Planting For Fall & Spring

I’ve been planting for fall and spring. In other words, I’m planting in the fall for spring blooms. Which means fall bulbs.
But there are also plants that like cooler weather like we have in the fall. These are mums, pansies and kale.
Yesterday I planted bulbs and flowers. In these bigger pots, I have about five tulips of varying colors, then the fall plants are on top.
The fall plants are pansies, kale, mums, and I added a cone flower. I hope it makes it through the winter.
Previously my cone flowers have not come back. And they’re perennials, so I had my hopes high.
I’m so glad I got this new bird feeder for my cardinal couple.
Sitting here this morning at my computer, I’ve seen them eating there multiple times. Then taking advantage of the cobalt blue bird baths.
The cardinals tend to stay year round.
As you can see, I have plants all over the place. But I love it. I love the varying shapes and textures and shades of colors.
It is such a treat to walk out my patio door and see all the color and pretty blooms. I really like gardening in containers on a patio surface instead of grass.
Kale is a fall favorite of mine because of its colors and veins and texture. I like this particular one contrasting against the red pot.
For added interest and color, I have my vintage child’s wagon with various colored gazing balls here on the patio.
With all the varied pots and ornamental grasses and garden art, this patio is my happy place.
So don’t forget to plant your spring bulbs. When the mums fade away, then winter will arrive and the plants will hibernate. Then we will be anxiously awaiting spring blooms. 
I hope to see my tulips then. 


  1. I did not know that you could put bulbs under pansies. I always thought they had to be refrigerated and then planted in December! I will have to try that.

  2. I started using colorful bowling balls for gazing balls. I spray them with marine polyurethane to keep them sparkling. I love your calm, secluded and charming patio.

  3. I love your patio, Brenda. I know you truly relax out there and enjoy your free time. I love your idea of planting the tulip bulbs under the fall flowers! I have a lot of different pots on my patio, too, it's where I get the most sun. To keep them from crowding each other out and to elevate the smaller pots, I use those metal plant holders that lift the pot up about 2 feet or so. You know, the top is round and the pot just fits in it. I find them at the dollar store super cheap and in all colors.

    The weather is gorgeous here. I did get some mums and hope to do a post today.

    Jane xx

  4. All of your cobalt blue accents are really eye catching and pretty. I love cobalt blue used outdoors.

    I have never tried planting bulbs in containers before. I may give it a try this year. One year I forgot to plant my bulbs until December 23. They bloomed the following spring. This fall I am going to search for some bulbs for giant red tulips and I want to plant some snow drop bulbs and some more hyacinths.

    That is a nice bird feeder. I hope you get some more birds stopping by your place. Your little cardinal couple is so cute.

  5. Love the fall foliage and flowers! The addition of the plants around the wagon does make a wonderful focal point.
    I haven't done any fall gardening…our summer was late getting here and it never really got hot like it usually does. But when it did…the grasshoppers finally came. Blech!
    So…I just didn't plant.
    Everything is dry now…and starting to look so fallish. I would love to get some bulbs into the ground for late winter and early spring though.
    love your patio garden Brenda!

  6. HI Brenda and I'm so glad you got to dig in the dirt. I love the way your plantings look on your patio! The color peeping through looks wonderful! I don't have any birds at all in my backyard and it is upsetting me. The folks we bought the house from left a few things. I looked and saw a big owl that was left on the patio! Do you think this could be keeping the birds away? I know folks used those on the island to keep the doves and pigeons away, Anyway, I poked that owl in the garage.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing your pretty garden. Cardinals are so pretty. Don't usually see them around here until mid to late Dec. into Jan. and Feb.
    I was tempted to buy mums this weekend, but it is not unusual to still have some pretty warms days this time of the year, so will wait a while so they might make it thru till Thanksgiving.
    Have a great week.

  8. Thanks, Brenda, for sharing your lovely garden, and your encouragement. I have several packs of bulbs waiting to be planted, and will get out to do them tomorrow – thanks to you! Have a great week, Chris x

  9. Your Cardinal feeder is so different than any I've seen in my neck of the woods.. Really nice ! Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal are beautiful.
    You're smart to plant your bulbs under the fall plants.. I should do that after the frost kills the annuals I have planted in pots.
    Everything looks so fresh and happy on your patio.. I like the idea of you building a snowman on it this winter..
    Have a wonderful week.

  10. Brenda..I am just totally amazed at what you have done with your patio..When you first moved there I she really going to like not having a yard to dig in..well you certainly showed me didn't you..I should have known that you and your talents would blossom no matter where you were planted..You are truly an inspiring lady Brenda..Also..I will be looking forward to seeing those Tulips in the Spring!

  11. I'm glad that you finally got some pretty Fall plants. I know you've been wanting some. I love kale too. It looks so nice mixed in with the flowers. I always forget about planting bulbs for Spring. I should do that! I would like to look forward to Spring flowers.

  12. hallo, brenda, danke für die wunderschönen garten,- und blumenbilder!!! hab einen schönen sonntag!!! liebe grüße von angie aus deutschland

  13. What a wonderful idea to plant spring bulbs under the fall plants! I agree with Susan–the jewel tones of the gazing balls is a terrific focal point to gather lots of plants around. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  14. Brenda, you're so talented!! I love your patio garden and the wagon of gazing balls is a fabulous touch. I, too, like to decorate my fence. Have a great day!!

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