1. Love the photos Brenda! I laughed at Ivy being a lethal weapon…but that is exactly what she is to bugs!! LOL Love and hugs!

  2. Such a beautiful park. Your pictures are so beautiful. I love all of them.
    Charlie and Ivy are so adorable. Sorry Charlie is not feeling well, hope he is better soon.

    I look forward to reading your Blog every day.

    Thank you so much for making my day a little better.

    Marilynn and Hayley

  3. Beautiful pictures, Brenda. We have a park just like this in our area. It’s amazing, such different parts of the country, yet it looks exactly the same…right down the willow tree!

  4. Thk you so much Brenda for this lesson in photography, your pictures are beautiful and very interesting. I will certainly remember this when I take photos next.

  5. Oh Charlie is like my little Sophie (Westie) with the tongue hanging out on the side! The cutest thing! I enjoyed your photos so much! Have a wonderful weekend Brenda.

  6. Hi, Brenda. I completed two of the three years of the photography course at our local community college some years ago and I think the tips you give in this post for getting interesting and artful photos are very good. You have a natural artistic talent for composing your shots and using creative focussing. Many people who are paid photographers aren’t able to do that as well as you do. I love seeing the nature shots you took at Swan Lake. It looks like a lovely place to visit. Those black swans are so gorgeous.

    I’m sorry to hear about Charlie’s health issues. Does the vet say what causes the heart to be enlarged? I hope he gets along well on the diuretic. He’s such a handsome guy. You couldn’t say that about just any guy with his tongue hanging out! On him it looks cute.

    No rainfall here today and not too cold so I got out and planted the new peony that I bought. Also worked on weeding and digging up some more of the bed I’m going to be moving my rose bushes to in the Spring. Also weeded around the iris I’ve been neglecting. I just can’t wait for Spring! In know that’s probably counter-productive as it’s going to be a long wait! But I do have my indoor plants to play with so that helps.

    Ivy cracks me up. Any moving thing or even non-moving things is fair game for her to play with it seems. Exploring her environment is just about her main endeavor in life at her age. The best thing about it is that it provides such great entertainment!

    Must close. Have a just-the-way-you-like-it weekend!

  7. Your pictures are great, Brenda. You have a natural eye for photography and it shines through on your blog.
    I love that Ivy Lou—nothing like a bit of a sassy cat. She is just adorable and must be a riot to watch.
    Have a lovely weekend- xo Diana

  8. I won’t ever take beautiful photos, but I like the way you help me to appreciate them by explaining them. I enjoyed them very much! I absolutely love the one of Ivy’s face, she is a wonderful cat. It’s nice to know she’s on top of things that might be crawling, flying, or slithering near you.

  9. You always take such beautiful photos & I enjoy that you share them.
    I am so in love with Ivy, what a character. Charlie’s expressions are priceless. So glad you are enjoying your little family.

  10. I’m loving all the pictures of Swam Lake Brenda! Thanks for the tips in photography too! It’s something I have been interested in doing for along time, but the kids came first, then the grands when they were smaller.
    Now it’s somewhat me time. I help my parents by cleaning their house, and bake their favs things. Make sure they eat healthy too.

    I need to ck out that website cuz I love iron work.
    I’m taking down my Halloween decorations and starting to put up Christmas ones. I put them up early to enjoy them cuz 1 month isn’t enough.

    I also put up my parents Christmas tree and decorations and bring a few of mine over…something more to look at for them.

    Other family members haven’t felt that great, so I’ll prob help them too. I love decorating esp for Christmas I go all out!
    Hope you’re having a great day with your pet babies! ?

  11. I just looked at her artwork – love the mermaids! Might order one for Stella.

    1. I have various things out on my patio that I got from her. She will also custom design for you, which I’ve had her do.

  12. I love the absolutely beautiful pictures. I always look forward to your daily posts, but the scenery is superb! Thank you for giving all of us a beautiful day.

  13. What a beautiful park and the pictures are very pretty. Ivy is ferocious and really seems to enjoy toying with her prey. Charlie is adorable with that little tongue sticking out. Enjoy your weekend!
    Carol and Molly

    1. Charlie and I got back from the vet a bit ago. I knew he wasn’t feeling well and was snapping at Ivy a lot. He has an enlarged heart and fluid on the lungs. So a diuretic. Joy, joy.

  14. What a wonderful tour of the park; felt like I was right there with you because the photos were just awesome. No wonder you enjoy that camera so much; you have quite a way with capturing light, texture, plants, animals, etc.

    Charlie’s tongue is too cute and Ivy’s eyes are beautiful.

    Have a great Friday.

  15. Thank you, Brenda, for the many photo-taking tips you have given me here. I take lots of photos but they come out mostly generic and these tips will help immensely! It goes without saying that these photos you have posted today are JUST FABULOUS and you could easily sell them to nature magazines!

    1. Another thing I ALWAYS do. I resize them so they load faster. I size my photos to 500 px. I also crop. Sometime I can get 3 photos out of 1 by cropping with Picmonkey.

  16. I love your photos, and you really have a knack for making them interesting. My brother is much like you when he takes pictures. He has different cameras, but he mostly takes photos with a 3D camera, and like your photos, there is usually an item that is front left or right, to give more of the 3D look. But you do need the special viewer to see the dimension. He has many cool photos of trips he has taken, makes you feel like you are there in the photo, when you are looking at them.

  17. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful way to spend the day.

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