1. We had a Norwich with allergies and we found that Duck and Potato limited ingredient by oh shoot, that company owned by Dick Van Patten Natural Balance? Was good. I still see it at the pet food store. It worked well for him and was approved by the vet. Nice because the prescription was often hard to get. Good luck with the pups!

  2. I sure hope the pups food becomes available soon! I haven't watched Blacklist, but my daughter-in-law tells me I'm really missing a good show. I'll have to try it from the beginning on Netflix. I love your picks of your flowers. I'm beyond ready for Fall, but I still enjoy those pretty blooms! Hope you have a great weekend

  3. Royal Canin also makes prescription food for all matter of ailments…I have a CAT who takes Royal Canin Urinary SO but I know they make a good product…I wish you luck!!

  4. I hope things look up soon for the pups. Emily's dog has to have special food so I hear ya.

    I'm loving the hyacinth bean vine. I had one a few years ago but I did little if nothing to help it start climbing. I'll try again next spring. I love yours and Deb's from Frugal Little Bungalow.

    Happy Weekend! 🙂


  5. Just remember that those little Hyacinth beans are poisonous and can pack quite a wallop. In fact, a lot of our plants are, but these are especially so. Hope the pupster is over her little snit and that you have found a source for her food. hugs, nanny

  6. Fall is a wonderful time! Our weather has been picture perfect. I hope you an find their food soon, poor things with such delicate tummies! Boy if you can save me some Hyacinth beans just love those and their seeds reminds me of bird "eyes", don't know why though. Boy Abi is having some difficult days, no favorite toy and no food! Have a great evening!

  7. I hope you can find their food soon and here's hoping there is something else they can tolerate..Poor little Abi..this on top of losing her favorite toy..

  8. I hope you will be able to keep your pups supplied with their "duck" food. Fuzzy will eat anything, but then I have to pay the price by having to clean a messy Pom. I never tried the Hills Science, but just started cooking special for him. I make either ground beef, skinless chicken, sometimes even some raw beef cut up very small. Then he has rice, and also low fat cottage cheese, and baked sweet potatoes. I make a big batch of whatever meat for him and divide it up and freeze small portions, so I don't have to do the cooking so often. He hasn't had the stomach problems or any itching problems since then, except for when my grandson shared pretzels with him. Who would think that a small amount of little pretzels could create such havoc with a dog's gut. What a mess to clean up, and Fuzzy would still gladly eat as many pretzels as my grandson would give him. I now hide the pretzels when my grand comes over so he won't think to ask for them. I hope your pup gets over her withdrawal symptoms from losing her keys. I once had to take Fuzzy's special ball away for a while when I was having a bad flare up with my knee and was limping. It had become a game for him to sneak up behind me and roll it in between my feet. On the second time that I came close to tripping over it, I picked it up and hid it. He was desperate to get it back. Even though I closed the door when I hid it and he didn't see where I put it, he sniffed it out. Four or five times a day he would go and stand on his hind legs and sniff and whine about it and look at me pitifully. When my knee settled down he did get his "Bally" back. He had gotten out of the habit of rolling it between my feet.

    I love pansies and mums. Have been thinking about getting some, but I am starting to get a little burned out on watering every day. You sun is so pretty. I always love seeing it with whatever seasonal plant is growing by it. That sun was an excellent garden decorating investment, wasn't it!

  9. I can't imagine the company running out of duck food!! Maybe Duck Dynasty can get some for them. hahahah
    Little Yorkies are tempermental, I am finding out Lucy is a mess…and chews on anything. I have to really watch her and keep rawhide, which is a no, no I guess, available for her. She rips her toys apart and throws the stuffing everywhere. Sometimes I just put her in her kennel with a cloth toy and keep her contained. She is a little over a year old.
    Your flowers are so pretty. I need to plant some of the bean vine. It is beautiful.

  10. Sorry for your puppies. I so enjoy reading your blog every day. I have never commented. And I have a question that might sound silly to you. I love James Spader and really wanted to watch this show. But I missed several shows and when I tried to watch it, I was completely lost. Can you give me a quick explanation of what he does and what this show is about so I can get in on it? I hope it's not a continuation that you must keep up with each week. It so, I'm up the creek at this point. Thanks Brenda

  11. Brenda, Royal Canin has a select protein prescription formula with duck. Blue Buffalo also has a duck formula. I hope you are able to find one they can tolerate.

  12. One of our labs is on Hills CD prescription diet because of bladder problems. I know the frustration when I can't purchase the prescription food. In a pinch, I will combine cooked rice, chicken, and carrots and feed that. Not fun cooking for a 100 lb. dog. Since your babies have a different issue, I'm not sure if that will work. Also, our girls love stuffed animals. Thank goodness they no longer rip them apart. They just carry them around and sleep with them.
    Your flowers are beautiful. Patty Mc

  13. Brenda, Your flowers are so pretty. I like your photography too. Your poor dogs…hope they get some food soon. xoxo,Susie

  14. I didn't even know there was a duck dog food. I'm so lucky, all of my dogs have had good tummies. Would love to be sitting on the patio with your watching the birds frolic in the bird bath!

  15. Enjoyed the photos today! Hope the pupsters get some food that doesn't upset their tummies! It's cloudy here today but the rain (if it comes) is always good to see! You know I'm a huge James Spader fan!

  16. Is there a frozen fresh duck canine food available? My sister had her Cavaliers on the frozen stuff and thought they thrived on it.

    Your photos are outstanding, I love the zinnia with the background of what looks like an old crock!

  17. I know that must be so frustrating to not have the food available for your dogs special diet. Last year there was a shortage of my dogs heartworm medication so I had to buy a different type and brand that didn't protect him from everything as well. It was a nationwide shortage at the time. Now, it's ok though. Have you checked online to see if you can buy it elsewhere?

  18. Oh I hope the pupster food situation works out!

    My little grandson gets a kick out those bean pods…he's opening the crispy ones now, every time that he is over here and saving the 'buttons' in a baggie 🙂

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