Book Review: Accidents Of Marriage

In this book, Maddy and Ben have three children and busy careers. Maddy is a social worker, and Ben is a public defender. Seems like the quintessential perfect little family. 

Except everyone gets tense when they hear Ben come home from work. Because Ben has a nasty temper, and he often lets it get the best of him, striking fear in everyone around him.

Maddy has tried to discuss this with him, get him to work on his anger issues. But he just falls right back into his old patterns of coping and letting his stress dictate his actions. 

Then the unthinkable happens. Ben is driving his car with Maddy in the passenger seat, and some guy tries to urge him forward by getting close to his bumper. This enrages Ben, and he loses all thought but trying to best the guy. 

And then there’s a crash. 

He wakes up to see someone is standing over him. A stranger who has stopped to check on the occupants of the crashed vehicle. 

But where is Maddy? 

Maddy is seriously hurt, with a brain injury. Ben finally realizes that this is what rage does. It hurts the people you love. And sometimes you can’t fix it.

He and the other family members stay at the hospital, hoping and waiting for Maddy to wake up. The children are terrified. They are wanting to know if he got angry. If he was driving too fast. How can he tell them it was all of the above? That he alone has done this to their mother?

What on earth has he done? If only he could take it all back.

But that’s the thing about life. It has consequences. And sometimes what we do change lives forever.

A great read by Randy Susan Meyers. I read her book The Murderer’s Daughters, and really like her style of writing. 

I found this book on Barnes & Noble’s bargain table. It was published in September of 2014. 

If you read this book, you will want to read more from this author. She knows the intricate and often serpentine path of male/female relationships inside and out. And it reflects in her characters and her writing.


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