1. I am seeing this post late. Love your wall..so nice. Your home should definitely be decorated to please you..not anyone else. :0) … Nice and “cozylittlehouse”..love it….. I know you have been to doctor again already, but its beyond me why they would not have initially prescribed antibiotic and/or pain relief pills. So sad you were treated so unprofessionally and therefore suffered so much. I hope you have a good and restful day today.

  2. ?Brenda,
    Happy you have had a little rest &
    Even in your discomfort and pain
    You still give fully from your heart to
    keep us “all your friends” that love
    and care about your wellbeing. updated?
    Please, may we all make a medical
    list for our wallet, family, and drs hospitals.even on good days I do well to know day of week.
    When having to answer a zillion questions My mind spins & I can’t recall s…especially any medical visit I ask them to make copy for my file
    Hope your night is surrounded with a
    peaceful mind and rest.
    ???good night

  3. Brenda, your gallery wall is to die for! You have it arranged beautifully and the cow pictures are wonderful.

    I second the advice to not go back to that doctor. Get to a dentist right away. I am betting you have infection in your mouth. If you don’t have a regular dentist or if that’s who did the surgery just call around and find one who is taking new patients. I think the one who treated you was very careless, especially not prescribing some mouth rinse and pain meds. Good grief–how could someone in that position be so careless of his patient. The advice about using a saline rinse was good, too. I mix a tablespoon of sea salt in a cup of boiling water and let it cool before using.
    I hope you get some relief very soon. Between this and the shingles shot you have had more than your share of pain for the next year, I think.

    Hope you get this resolved asap. You can’t just keep taking Norco indefinitely for heaven’s sake.

    I hope to hear that you are better tomorrow and were able to sleep during the night.

  4. Go see a neurologist. One told me I had a reaction to the shingles virus. It stirred up my immune system and I suffered face nerve pain for a year. Dental work exacerbated it. Tremendously. The pain hit worse til my teeth felt like they were on fire. Yes. I have a high pain threshold but pain wears one down. She took the pain seriously and gave me Tylenol with codeine. Not thirty but fifteen. Why can’t legitimate careful use of well understood pain killers be utilized if needed? Doctor and patients working responsibly together to achieve medically necessary care. The ideal. Nerve pain often takes longer to resolve. I’d suggest seeing a neurologist right away. Just a humble suggestion. I hope you find a resolution quickly.

  5. I love your gallery wall. Is it safe to have the TV on top of the fireplace while it’s on – the heat from the fireplace doesn’t heat up the TV??

    I’m so glad you’re not seeing that dr. again. And so sorry you’ve had to go through all this pain. Just awful.

  6. You should have been put on an antibiotic right after the cyst was removed. It is a good idea to take an advocate with you EVERY TIME you go to any doctor for anything these days. Medical care has changed so much in the last 25 or so years that there are a lot of mistakes made. Have your daughter or a friend go with you, take notes, and ask questions. You really get much better care that way. I can attest to it!

  7. I love the wall and agree its what you love to look at I got dry socket after a dental procedure it sounds like what your experiencing definitely will have to see someone about it is there some one else in the group. Feel better soon

  8. Please go to a doctor. Perhaps you can get a recommendation from someone you know for a reliable dentist. It certainly shouldn’t be getting worse!! Please go get it looked at. It could be worsening. Best Regards Vicki

  9. your gallery wall is beautiful!! I understand about the dr. I had a podiatrist that just had to treat a small, tiny callus under one of my toes. Well now the whole foot has a huge callus in the arch, a blood blister, hurts all the time and doesn’t even look like my foot. Sometimes!!!!!

  10. You should never return to that dentist, but you need to find another one. Pick out a nice looking office near you, it’s a crap shoot no matter what. You should have been given a prescription for a rinse. Use salt water until you can get the antibiotic rinse you need. I have those same two cow pictures, I think I told you before. I take them down occasionally, put them in different places and I love them too much to donate them to the thrift store. I sincerely hope you feel better soon, I’m glad you got the norco.

    1. He was an ear, nose and throat doctor. I don’t have dental insurance and knew I’d paid my deductible so this would be much cheaper.

  11. Dear Brenda, if your doctor does not address your issues today or if you just don’t feel confident with your treatment/diagnosis, consider going to a **hospital-based urgent care**, such Ascension – St. John in the Tulsa area. In my experience I would not go to a freestanding urgent care; urgent cares connected to a hospital seem to provide a better level of service. Thinking of you.

  12. Oh Brenda, chronic pain is the worse!!! Do find another doctor and stay with them until you get help. Do research and find the best in your area. I have lived with chronic pain for the past 40 years so I understand. Your Ivy is precious! Pets are so entertaining, they truly make out lives better. Love your gallery wall. My home is decorated in farmhouse too. Such a comfortable feel to it. Take care of yourself and find that doc soon.

  13. Your area around the fireplace looks so great!! So sorry you are so ill…I agree with the rest, you need expert care…and these days one has to go to the ER for about everything!! I would not trust the guy who did the surgery as far as I could throw him!! Doesn’t even sound like a real oral surgeon!! If you are going into see that nut…I would appear…I would not wait for an appt!! Believe me, if you sit in their office telling others why you are there etc…they won’t want their other patients scared off!!

  14. Brenda,

    Your pain sounds so very familiar. I have Trigeminal Neuralgia. If this what you have it is nothing to mess with. The pain is debilitating. I’m sorry to say, but yes the sore in your mouth could be the cause or the shock. Either one could have irritated that nerve. I have the luck of having this on both sides of my face.
    Until you can find a good doctor I’ll tell you what I do to avoid a flare up. If it is windy outside I make sure my ears are covered, and I avoid breezy drafts in the house (fans blowing on me). It seems the breeze causes the nerve to ZING into action.
    During a flare, up this works for me (might not for you) I sip the iciest cold water I can get. I hold it in my mouth on that side until it is no longer cold, and repeat. I will also hold an ice cold cloth in my mouth on that side for when I don’t want a drink. I sleep with an ice pack wrapped in a towel on that side of my face, and am propped up a bit.
    I went to many, many doctors before getting a diagnosis. My diagnosis finally came from a GP whom, I had never seen before. He knew what it was before even looking at me.
    My suggestion would be that when making an appointment somewhere tell them you suspect you have trigeminal neuralgia. I’m sending a link that will have more information for you.


    Good Luck to you. When I say this I totally mean it…I understand your pain.

    1. Oh my word! I didn’t even think of that. I’ve had trigeminal neuralgia a number of times. Maybe that was part of it.

  15. I love love love your farmhouse wall. My grandson just had his wisdom teeth extracted. There is all kinds of bacteria in our mouths. You absolutely are doing too much. If you are uncomfortable or scared pls don’t hesitate to go to minor emergency. I know u don’t want to but I wld call the Dr that did it right away and get back in there TODAY!!!

  16. I am glad you are at least seeing the dr and getting it looked at. As someone said you can switch to another ENT later. The wall looks terrific and especially with the new curtains.

  17. I LOVE, love your gallery wall above the fire place and TV. Just looks like it “should be” just as you have created it. It is you!
    I cannot believe you are going through this kind of pain. I find it hard to believe, that when you called for pain pills, that the doctor who performed your surgery, didn’t have you come back to see him ASAP. You could very well have an infection, that could end up putting you in the hospital. I will keep you in my prayers, good luck with your appointment!!!

  18. Brenda,
    I have never written a reply to a blog before, but wanted to tell you that when I had oral surgery many years ago, the dentist did tell me to take it easy for a few days, but I just had to vacuum and such as inspectors were coming the next day or two. Lo and behold I got an huge abscess as big as a baby’s head and when I went back in for him to lance it, he knew immediately that I had not taken it easy, Quite possibly this might have happened, you might have overdone it…..BTW, I love the gallery above your fireplace

  19. Hi Brenda,
    I had a wisdom tooth removed about a year ago, and a few weeks later I came down with sinusitis. The worst pain ever for seven days, worst than child birth. Imagine 7 days nonstop pain, only took orc tylenol, I had pressure in cheeks and a headache that wouldn’t quit. Also had symptoms of cold.
    You might have an infection. Every time there is any kind of oral procedure we’re exposed to anything.
    Feel better!
    Love the gallery wall too!

  20. It may be time to head for the emergency room. They can diagnose and treat and give you care instructions. Please let someone know that you’re going or go with one of your daughters. Safety and support. I hope you feel better soon.

  21. Please go asap to another doc. The shock made it something other than a simple procedure! I always go by the rule that if it is worsening each day then I need to have it checked.

  22. I wouldn’t trust that doctor who did the removal to do right by you. You need to see a different doctor ASAP. I agree with the others, you could have an infection and that’s not something to wait on.

    1. I know. But it’s the quickest way to see if it’s infected. Then I can call my primary care doctor and see about getting to another ENT.

  23. Brenda, I hope doctor can tell you what is going on and hopefully it is not an infection. Don’t drive if you are in too much pain or not well, you could get hurt.

    Love your new fireplace and the gallery wall.

  24. Brenda, I’ve had a similar situation that suddenly went from bad to worse and found myself in the hospital because the infection from a simple root canal procedure entered my bloodstream, and also reached the bone in my jaw. This happens very suddenly! Get yourself to the doctor or ER. This is potentially a serious situation. The dental office will take no responsibility and frankly, they make the mess and someone else must deal with it.

    1. I just made an appointment for 2:30 today with the doctor who removed the cyst. Don’t really want to go back there, but I figure it’s the fastest way to go about this. I hate the ER.

  25. Your place looks terrific! Please do us all a favor and head to a minute clinic, immediately. I have had great luck with them and hope you will too! Feel better soon.

  26. Brenda,
    You should not be in that kind of pain and suffering like you are. Please get to another doctor asap in case this is infected or you have something else going on. You need help now and not later. I am very concerned about you.
    Your gallery wall looks great above the fireplace. In spite of everything else, I’m amazed that you were able to do it. As always, you made it look wonderful.
    Please take care of yourself and try to see a difference doctor very soon.

    1. Better get an antibiotic … To prevent something like sepsis from happening.

  27. I would NEVER go back to that doctor or dentist again! unbelievable treatment. unacceptable!
    I hope you have relief soon. I’m sure the stress of the apartment management hasn’t helped either.
    your gallery wall over the fireplace is beautiful! I think ‘bo ho’ is totally eclectic. it can be whatever pleases you! that’s the beauty of it really. and why it never looks ‘done’ … like in some magazines.
    it’s just wonderfully free spirited. and so are you!

  28. Like the other commenter on a rinse, perhaps a saltwater rinse every so often, as one would for wisdom teeth removal would help. I’m sure coughing is not helpful. I hope you feel better soon.

    I love the wall and the new curtains. I’m not much for sticking to a certain type of style and really think a mix of styles, as you have, is much more interesting and inviting. I love it and love the color you put back into your apartment. (i.e. red drapes) It all looks wonderful!

  29. Oh, I forgot to tell you how much I love your fireplace and gallery wall. So invitingly warm and cozy!

  30. Oh, Brenda… hope things heal well and the pain subsides. Maybe you need to see another doctor to make sure no infection has set in. Don’t wait any longer if that could be the case.

  31. I would go back in and get rechecked. You may need antibiotics. Sending healing thoughts….

  32. Oh Brenda, that’s awful – I wonder if it might be infected? Are you supposed to do a mouth rinse or anything to keep infection at bay?

    Your gallery wall looks wonderful!! Such a cozy spot, at least you have that to comfort you.

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