Book Review: Half Moon Bay

Book Summary:

Jane is mourning the loss of her teenage daughter. She moves from San Francisco to the tiny seaside town of Half Moon Bay. She finds a job and gets to know some of the townspeople.

But then young children begin to disappear. And the people around her, including the police, wonder if Jane has something to do with these disappearances.

They wonder if, due to her tragic loss and some of the things she has resorted to doing in her time of grief, whether she might be unstable enough to have taken these little girls.
She strikes up a friendship with a new mysterious couple in town. This friendship is what is keeping her going, but it will have deadly consequences.

My Review:

This book confused me. It seemed like the plot was all over the place.

In some ways it made sense, but on the whole me it was somewhat implausible. I’m not a fan of occurrences that don’t seem possible. Even in books.

About The Author:

Author Alice LaPlante

Alice LaPlante is an award-winning writer, editor, and teacher of writing, both fiction and nonfiction.

Alice has published three novels and five non-fiction books, as well as edited best-selling books for many other writers of fiction and nonfiction.

Alice lives with her family in Mallorca, Spain.



  1. It started out sounding good, but I agree, I don’t like stories that just seem very unlikely. There’s got to be something realistic about the story. Thanks.

  2. Good morning
    I just read your post about rain dragonflies & petunias. I live in Atlantic City, NJ by the sea and your words explain how I am feeling this morning. You see I just had a rain storm, dragonflies visit often and my favorite summer plant is petunias. Which of course I have many in various colors.
    I have also walk on broken seashell.
    Thank you for helping me realize I am not alone with my own feelings.

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