sorry. I want you to know how my heart breaks for you, Abi, and Charlie. It is the worst kind of feeling. Please know that I am thinking of all of you at this time. She is such a little beauty.


  52. So very sorry to read the news about Abi. She has given you so much love and companionship. the price for Love is one day saying good bye and that breaks one’s heart.

    You and Charlie take care of each other.

  53. I am so so sorry Brenda, she is so beautiful. Our time on earth is so precious, our furry babies are angels from above. Prayers are being said for you to be strong and comforted, for Abbi to be home with her family and pain free. My tears are because you shared your story of love and the bond this precious baby has made with all of us.

  54. There are no words. I am so, so sorry. Praying for comfort and love for you all three.

  55. My love and prayers, Brenda. May it be a peaceful, loving passing. I know the pain of losing “fur family members”.

  56. So sad and sorry, hold on, know that many friends are keeping you and Abi in their thoughts and prayers. Take whatever time you need, everyone understands. Our beloved animal friends give us such joy, and then, too too soon, a corresponding sorrow. Abi has been dearly loved, cared for, and this is her legacy.

  57. Those of us who follow your blog and have pets are aching for you. I think pets are as close as any of us get to unconditional love. Humans try to give unconditional love but dogs and cats seem to be able to pull it off. Your blog followers are with you in spirit.

    Better to have had Abi and experience the pain you are in than to have missed the love!

  58. I am so very sorry. I know your heart is breaking. Love and hugs to you and your fur babies.

  59. What a wonderful life you have given Abi.
    I am so sorry.
    Diana in illinois

  60. My tears are for all three of you. I am thinking of you as you move through the difficult stage of letting your baby go.

  61. So sorry about sweet little Abi, my heart is breaking for you all. Hugs for you all.

  62. It’s impossible for me to keep the tears from falling whenever I think of you, dear Brenda. You have my deepest sympathy during these heartbreaking days. It frustrates me that there is nothing I can do or say that can ease your pain. Just know you and Abi have all the love in my heart. Thinking of you…
    Gayle xo

  63. Brenda, I’m sending my love and prayers for your peace and comfort, and for Abi and Charlie too. This same thing happened with one of my sweet kitties right before I started blogging. I grieved for months because they are our little “babies” and they bring us so much joy. I haven’t been leaving comments or blogging much because of my health problems, but I’ve been checking up on Abi’s health situation. I’m so very sorry. You said it so well, when we open ourselves up to love, we know there will be heartache at some point. She’s been a very blessed little girl to have a dear, loving “mama” like you. Being with you right now is a sure comfort for her. love, Deb

  64. Oh Brenda, no! I’m so sorry to hear this diagnosis for your sweet little dog. It breaks my heart for you as I know how much you care about each other. I lost my sweet dog in 1991, and it still hurts because I wasn’t with her at the last minutes to help her cross. If you can be with her, that’s all that matters now. Peace be with you as you make the tough decisions for your special one’s comfort.

  65. tears are streaming as i write this. there is nothing to say that will help.
    oh that tiny precious bundle of light! she will feel your love and Charlie’s love.
    and you know that we all love you three dearest heart. let that strengthen you.

  66. I’m so very sorry, cousin. It’s so tough to lose our furry family members. That’s what they are, family members. Know that you’ve done everything you can for Abi. Just keep her close and love on her for as long as you have her. Hugs and prayers!

  67. Brenda ~ you have given Abi a lifetime of love and comfort, just as she has given you the same.
    I know you will gently help her cross over the Rainbow Bridge when her time comes.
    Cyber hugs flying your way ~

  68. Heartbroken for you. Hold her close and remember the joy as you face this difficult loss.

  69. I am so very sorry. As you go through the difficult hours and days ahead, please know that many hearts are with you.

  70. Bless you for the life and love you have given and continue to give your beloved dogs and bless them for the life & love they have given you.

  71. I am so very sorry. Please take some comfort that she was a very lucky dog and had a great life with you.

  72. Nothing I can say will make you feel better, but please know that I am so very sorry. The only downside of owning a pet is that their lifespan is so much shorter than ours. I have grown to love Abi and Charlie through your posts, and little Abi will be missed by so many. Thinking and praying for you at this most difficult time.

  73. I am so sorry Brenda. I was so hoping to see the update that Abi was doing better. My heart aches for you. Our furbabies are so special and are not with us long enough. Big Hugs to you and Charlie.

  74. Brenda, I’m so sorry. I am weeping, as I feel like I know her. And you. I hope you have precious time left.

  75. I’m so sorry. Her symptoms sounded like our yorkie but I didn’t want to say that. Our Yorkie was 11. She couldn’t breathe along with the kidney failure. I still miss her.
    It’s so hard. Take your time to be with her.

  76. I am so sorry. All our loved ones want is to die with those they love near them. Words cannot comfort, but so many of us care about you in your sorrow.

  77. When my little terrier died, my best friend sent me a poem written from the dog’s point of view. The last sentence was this: I shall leave this Earth knowing with the last breath I draw that my fate was always safest in your hands.

    Thinking of you, Abi, and Charlie.

  78. Oh no, I’m so sorry. I went through that with my Bassett Hound Katie. My heart breaks for you I grieve with you. Hold her long and tight, time is precision. Brenda I wish I could do something for you and Abi, but my prayers are with you and both your fur babies. God bless . . .

  79. I feel so bad for you. No matter what or how much we say, won’t ease the pain. My prayers for you as you go through this hard time.

  80. If we could have coffee together today Brenda I’d say your brokenness is not too big for God.
    It’s a crazy, upside-down way of thinking. But it’s true. God has used my brokenness in ways I never expected. It’s become part of who I am, a surprisingly beautiful part. Like a mosaic, God has put my heart together again. He will do the same for yours Brenda.
    This is crushing heart breaking news and I’m so very sorry that you and Abi are going through this. She is your baby and you’ll ALWAYS love and cherish her memory. ?

  81. Oh Brenda, I’m so sorry. I was afraid this is what was happening with sweet Abi because my Reggie passed away a few years ago from kidney failure. I wish I could go back to that day and ask to take him home with me, but I made the decision to let him go right there in the emergency vets office. So, I just want to say that you are doing the right thing by taking her home and just holding her and loving her. I’ll be praying for you & Abi & Charlie (((hugs)))

  82. Dear Brenda,
    I’m so sorry to hear that your Abi is dying. You are so right to bring her home to be with you for whatever time she has left. I am praying that you will be comforted by the support of your friends and family while you grieve for her.

    Alice g.

  83. Brenda, I am so very sorry. I am crying for dear little Abi and for you. I’m glad you’re bringing her home to say goodbye. I wish so much that I had brought Otis home to hold longer. It was just too abrupt a goodbye, one that I was not prepared for, and it has haunted me to this day.
    My love to that dear little girl and to you,

  84. I pray for a miracle, that Abi will be better, she will make a recovery in the presence of your love. I pray for you both, may all be well.

  85. So sorry to hear that – it’s always so hard. Just remember that you have done all you could and gave her a wonderful life. It’s all in God’s hands.

  86. Kidney Failure is what I thought was wrong with Abi. Twenty years ago our 15 year old 5 pound poodle died of kidney failure. He was having the same symptoms as Abi. My sister in law Vet who lives in VA and us in OH diagnosed our dog over the phone.As an RN I also recognized the symptoms of kidney failure. Thoughts and prayers to you. May God give you strength. Hugs and love to you.

  87. I am sorry. I hate this part of our babies lives. I just HATE it. I am sending you prayers of comfort. I never met your babies but do know that I loved them thru all of your stories.

  88. Brenda, there’s no words of comfort I can give you now. Our fur babies mean the world to us. I am thankful you will bring her home to be with you. You are in my thoughts. Love Annette

  89. I am so very sorry, Brenda. I know it’s hard to think of right now, but Abi will be at peace when she leaves here to go to the Happy Hunting Ground. That’s what we were raised to believe, and I think there is such a place where all animals go, for I cannot believe that animals have no souls, not when they love us without reservation, especially our dogs – they have been our steady companions since at least 16,000 years ago, maybe even longer. I think we will be reunited at some point with our loved and missed pets some day.

  90. Sending hugs to you, Abi and Charlie. Your joy and love is your two pupsters. Please know your readers will be here for you and Charlie during this sad time. Take as long as you need to be with your Abi, Kathleen, Zoe and Bella in Az


  92. Dear Brenda;
    I am so very sorry, my prayers are with you and Abi. May God be with you both.

  93. So so sorry about your precious Abi. Take all the time you need. Grief does not have a time limit. Love on her and she will feel your love.

  94. Oh Brenda I’m so very sorry to hear this news about Abi. I hope you are able to get some quality time with her. Please keep an eye out for Charlie as he’s going to need you down the road too. I’ll be thinking of you over the next few days. Carol

  95. My heart is breaking for you,Brenda. I’m so very sorry. You, Abi and Charlie are in my prayers.

  96. Brenda, I’m so sorry to hear about Abi. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  97. Dear Brenda, I’ve been reading your blog for years and have somewhat of an understanding into how much your value your doggies. I value my little doggie too. I am so earnestly sorry Abi is failing. You will be able to have some time with her. Heartfelt sympathy, Vicki

  98. I am so sorry. Know that you have given her the very best life she could have had. The only thing wrong with our pets is that they leave us too soon.

  99. I had to put down my dog Maci in October. She was 14+ and my best friend. Keep Abi comfortable and take all the time you need. I’m so very sorry.

  100. I’m so sorry, Brenda. Sending thoughts and prayers to you, Abi and Charlie.

  101. Oh my, Brenda – my heart is breaking for you and sweet Abi. Leaving hugs of comfort!

  102. I know the heartbreak of losing a beloved pet. So sorry Brenda. Abi is so lucky to have you in that you will take care of her every need. Sending loving thoughts. I feel for Charlie too, I am sure he is wondering what is happening.

  103. Please know that you have many friends who understand how hard this is. Bless you and Abi.

  104. Brenda,
    I’m so very sorry. May you and Abi find comfort in knowing how much you loved each other. You’re in my thoughts.

  105. Brenda, so sorry, so so very sorry. I even cry while I write this little note. My thoughts are with you, and I pray for a peace full passing.

    1. Brenda, I am so very sorry about your dear little Abi. Your heartache is being shared by all your friends. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

  106. Heartbreaking…. you are right …she should be home with her Mommy as soon as she can….. I am so very sorry ….

  107. Oh my, so very sorry to hear abut Abi…please know your readers are thinking of you and Charlie.

  108. I am so, so sorry to see this. My hugd abd prayers are sent with love.

  109. Brenda, so sorry to read the sad update. Difficult days. As you are doing, I too would want to spend every possible moment with her. Annette

  110. So sad to read this,Brenda.Take comfort in the wonderful,loving life you’ve given her…

  111. Brenda I am so sorry to hear the news about sweet Abi! I know what you are going through, it is so sad and hard to lose a loved pet. I just lost my cat of 22years. Our fur babies are true and loyal friends. Thoughts and prayers are with you!, Linda

  112. Brenda, I am so very sorry. I know you are heartbroken. You are such a loving and attentive mom to your babies. They have a wonderful life with you. Take all the time you need with Abi. My thoughts are with you as you go through this time.

  113. Oh Brenda,
    I know words do not help. I have been in your place of pain before.
    I have been and will continue to pray for you.
    I am so sorry.
    Blessings to you

  114. Brenda I am so terribly sorry, how awful for both you and Abi. I woke this morning at 5 AM and you were the first thing I thought of, you and Abi. I’m so sorry my friend, I wish there was something the vet could do. Hold that baby close and let her feel your love. xoxoxoxo

  115. I’m so heartbroken for you Brenda. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Abi, and Charlie. Just love on her for the previous time she has left.

    1. So sorry to hear about Abi. We went through the same thing with our beloved Wheaton Terrior, Snickers in January. We also brought her home to die …. was difficult to watch but we wanted her with us, just like you want Abi with you. So heartbroken to hear this news…. my syncerest sympathy.

    2. I am so very sorry. I went through this in January with my sweet baby girl, Sally, who was fourteen. There are no words for this kind of loss. One thing my vet said is that “the last thing she’ll remember is you petting her”. Didn’t ease the pain but did give me a little comfort.

    3. I’m so sorry. I have followed your blog along for years. Therefore I know how much she means to you. Please know others care and you are in my prayers

    4. I’m so very sorry. I lost my beloved 15 year old dog to heart failure in February. In the end when no more treatment was possible I chose to have the vet euthanize her humanely as I could not bear to let her suffer needlessly when she had no quality of life left. I held her and spoke to her as she left this world peacefully. It was the last gift I could give her. It brings me comfort to know that she had a wonderful life and she knew to the end that she was much loved. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your precious Abi.

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