1. This does sound interesting, in our world it is hard to find a balance between the internet and real life isn't it. Especially as bloggers, lol.

    I'm off to find out if the library has this book…going to search online for it, giggle.


  2. Geezzzzzzzzz,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you SHOULD be compensated. I'm going to get this book. I love inspirational stores — it is sometimes tough to see the rainbow-after-the-storm! This lady sure did……….. You made me smile (as always Brenda). Going through a little something here today and a book would distract me! (Our 15 year terrior is hospitalized for 48 due to kidneys and pancreas. Once he gets IV fluids – we hope he gets to come home) So co-incidently, we decided to UNPLUG (except for phone for vet update this afternoon) Hubby is taking a nap and i had to sneak in and get my-fix of fun, love, and inspiration from my favorite bloggers( although all of you are my FAVES) hugs to yall oxox

  3. Good review, Brenda. I am so thankful for technology–especially for being able to FaceTime with little granddaughters who grow all too fast. I'm thankful for blogging, that added so much fun and friendships to my life. And I'm thankful for FB to keep up with our children and my sisters and cousins.

    But I read that the more time you spend on FB, the less satisfied you are with your life, and I'm sure that easily could be true with all technology.

    I'm sure I would enjoy this book!

  4. Technology is a trap…this book sounds interesting and fun at the same time. I rarely have time to read these days, but this looks like I need to squeeze in!

  5. How true that statement is. I feel that sometimes the computer literally eats my time! Sounds like a fun book to read, Brenda!

  6. "Technology is a wondrous thing. But not if it takes the place of living." That is a very profound statement Brenda..one that many of us need to contemplate..This book sounds like a good read..

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