1. We just planted allium in the ground for the first time – it is so hearty and beautiful, that we’re going to plant a bunch more next year. And, the deer don’t eat it! My petunias were the first to expire this year – I blame it on a very rainy summer. The ones under a roof are still blooming. Zinnias remind me of my grandmother – she used to plant them in our backyard. You’ve convinced me to try them next summer!

  2. WOW!!! This post is FULL of information. I’ll be referring back to it for a very long time. Thank you for collecting all of these links.
    The 2 photos above, the one with the bee the other with the butterfly, are spectacular!

  3. Brenda:
    I gave up on Morning Glories. Although pretty, they re-seed something fierce. For the past three years, I have planted Hyacinth Bean Vine. The hummers and butterflies love it and it is easy come late fall/winter to pick the seeds and replant the next year.
    Ann Reynolds

  4. The first picture with the butterfly is fabulous. Even one of my trees has struggled this year in the heat. I can’t wait for fall temps.

    1. I lost my butterfly tree to winter as well as my rose. My Japanese maple in the pot is not looking so good, even though it’s in partial shade.

  5. These are such beautiful photos, Brenda. Love each and every one. And the faded zinnia is lovely.

    1. Thank you! I love photography. And I think what you truly love is usually what you’re good at.

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