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After Christmas Winter Decorating

I’ve put away my Christmas tree and taken the red tub I had it in back outside. Now I’m focusing on after Christmas winter decor.

So how is Christmas decor different from winter decor? I’m about to show you.

winter decor scene vignette

First, you don’t have to put away all your Christmas decor:

As you’re starting to put away the Christmas decor, take another look at some of the items that you used. Could they also be used for winter decor?

I’m referring to green trees and little decor items that could be either/or. Like the little white birds with winter caps. They were sitting on my kitchen shelves for Christmas. But they fit perfectly in a winter vignette as well.

The netting/snow can stay out. Snow isn’t just for Christmas. I’ve layered it in this vintage suitcase as a base for my winter trees.

winter decor scene vignette

Tips for finding cheap winter decor:

I know many of you won’t take down your Christmas decor until New Years or after. But the reason I wanted to write this post today was to give you a couple of little tips.

I was in Reasor’s, my local grocery store, yesterday. I had to pick up a couple of things. They always have lots of decor right in front. The Christmas decor was 50% off.

I didn’t want any Christmas decor per se. I didn’t even buy a thing to decorate for Christmas this year.

However, it occurred to me to walk around all the displays and look for items I could use for winter decor that was half price.

The wood bead strand above was half off. So was the little bear in between the birds. And the cedar tree off to the far right. The wood slice was not on sale, but it was a good buy at $3.99.

what I purchased for winter decor:

  • Wood beads: $3.49
  • Cement sitting bear: $.85
  • Cedar tree wrapped in paper: $1.75
  • Wood slice: $3.99

Each item I purchased can be used in year round decorating.

winter decor scene vignette

How the vignette goes together:

So now let’s look at how I put this scene together. I already had the largest tree situated at the back of the suitcase. I purchased it for about $3 last year at the same grocery store.

  • First I brought out my vintage suitcase to begin as a base
  • Then used the same white netting from my Christmas tree and layered it
  • I added one of my framed horse photos in the back
  • Then I happened to find fairy lights in my closet to add to the netting
  • I situated three trees of various sizes on the netting/snow
  • Arranged the wood beads
  • After that I added a white pitcher filled with faux lamb’s ear on the wood slice
  • Then I added two little faux plants; one is the cedar-like plant that was half of
  • I arranged the birds on the wood slice
  • Then added the little sitting cement bear that was $.85
  • And cut some sprigs of lamb’s ear to tuck in here and there.

winter decor scene vignette

Thrifty Tip ~ Frame your own photography:

By the way, each framed photo you see are ones I took myself and had prints made a few years ago. That is a very cheap way to acquire artwork for your walls, etc.

This sewing machine table is perfect to use for vignettes. I’ve been lugging it around from place to place for years.

winter decor scene vignette

Picking through your stash:

When you’re building a vignette, look in your stash and bring out items you might want to use. You’ll do a lot of editing and will put some back in storage. But it’s nice to have everything out to look at and decide on.

Start with one thing, like my vintage suitcase, and build from there. As you add each decor item, your vignette will begin to take shape. I always take a few steps back and end up editing and redoing.

For me to put together this vignette, I had to fight both Charlie and Ivy. Charlie didn’t want to get out of the photo.

charlie on couch arm

Ivy went berserk and tried to take off with everything I got out. I put the long tobacco basket that I didn’t end up using in my vignette over to the side. And this is what happened.

Ivy in tobacco basket

Ivy Wanted everything on the table:

And that was Ivy on her best behavior. She of course went for the netting. I picked her up and the netting came up in her claws. So I had to put her down and start all over again.

Then she went crazy for the twinkle lights that are electric and had to be plugged in. I fought her for some time with those fairy lights.

She went for the wood beads and it took me awhile to distract her from them.

winter vignette

I don’t know how many times I picked her up off the sewing machine table and put her down on the floor.

So that’s my winter decorating. I just hope Ivy leaves it alone.



  1. I love this little winter vignette and until I got to the end of your post was wondering how in the world you could put it together without being interrupted by Ivy. Well, I found out at the end – ha ha! I just took down my Christmas stuff today and plan to leave a few things out for winter too. Some are just too pretty to put away yet. 🙂

  2. So beautiful. You do have a knack for simple but beautiful decorating. I love it.

    Love the picture of Charlie, he is so cute. Ivy sure is testing you, but I hope she will not ruin your display.

    Have a wonderful day

  3. That Ivy, lol! And it’s almost as if Charlie feels he is missing out on the attention that Ivy gets when you are wrestling her for everything in sight! He’s saying “Look at me mom, I’m bad too!”… but of course he’s not, he’s a sweet angel :o)

    I love, love your winter decor! I’ve been scouring Pinterest looking for ideas on how to transition from Christmas to winter. I’m sure lots of other people are doing the same so I’m pinning your ideas so others can be inspired! I’m focusing mostly on my fireplace mantle for some cozy winter decor, I think I’ll have it done today and then can post about it soon!


  4. I love this look! This vignette is beautiful. I took down all my Christmas decor on the 26th – couldn’t stand to look at it anymore. But I haven’t put my house back together yet. Brian’s home on vacation and I need to be alone and have no distractions as I putter. I’m feeling a bit agitated right now, to be honest.

  5. Brenda, you are so talented. That little vignette is just perfect with all the interesting little touches. I love the idea of the netting with the fairy lights under it. Sorry, it was so interesting to Ivy! She’s a scamp, that girl! And there is Charlie, so photogenic and looking a bit above it all.

    Decorating for Winter is a new concept for me. I usually leave most of my Christmas decor up until the sixth of January which is Epiphany on the Christian calendar and was my maternal grandfather’s birthday. He’s the only grandfather I had a relationship with so I like to honor him in that way. I didn’t get a lot of decorating done for Christmas this year compared to other years since I’ve not been feeling real well. But I may just rummage around and bring out a few things for some Winter interest. I love the green trees you’ve used and I have a ton of the little bottle brush trees. I could set up a forest, I think! And add a deer or two. One of the other readers mentioned how we need Winter decor to brighten the grey days we’re having during the next few months and I couldn’t agree more.

    Hope your weekend is peaceful. As peaceful as is possible with Ivy Lou racing around and getting into mischief!

    ps–I wish you were my neighbor, too!

  6. Oh those trees in the suitcase are just too sweet. I’m keeping my lights up. I need a little sunshine, even if I have to fake it. 😉

  7. Brenda, I just wanted to say how much I thoroughly have enjoyed binging this week on your blog. What a delightful woman you are. I have so many similar experiences in my life, so I can truly relate to you on so many levels. I found your blog by happenstance from over at Rues blog. Your blog name was so cute and I fell down the rabbit hole. I’m so happy to have found You! Much love Dear sweet one. I’ll swim over for a visit again. Have a wonderful weekend. Muawhhhh!

  8. I love the vintage suitcase and your decorating with your trees, so clever. Ivy Lou is one busy bee and Charlie had a little attitude too. They enrich our lives and this article had me smiling. I put Christmas away on the 26th, but I didn’t put out a lot and I like the “less is more”. Enjoy your Friday evening.

    Carol and Molly

  9. Brenda, this is just tooooo cute!! I love it! I always struggle with transitioning from Christmas to winter decor…I love some of the Christmas things and want them out for winter but I don’t want them to look Christmas-y. Your vignette is a great idea and I love the green with the white! Love and hugs!

  10. I am in Florida right now and my son and daughter in laws house. They were both raised in Michigan and have only lived in Florida for one year. I can’t wait to get home and put more of my winter decor out.

    I only decorate with trees and snowman for Christmas so I can leave those out for winter.

  11. I think your display looks lovely, and it’s nice that you can enjoy it throughout the winter. Ivy sure is a little stinker! I’m glad our cats are older now. They’ve gotten most of their mischievousness out of their system. When our middle one was still young, she was obsessed with gnawing the corner of my recipe notebook. If any page was sticking out of the top just a bit, she’d nibble that, too! Consequently, I have recipe pages with baby teeth hole marks in them… lol! They’re fond memories of days gone by, and sometimes I miss those days.

  12. Well let me tell you about my Christmas vacation… My new phone crashed on the way to the beach. Then it started raining yesterday and I got flustered and locked my keys in my car. Had to have someone come and unlock it. Then coming home in the pouring rain, I realized that I had left Priss’ new haulter and leash hanging in the cottage! I felt like I might as well be at the Griswolds family christmas!!!

  13. Hi. Your winter vignette is a soothing touch. Years ago I decided to not decorate with any Santas. I only use things decorated with snowmen, deer, and trees. It seems to me like these things can sit out a while longer since they don’t seem strictly for Christmas. Birds and bears, cows and horses also are good for the winter! I really like how you kept the palette really simple with white, green and brown. Thanks!

  14. I’m in love with that vignette. The greens and browns are beautiful with each other. And all those textures together…perfect! I also just read yesterday’s post and I wonder if some catnip sprinkled into Ivy’s cat condo would entice her into spending some time in it.

    1. I’m going to order catnip with my next Chewys order. I thought to go with blue. But with the photos above the sewing machine table and what I had, I just went with greens and browns.

  15. You have such good ideas for putting together vignettes that can be adapted to what others may have on hand. Thanks for sharing. The lighted tulle for a snowy effect is such a pretty accent.

  16. Everything is so pretty. I’m leaving the trees up for awhile. It’s a great idea as it always seems kinda empty after the Decorations are packed up. I have an old sewing machine and would like to put some type of top on it after I take the machine out. Is yours secured on?

  17. Sounds busy at your place!!! My Christmas decorations are very neutral, whites, greens so a lot stays up longer than most peoples. I will be packing away the colored ornaments first. We had them when we had big trees and I do still enjoy the satin ball ornaments, very plain but gorgeous colors. I love what you did with the suitcase. I have several and think I might drag them out to see what I can do. Nice idea.

    I love seeing Charlie in the photos and well, Ivy, such a cute pill, isn’t she?

    1. The pets have eaten and are now having their afternoon nap after all the morning antics. I wish I had more vintage suitcases. Mine is falling apart.

  18. Some yrs I take my decorations down right away and the last few years I’ve left them up longer. Then I put up my Spring decos, wishing for Spring faster! ?

    I would tell Ivy no, while smacking a newspaper near her. If it didn’t work, then I would pick her up and put her in the bedroom and close the door for alittle while. I hope that would make Ivy understand that she can’t jump up there and leave your decos alone.

    That’s funny that Charlie wants his picture taken now!

  19. Brenda,
    You always do such pretty vignettes, and this winter design is lovely. Good luck with Ivy! She thinks you just bought her a lot of new toys ?

  20. Brenda, I love it all! We actually leave all of our Christmas up until the Feast of the Epiphany and then I still leave a few things out, as you said Christmas and winter decor can be used interchangeably. I leave bowls of pine cones and some little trees with lights because I think they brighten a winter day and night.

    Your vignette is beautiful, love the little bear, beads and wood slice.

    Enjoy your day with your cuties!

    1. When I lived in what is considered the piney woods of East Texas, I had plenty of pine cones. Now I don’t think I have even one.

  21. Oh, Brenda, everything looks so wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. How wish you were my neighbor!

      1. And, we are blessed! I haven’t started decorating my new apartment because I have no one to share it with either. It’ll happen!

  22. Cute vignette, Brenda!!!

    Oh that little rascal Ivy, she sure does liven things up around there, doesn’t she? Our tree always stays up until after January 6th, which is not only Little Christmas but also my dad’s birthday. He would have been 81.

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