It is raining and thundering. It will be steamy today. Charlie has more problems when it rains. Otherwise I would welcome it. He’s doing okay, curled up next to me.

Ivy was eating and heard a crack of thunder and came running to me. That cat doesn’t like being picked up. She doesn’t like being held. Ivy isn’t a lap cat by any means.

I heard yesterday that the owner of the complex finally sold this place. He thought he sold it a few years ago. The investors put down money then walked away.

I have looked online to see if there is any place worth looking at where I could move, though I would hate to relocate. There really isn’t a place that is what I need right now.

Rent houses are way out of my price range, regardless of where they are or what condition they’re in. Plus I don’t need grass to have to deal with.

And I can’t bear the thought of someone living above me in an apartment. Places like where I live are very uncommon.

Ivy is mesmerized by the air purifiers. Of course Ivy gets interested in anything around her that is new. Since this is her whole little world, I imagine that’s understandable.

The rain is really coming down now. I can see it pouring off the gutters that are always full because they never get cleaned out. And I’m not going to get on a ladder and do it myself. They’re supposed to do it, but they don’t get around to it.

See the pretty etched glass container in front of my sugar jars? I found it marked down at the grocery store the other day.

It is like a Parmesan cheese container with holes in the lid. I have baking soda in it that I use to clean with. I just thought it was really pretty for the price.

Charlie has had his diuretic and keeps wanting out. The water is almost up to the back step, so I opened the front door hoping he would go out on the covered porch.

Usually he makes a run for it. But I figured he wouldn’t in this downpour.

He headed onto the sidewalk and I told him to come back. Normally he would just keep running. I’ve never been able to break him of that. But the silly dog just stood in the pouring rain and wouldn’t come to me.

I had to go out in the rain and get him.

My vegetable plants are pretty much officially kaput. I still have peppers but the sun turns them brown before they’re ready to pick.

If I grow vegetables next year, I’m going to have to figure out how to do something different than I’m doing now.

I’m now watching “Wanted” on Netflix. Two strangers, women waiting at a bus stop, are forced to go on the run together after witnessing a carjacking. They’re then framed for murder by a corrupt police officer. It is an Australian film.

It’s okay but not as good as “Rectify.” But that show would be hard to top.

I sometimes try to put myself in the actor’s shoes under the circumstances they’re in in the TV show. What would I do if I witnessed a crime and then found that the very people I should be able to trust were corrupt and wanted me dead?

Where would I go? What would I do? In this age of technology, you can be tracked by your phone and using a debit or credit card. You can virtually be tracked with CCTV cameras. It would be very hard to hide.

Any ideas what you would do?

Well, I’ve already lost my internet signal once, so I’d better sign off. I’m meeting my daughter for lunch soon anyway.

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  1. Sure hope the new owners make it even better if rent goes up…I know that “they” say we should embrace change..but it is not always a good I understand your feelings right now. I would still have in the wall phones if up to me…lol…………..I hope Nathan is able to keep his job there. I hate to see folks who are really working hard and trying to lose their jobs. I have two large jars I was recently gifted from sister n’law and am enjoying as coffee storage. Love the new jar..great idea with baking soda. Have a blessed weekend and hope you and daughter had a yummi lunch..

  2. I really like your new baking soda container, it’s so pretty! I’d like to do the same – what do you use the baking soda for in cleaning, as a scour powder?

  3. Wanted to suggest shows on Netflix you might enjoy. First all I suggest are mystery snows but current day. Broadchurch , Hinterland and if not seen on PBS .Sherlock is the best it put Benedict Cumberbatch on the map. Last Secret City is a Australian really good one. Hope this gives you more to watch.

  4. Really hoping for the best for you & Nathan, too with the new owners.
    I really like watching Wanted & Anne with an E is an awesome show to watch, I can’t wait for the new season to start….
    A new show I watched this week was Chambers!…a young girl living with her uncle has a heart attack, and has to have a heart transplant…parents of the daughter whose heart she got befriended her…she starts having weird dreams & feelings about her heart donor… suspenseful show…

    In the Dark was great show…blind girl becomes friends with a young guy on the street…lots of twists & turns in this one..the ending was a big surprise to me…

    And I thought you would like Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries….I loved, loved it…set back in 20’s or 30’s, she’s a private investigator daring to wear long pants and she’s a little comical, too…..sorta of like Agitha Christie show..

    Last Tango in Halifax was another show I enjoyed a lot…

    Outlander is awesome, awesome…there 2 seasons on Netflix…..but it’s a Starz show, back in January I signed up with Starz for a promotional fee of $5.00 a month for 3 months just to watch Outlander…then it shows up on Netflix…sighhh, but I was happy to be able to watch seasons 4 & 5 ..

  5. Since you have done your research and know how lucky you are to have no one upstairs, a private patio, and a beautifully decorated home, I’d agree with several other commenters that you stay put. I know a rent increase might be forthcoming, but if the new owners fix things promptly, it will be worth it, even though it might necessitate cutting back on a few things every month. Not having to find something else and move (hard on Charlie, too, although Ivy would probably say “Hey! This is cool! New stuff to get into!”) has value too – offsetting an increase. I’d hate to see you relocate, become all excited, and then find out you have a stinky neighbor, or an area targeted by thieves, or no safe area for your pets and plants. BOOO to that!

  6. Hi Brenda, Did you have to pay to watch Rectify? I went to start watching it last night and it ‘s $2.99 an episode. Sigh! Really wanted to see it but I won’t pay ….already pay enough for Netflix! Very humid here in Iowa today. I think this is what they call the “dog days” of summer. Whisker kisses for Ivy and gentle pets for Charlie!! Diane

  7. Since you liked Rectify, I think you would like Broadchurch. We enjoyed it very much. Our most favorite show thus far has been Longmire. I really like it when your other readers make suggestions for Netflix shows. It gives me ideas to try as well.
    I sure hope we get some of that rain you’re having. Have a good weekend!

  8. I hope things continue well for you & the others if the apartment complex has sold. Seems like a very good place for you & your fur babies & you have the apartment fixed so perfectly. I always enjoy your beautiful plants, decorating & the little ones. You get me motivated to decorate & change things along the way, thank you for all you do & for sharing it with us all. A series on Netflix that I loved & think you might too is called Anne with an E, there are 2 seasons & it says a 3rd season is coming soon. Its a wonderful story about a little girl who is adopted. Take care!

  9. Hope everything works out for you in the rent situation. We had a strong thunderstorm last night.

  10. Oh I do hope whoever owns the complex realizes the worth of Nathan. I know he has been a Godsend to you and I’m sure he is an excellent employee as well. Plus I’m praying they keep him for the sake of his children. The high nineties have returned to SC and not ready for winter but I am looking forward to autumn. Poor Charlie and poor you too having to go out in torrential rains. Hope your lunch with your daughter was nice.

  11. I hope any new owner doesn’t raise the rent to outrageous prices so you can stay where you are. You are so lucky to have a patio big enough for your plants and flowers. Also it’s wonderful that you are allowed your fur babies. I hope Nathan will be able to stay and continue to work there. It’s too bad he can’t get his Home Study done while he is in his current apartment. I hope he doesn’t have to pay a lot for the home study. I wish him the best.
    After a few viewings of Wanted, I really got into it.and am awaiting their next new season. I haven’t seen Rectify yet. I’ll have to check it out sometime soon.

  12. Silly Charlie, what a goofball standing out in the rain!! We have had some severe storms here this summer, including one just yesterday that blew in like a tornado and knocked out the power twice. I do love a good storm, but sometimes they can be frightening, worrying about a tree coming down!

  13. Oh I am so hoping you get to stay there. I agree it might be worthwhile to pay more for rent than move. We don’t have apts out here like you have either with that great patio. I will
    Keep my fingers and toes crossed for good things to come of this sale.

    1. I’m sure I’ll stay here. Not healthy enough to move right now and Charlie sure isn’t. There is no place I could go that would give him a little patio yard like this.

  14. Here in New York, it’s very difficult to find a place that allows pets.. My main reason for staying in my place, it belongs to an acquaintance and it needs a ton of work, but the rent is crazy cheap and my kitties are more than welcome.

  15. The apts we live in are very quiet. If you could find a newer 55+ place, it might be ok for you. I think the problems however would be in finding a place that lets you have pets plus a nice patio or deck to grow plants on. I hope things will remain cheap enough for you to stay there as you really like it.

    1. There are I think two 55+ places in town. They both are older and have two levels. Plus there were several other things I didn’t like about them like they had carpet and were more expensive.

  16. Brenda, have you considered looking at tiny homes? My husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. Our daughter owns 5 acres in Eustace, TX which is between Mabank, TX and Athens, TX. She put a sign in our yard and sold our home in Athens in less than a week. We had a 392 sqft. tiny home built complete with a doggie door. We have a screened porch and an open deck with a shade sail. It’s the best. Our little home is on our daughter’s property which is amazingly perfect for us…we get to see our grandkids often. We love tiny living. My hubby is on chemo and doing very well. It’s comforting to know if we should need help in the future, our daughter and her family are our next door neighbors. We have been here for 3 years this month. We both agree that this move is the best moving decision we could have made. We are fortunate to live on acreage with our daughter. There are several tiny home communities in Texas that we know of. There’s a gated tiny home community for folks 55 and over in Yantis, TX which is in beautiful east Texas.

  17. I hope that if your apartment complex is sold, the new owners will do some maintenance for you. Although, you have had most of it done in your own apartment. You really do have a nice set up where you are at. I guess if you can afford it and the rent goes up some. It would be worth it to just stay where you are. There aren’t many places that have a nice private patio like you have. At least around here there aren’t. Just think of all the nice things you have replaced and made as you wanted it to be. Would you really want to have to start over? Hope you have a wonderful lunch with your daughter. Enjoy the day, even if it is raining!

  18. Good Morning. We could use a little of the rain you are getting. It has been mild here but we do need some rain. You seem happy living where you are now. Think about it rent will go up no matter where you live so you might as well just stay there. Happy Friday.

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